» » Phase 10: A Rummy Type Card Game With a Challenging and Exciting Twist

Download Phase 10: A Rummy Type Card Game With a Challenging and Exciting Twist epub

This is a very fun card game similar to rummy but has a different twist. Fun for all ages young and old.
Download Phase 10: A Rummy Type Card Game With a Challenging and Exciting Twist epub
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I purchased the Phase 10 Masters card game as a birthday gift to my granddaughter's husband (my now grandson), after they visited with me and taught me the original Phase 10 game. They play it regularly. It was my first time, but because it's based on Rummy, which I played as a kid, I picked it up easily. However, it's more challenging than Rummy, and requires good focus. It's a good game that set the stage for this woman of 68 sitting down to play a new version of an old-fashioned, sociable card game, face-to-face with two 21-year-olds and also a 45-year old. This kind of game allows for banter, jokes, laughter, sharing, getting to know more about each other, and just plain, good old-fashioned fun ! I sent him the Masters version for his birthday so that they can kick their play up a notch, and I challenged him to a Masters' game when I see them next time! He is a Marine, in the service of our country, and they are a wonderful couple.
I really like that this is a reasonably long game when played with 4+ people, but it doesnt get boring because each phase has a different goal. Basically, it's played like Rummy, but each "phase" of the game has a different goal (ex. 7 card straight). To win, you have to be the first player to finish all 10 phases and each phase is played in a different round. A little confusing on your first "phase" of play, but easily picked up after that. I was hooked as soon as I started playing!
Myself and about five other people were sitting around in the living room area of a cabin after breakfast one morning in February trying to decide on something to do. We didn't want to go out because it was far too cold and nothing was open yet anyway. So someone asked if anyone in the room wanted to play a game of Phase 10. Everyone readily agreed to play the game. The rules were explained, the cards were dealt and four or five hours later we finally had a winner. The game is a lot of fun and the time goes by quickly. By the time we realized how long we had been sitting there playing it, nobody could really believe it.

The girl who brought the game to the cabin said that it's more fun if you have a lot of people playing but it also takes longer to play it. It goes by quicker with less people.

This was the first time that I had ever even heard of this game. After the rules were explained I was still a big confused as to how to play, but after the game had gotten started I caught on pretty quickly.

This is a good rainy day game when you can't go outside. Or for one of those days when you're stuck at home with a few friends, your siblings and/or your parents and don't know what else to do. It'll definitely kill a few hours or so of boredom.

I love games. I have a closet full of board games that I can't get hardly anyone to play with me. Maybe I'll have better luck with getting someone to play Phase 10 with me since there's no board to have to drag out and set up.
My friends and I often enjoy staying in and having game night. Phase 10 is one of the best games we have played as a group. It is one of those purely fun games of chance, no skills such as acting or drawing is required. All my freinds enjoy it: the quiet one, the loud one and all the other personalities in between. It is great to sit at the table and laugh, joke and enjoy each others company while we play. It is even easy enough to play that our children can join in too.
My granddaughters and I played this over the holidays and it was all I had hoped. It is challenging enough for them at twelve and ten years old, but possible to learn and fun for Nana as well. To play the entire game takes a long time, but you can play it in parts.
Excellent dice game, well made dice with clear markings and colors. Score pads fit into tin nicely but are a tad on small side. I downloaded a better version of the score pad that allows a running total and a size option. It should be obvious for any dice game , but not for toddlers because of choking hazard! Good for math (addition ) skills and strategy.
Some friends taught us this fun game. So we purchased 6 sets thru Amazon as we're starting a card club at church. Price was less than we could pay if bought at any store & was delivered right to our home. Since purchasing it, we've introduced friends to this game and they love it too. One of our friends remarked that although he usually doesn't like to play cards he definitely likes this card game. It's simple, fun and a great way to spend time together. Each phase offers a new challenge which keeps it interesting. The real challenge is to get through every phase ahead of everyone else. Also because of its simplicity I plan to teach it to my young grandchildren. It is true everyone from 7 to 97 can play it.
This card game has different groupings (or phases, hence the name Phase 10) of cards that you need to obtain to progress through the game. It's one of those games where the lead can switch suddenly, keeping the game suspenseful. My husband and I enjoy playing this with my brother and sister-in-law - it always leads to good-natured, competitive ribbing and laughter.