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by Lauren Elder

Download And I Alone Survived epub
ISBN: 0002167816
ISBN13: 978-0002167819
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Author: Lauren Elder
Language: English
Publisher: Dutton; First Printing edition (1978)
Pages: 208 pages
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Rating: 4.1
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Purchased the hardback version of this book. It came to me in nice shape, even the dust jacket was in pretty good condition. A good, solid survival story. For those of you who don't know, Lauren Elder is still alive today and doing fine. She has a website, but doesn't talk about the plane crash on it at all. I think maybe she wants to forget it. Can't say I blame her, but I'll bet she still gets a fan letter about it once in a while. If you like this book, you'd probably enjoy the Helen Klaben story as well, 'Hey, I'm Alive!' Klaben and her Alaskan bush pilot crashed and held on for almost two months before being rescued. Hey, I'm Alive!
This story is over 30 years old and tells how the author, Lauren Elder, was the lone survivor of a small plane crash in the mountains of California. It is a candid book and an easy read. She chronicles her journey down the mountain side to find help. She trekked for 20 miles before she found someone who was willing to help her and she made this trek while being severely injured, including broken bones. Ms. Elder's experience happened near the town that Charles Manson's commune had been located. Although it had been a couple of years since the Sharon Tate slaughter, many in the community were nervous about having anything to do with strangers, so she found it difficult to get aid (I can't remember if that is in the book, or if it is something she told me personally).

I bought this book because the author has worked as an artist at our school. I knew her for several years and never knew that she went through this experience in the 70's. I only found out after reading Hatchet, by Gary Paulsen, to my class and she offered to come and tell the students about her experience as a lone plane crash survivor.

And I Alone Survived is out of print now, so you are able to pick up a copy for just pennies. The writing is not stellar, but it is not poor either. Definitely an interesting read. However, I do not know if I enjoyed it as much as I did because I know Ms. Elder.
I am a stickler for accuracy when ordering on line.
1. I ordered this paperback from awesomebooksusa which said the book shipped from the NY. I was thinking it would be faster delivery ordering from within the USA. Much to my surprise, it arrived and had an overseas postage from the United Kingdom (publisher was Pan books). This might explain why it took almost 2 weeks to arrive. Had I known this I would have picked from another seller with the USA.
2. The book was in good condition as stated but with a lot of yellowing of the pages and some fine dirt or sand that sifted out over time as I turned the pages.
Other than the above, once I started reading the book, (minus the sand or whatever kept falling from between the pages) I couldn't put it down and read it from cover to cover.
Lauren Elder, with the help of ghost writer Shirley Strashinsky, tells the story of a light plane crash in the Sierra Mountains in California.
Lauren is a likeable young woman, something of a Bohemian artist-type, who on a whim takes up an offer to be the third passenger on a little Cessna, making the trip from San Francisco to Death Valley. The pilot is confident and competent but has only some 300 flying hours -- he mistakes the pass through the Sierras and Lauren, sitting in the back seat and enjoying the view of mountains all round, turns forward to see a wall of granite moving towards them! When she wakes up, she finds they've crashed: the crumpled plane is lying on a precarious slope a few FEET away from the crest of the Sierras.
(The geography here is part of the drama because Mount Whitney, just a few miles from them, is the tallest mountain in the continental U.S., and the Owens Valley below, in turn, is a close and comparable neighbor to the lowest point, Death Valley. Lauren can see the Owens Valley from the crash site.)
One of her fellow passengers is severely injured; the pilot less severely so but seems nonetheless unwilling or unable to help. Lauren and he survive the severe cold that night by collecting gasoline from the leaking plane and pouring it in a thin steady stream onto a fire they're started with the plane's cigarette lighter.
She tells in first-person, frank and meticulous detail the events of that night, and of the next morning when she decides to hike/climb down from the mountain to the valley below, at one point having to lower herself down a dry waterfall, and having many visual hallucinations on the way because of lack of sleep and shock; and, finally, how she has trouble finding help when she walks late that night into the town of Independence! People see her disheveled appearance and are afraid -- this is the county seat where Charles Manson was put to trial, and where his female followers spent a lot of time hanging around the courthouse.
This may not be the most amazing story of survival extant -- I guess that's why the book is out of print -- but I couldn't put it down. I liked Lauren, and Shirley Strashinsky is a really excellent ghost writer: you feel that this is happening to you, and this makes the lessons in survival most memorable. I found myself saying, as Lauren does in many places, "We should have had a first aid kit -- I should have worn better shoes," etc. And thanking God that she had just happened to take, for instance, a good, warm cap that covered her ears.
Ironically, Lauren's father is an ex-Navy test pilot working for Northrop Aviation. Northrop sends one of their planes to search for her, piloted by a buddy of the father's who has logged more than a hundred times the hours that Lauren's friend had. Point made regarding light planes: don't travel very far in them unless the pilot has racked up thousands of miles.
Tyler Is Not Here
A great story of the indomitable human spirit and the will to survive. A well written story that made me feel as though I was there with Lauren Elder, feeling her pain and trauma. There were so many points in her ordeal when she could have just given up and let go, but she reached down inside and found the courage and strength to keep struggling forward. I loved the book.
read it in one sitting.... super intense survival story about an area that is otherwise near and dear to my heart as well as one I'm quite acquainted with.... to think about this woman walked down is simply mind blowing.
One of the best wilderness survival stories out there. Lauren Elder worked with a professional writer to produce a beautifully-written, page-turning personal narrative of her harrowing ordeal after surviving a plane crash in the high Sierra mountain range in the spring of 1976. This tale deftly describes not only Elder's extraordinary will to survive, but her resourcefulness and equanimity in the face of the seemingly insurmountable odds against her. Don't miss this superbly inspiring read.