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I am posting this review of _The Mahogany Door_ for my daughter (age 12) who just finished this book:
"When I first picked up the book, I worried it would exactly like the Narnia books. I was wrong, because The Mahogany Door was full of twists and turns in the plot, exciting and sometimes confusing characters, and adventure! I love a good adventure story. That is one of the main reasons I read The Mahogany Door. It is full of adventure and mystery. One of my favorite aspects of the book was the theme of good versus evil throughout the whole book. The only catch about this theme is that you begin to wonder who the bad guys are, and whether there are more of them than you think. It is confusing, and instantly captured my interest and held it until I finished.
If you have a doubt about this book, you should really reconsider. It isn't just like every other adventure book! You start to wonder about friendship, faith, and good/evil characters, and you feel absorbed in it!
The idea of the book is these three adults turning into kids again and going back into a deathly, yet strangely compelling, world named Bruinduer that they each vowed to never go back into. They wonder if they should have gone back, but then get sucked into a quest to find out what they need to do to return home to the life they had always known. But after they return, will their life ever be the same? It makes you wonder!
I found that the character I liked most was Kali, the spunky and confident girl out of the three protagonists. JT, the main protagonist for the tale, was stuck not remembering anything about the world of Bruinduer and what he needed to do to get out. He relied on Kali and Michael to explain the rules of the world he no longer thought of as a giant game. Michael is the final protagonist, who you might not fully trust in the middle of the book. He is a very confusing character, but ends up proving he is a "good guy."
This book will hold your interest from the front to back. You question the characters decisions and begin to think what you would do in a similar situation. The chapters have many twists and turns throughout them so you never get bored. I never did. If you love the fight between good and evil, adventures, and quests, then read The Mahogany Door." -J, age 12
"The Mahogany Door" by J. Mark Boliek
What an imaginative way to teach children about some of the many lessons in life we need to learn. The value of friendship, the importance of finishing what you start, choices that must be made in life and having faith are just a few of the lessons learned from this story.
JT, Michael and Kali return to JT's grandfather's mansion to finish an adventure through the Mahogany Door. Things left undone can come back to haunt you as it certainly did with these 3 friends. Along the way, trust has to be built, hard choices have to be made and friendships are put to the test. In the end with a destiny fulfilled, having faith and the value of a friend prove to be the most important thing.
I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. It was well written and I had no trouble keeping up with everything that was going on throughout the book. I am patiently waiting for the next book in this series.
"Please note: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review."
I was given this book by the author, Mark Boliek and he commented that he hoped I liked the book, Yes, Mark I really liked the book. Thank you very much. The story was exciting and I always wondered what was the significant of The Mahogany Door. The main characters were J.T. Davis, a young man who was 23 years old. Then there was a girl, Kali Logan and a man names Michael Peterson, who began the journey of going back thru the Mahogany Door. I will not go into the story, as that would be not fair to readers. It is exciting to read how this author has the foresight to know what will happen as he writes. This book takes a great imagination. As they journey back thru the Mahogany Door it is another world. Some parts are a bit frightening, and then sometimes I just laughed. Just read this book and see for yourself how it is written and you have to enjoy it.The Mahogany Door
This book was a fun read full of adventure and action. Well written for young adults, much like Harry Potter. Teachs about good and evil. You also get a CD Music which is very delightful. I totally enjoyed reading from page one to the end. Hat's off to J. Mark Boliek!
I just couldn't get into this book at all. I really wanted too but I found myself bored and I couldn't make it past page 42. To me it was just too slow and just couldn't keep my interest.

Please note: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.