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by Adam (Elleston Trevor) Hall

2nd Fontana edition paperback fine
Download The 9th Directive epub
ISBN: 0006144306
ISBN13: 978-0006144304
Category: Mystery
Subcategory: Thrillers & Suspense
Author: Adam (Elleston Trevor) Hall
Language: English
Publisher: Fontana; Reprinted edition (1975)
ePUB size: 1221 kb
FB2 size: 1873 kb
Rating: 4.7
Votes: 754
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The Bureau sends Quiller to Bangkok to protect an important British official who will be visiting Thailand. Quiller approaches the job in his usual efficient (albeit grouchy) style, but finds himself outsmarted ... at least for awhile.

Quiller is a well-defined character: independent, even anti-social, perhaps suffering from a (perhaps justified) superiority complex. The other characters are more like caricatures, but the enjoyment of this novel comes from the intricate, twisty plot and from Quiller himself as he tries to out-think his adversary. Quiller is an intellectual spy, but there's plenty of action to offset the thinking and scheming. Fans of espionage/thriller novels should enjoy this.
If you have never read the Qiller books from Adam Hall, now is the time to start. Qiller is a niche, an acquired taste, a flawed man with a strong self-destructive streak. However, I think the strongest part of a Quiller novel is the writing. Up front, it is sometimes flawed. Sometimes clunky. But, Hall (a nom de plume') uses techniques that are unique. He sometimes runs on and on with no punctuation, driving the reader at a blinding speed. He will intentionally leave you confused. He frequently just stops. Picking up the story at a later point. Really interesting attempts to explore form. Violent. You get the feeling that the sex was tacked on as an after thought, to "punch up the story line". (It was the '70's you know) Quiller is a spy without the gadgets. This isn't deep literature. More of a tilt-a-whirl than a quiet garden. Always fun.
It's a slightly used book printed in 1968 (I knew this when I purchased it) and it feels good in my hands and looks good. I have read "Quiller Memorandum" and "Quiller Salamander." The "9th Directive: Quiller" is another winner. It's great. Quiller is the best spy in the business.
Zeks Horde
If any more accessories or embellishment was removed from Hall's prose we would be left with bleak nouns and verbs. Quilter is the epitome of the cold clear headed loyal professional with just that necessary nano drop of human weakness to make him more attractive. Great stories for those who can stand the style.
Classic Quiller!
Another great Quiller story, with plenty of pace, Quiller at his best, paired with the loathsome Lohman, with a few good twists to the plot.
What started as quite interesting, turned out to be rather mundane. Quiller, super-brain and second in world-importance only to The Person, fails to foresee what most readers would have guessed from the beginning. Never once does he suspect that when everything goes ever-so smoothly, something may not be quite as it seems. When I bought this e-book, I was thinking of "The Quiller Memorandum" which I remembered as very good. "The Ninth Directive" didn't come close to it, in my mind.
I bought this mystery for a transcontinental flight. I could not stop reading it on the plane. I came home and finished the book. It was a cliff hanger.