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Download Magnetic Poetry - Kids' Spanish Kit - Ages 5 and Up - Words for Refrigerator - Write Poems and Letters on the Fridge - Made in the USA epub

Download Magnetic Poetry - Kids' Spanish Kit - Ages 5 and Up - Words for Refrigerator - Write Poems and Letters on the Fridge - Made in the USA epub
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I purchased for the garage refrigerator - fun way to entice my husband to practice French. The dictionary that's included fails to include the genders with definitions of nouns. The verb choices to match the included pronouns (e.g.,je, tu, il/elle/on, nous, vous, ils) are very limited. Also lacking are needed infinitives to pair with "aller" for expressing future tenses. In summary, the word assortment could be better if one is purchasing this product to practice or develop French skills, even for fun!
I am learning Mandarin Chinese and my husband (who is Taiwanese) has been using these with me to leave messages on the fridge for me to translate and reply to. These are a great learning tool - not just for kids! Unfortunately, being a "kids" set, they won't have any special hubby-wife phrases available like "Kiss me you fool" or anything like that. The quality is very good and the pieces are big enough that if they fell on the floor, my kid wouldn't try to swallow them (she doesn't eat anything off the ground bigger than a june-bug). I am very pleased with this set.
This is a fun idea .... unless, that is, you speak a modicum of German. How they can sell a poetry kit without even the basic forms of the verbs "to be" and "to have" is beyond me. They don't even offer an "und". This is so random and poorly made and laughable, it's going in the trash.
This magnetic set is a useful tool for learning Chinese characters. It's reasonably priced and is as described.
The magnets are small and have the simplified character and pinyin on the white side and the English on the black side. There are lots of words included, which enables you to make sentences. The pronouns, simple verbs, colors and numbers are all included. There are a few omissions like sun, moon and tree but in general the simple, introductory characters are here.
There are some typos in the pinyin accents indicating tone.
The set would be more effective without the pinyin, since it distracts from the characters. The pinyin can be cut off or covered with white correction tape but it would be better if it were left out or included on the back with the English.
Overall, I would recommend this set as another helpful tool for kids who are learning Chinese characters.
I had initially gone looking for this for myself, but ended up buying it for my nieces first. They love it. They watch enough Ni Hao Kai-Lan to appreciate Chinese, plus they know my interest. They are barely school-age, but these magnets are great because they're relatively simple in vocabulary, yet enough to stoke their curiosity.

I purchased my own set, as well. I wasn't thrilled about having the Pinyin (pronunciation guide) printed above the characters, but the magnets are soft enough that you can cut them off with scissors fairly easily. (Though I know Chinese well, I find that I stop reading the character and start reading the Pinyin words).

My only regret is that they don't have expansion sets. Overall, this is a great product.
I bought this for a Spanish teacher I know to help the students in her class with learning disabilities and the reluctant writers. There are many ways to adapt this to play several different games other than just using it as a traditional magnetic poetry kit: small groups can work together to form sentences, it could be a station activity, etc. Sometimes the physical act of moving the words can be really helpful to those with language based or learning disabilities.
My son learned his letter sounds with letters on the refrigerator. My son learned to put together letters to make words with the letters on the refrigerator. And now, for the past 15 months, my son has been in Chinese Immersion only makes since that has another reinforcement activity on the refrigerator!

I don't know a thing about Chinese, but I do know that my son is doing an awesome job reviewing the Chinese characters on the refrigerator like he did when he was a toddler. He also loves to leave messages for me and tries to get me to learn to read it as well.

Perhaps it was just good timing, but I am thrilled to have the pinyin on the same side as the character. The past 14 months of his instruction focused on the character. His class just began working on pinyin this month! I am very happy that he is able to put the character together with the pinyin!

I am also thrilled with the price! Most Chinese reinforcement content that I have come across is pretty spendy....but these are comparable to the amount that I was spending on the English letters/words gadgets that also went on the refrigerator!
Bought to enhance our chinese immersion class. 6 yo and 3 yo look at it but aren't in front of fridge often. Still, helps with language exposure and easy for location and cost and number of magnets you get (could cover the whole fridge). If you want your child to be more involved, consider a CD with songs in other language according to language immersion expert who visited our school. They say this is the easiest most effective way to increase kids exposure and is most accessible. I haven't been able to commit to the language music in the car yet.