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25 audio stories from the Old & New Testaments. This completes the story of Queen Esther and begins the life of Jesus.
Download Bible Comes Alive Album 4 Your Story Hour epub
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Author: Your story hour
Publisher: Your story hour (2003)
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Every Christmas I buy the next volume set for my grandchildren. They always look forward to getting to listen to them at nap time. The story telling keeps them tuned in, and they end up hearing many of the greatest Bible stories. I will continue to buy the next set until they have them all. They LOVE them!
My grandchildren love to listen to the stories. So do we.
great for our kids
I purchased the Bible Comes Alive Album 1. I was extremely disappointed by the un-Biblical content but more concerned that others think that it is an accurate narration of Biblical events. The narrator is the one walking with Adam and telling him who he is and why he was created (Instead of God walking with Adam in the garden). When Adam asked "Who is God... I would like to see him, where is he?" The narrator said "He is the creator of the universe...His abode is in heaven...heaven is the center of the universe the center of all things".
1) The narration of Adam and Eve sounds deistic; 2) Adam is called the prince of this world (which is how the evil one is described in the Bible, not Adam); 3) Adam "controls" the elements (also NOT in the Bible); 4) Eve Sneaks away from Adam ("When the woman saw that the tree was good for food, and that the tree was desirable to make one wise, she took from its fruit and ate; and she gave also to her husband with her, and he ate." Genesis 3:6). However in Your Story Hour Eve sneaks away from Adam, talks to the serpent and when she returns to Adam she manipulates him and guilts him into eating the fruit- specifically "If you loved me you would eat this"
This collection of Bible events brings the word to life for the modern child who may or may not be bombarded by the secular world.

Another reviewer expressed disappointment that the women seemed to question the men. These stories are not presented as a platform for cultural belief, but are entirely based on the Biblical record. The representation of the characters is accurate, not patronizing or compromising, showing that those who lived in those days were human, just as we are. They were different and had to make decisions based on their understanding of things. As an audio media platform has its limitations, questions are often used as a mechanism for clarification of contemporary ideas.

I really love this, because it is also not a doctrinal dissertation, but a clear representation of Biblical stories. This collection is good for people from all faiths and all ages who are interested in learning more about the Bible in an thrilling way. With these items, although they are produced by Christians, you will never have to worry that events will be interpreted to fit a particular view.

I most emphatically recommend it.
Extremely well done and professional sounding... (see my full review on album 1). I bought the entire 6 album series of Old and New Testament stories 2 years ago. I have no kids at home, so I can't pretend I bought the albums for them, but I'm not ashamed to admit it: I'm an adult, and I love them all!
These well-researched stories bring the Bible to Life. Frequently my daughter tells me interesting facts about the Bible, and when I ask her where she learned that, she replies "From the Your Story Hour Bible CDs!"
I was so excited to get these discs, thinking they would be an encouragement in our lives. I no longer think they are good. The women in the stories, Eve and Sara for instance, are constantly second-guessing and questioning the men and complaining and encouraging an attitude of doom by what-if questions. This doesn't just happen occasionally in the stories; it was in every story we listened to. I do not need this attitude myself, nor do my girls need to hear it. In addition, the boys do not need to hear this behavior modeled and then learn to expect the women in their lives to talk to them this way. We threw them away.