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by Michael Connelly

Download The Black Echo (Harry Bosch) epub
ISBN: 0754016595
ISBN13: 978-0754016595
Category: Mystery
Subcategory: Thrillers & Suspense
Author: Michael Connelly
Language: English
Publisher: Chivers; Large Print edition (June 1, 2001)
Pages: 584 pages
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Rating: 4.8
Votes: 976
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Watched the Bosch Amazon Prime Original and cannot wait for the second. After power watching the season, I looked up the author. Since this was the first in the series, I figured that this was the best place to start. The story was fantastic and the character is great as well. I read most of the book on flight from PA to TX with some layovers. Finished and bought up the second. I have not cracked it yet as studying and work is taking up a lot of my time at the present but cannot wait to get into it. If you are a person that likes the genre crime/drama and action, this is a book for you. Loved each page and the characters.
Don't forget to check out the series on Prime. If that does not peak your interest in this author, just wait for more seasons. I know I am.
I gave Season 1 of Bosch on Amazon Prime Video only 3 stars, because it was too typical of a cop story. I gave Season 2 a chance to improve, and it did not disappoint me. When Season 3 came out, I couldn't wait to watch, and it was the best, so far. Rather than waiting for Season 4, I thought I'd check out Michael Connelly's page on Amazon, and I was surprised to find how many books he'd written. I ordered the first book, Black Echo, just to see how the whole thing started, and was into the story from Page 1. Connelly just has the knack: the story development, the working of phrases, the technical cop talk, and the humanity of his creation, Harry Bosch. After watching Titus Welliver portray Bosch for 3 seasons, I could see him in my mind as I read this book, and it absolutely enhanced my experience.
Connelly does not resort to pacing, chase scenes, and the like to drive the story. Nor does he leave the reader hanging at the end of a chapter, then change the scene in the next chapter, just to create tension. He just tells a damn good story and lets it play out. I 'm glad there are 20+ books on Harry Bosch, because I'm already addicted.
Of the thirty-one novels Michael Connelly has written to date since 1992, twenty feature LAPD detective Harry Bosch. If you've only read one or more of the most recent entries in the series, you may be interested to know that from his first appearance in fiction, Bosch's character, the rudiments of the formula Connelly employs throughout, and some of the characters who follow him throughout the series all are on display.

In The Black Echo, Harry is a twenty-year veteran of the force, "the famous Harry Bosch, detective superstar, a couple books written about his cases. TV movie. A spinoff series." He is "an outsider in an insider's job." Harry has bought a house in the hills with money he received for the film made about his work, and he has already alienated most of the cops who work with him, especially the brass in LAPD headquarters at Parker Center. He is under investigation by Internal Affairs, not for the first time and certainly not for the last.

The Black Echo, the first Harry Bosch novel, tells the tale of a protracted and difficult investigation into a daring year-old bank heist. As the investigation unfolds, complications steadily arise. Harry is doggedly pursued by two thuggish detectives from Internal Affairs. Key characters are murdered. Harry becomes close to Eleanor Wish, the FBI special agent with whom he is paired in the investigation. (In later novels, she will become his wife and mother of his daughter.) And the case takes on implications that go far beyond Los Angeles. It's an engrossing and suspenseful story.

More importantly, however, The Black Echo serves to provide the backstory about Harry's combat experience in Vietnam early in the 1970s. The "black echo" of the title crops up again and again, reflecting Harry's deployment as a "tunnel rat" pursuing Vietcong soldiers through the network of tunnels they have dug throughout much of the country. "Out of the blue and into the black is what they called going into a tunnel," Connelly writes. "Each one was a black echo. Nothing but death in there. But, still, they went."

Harry explains further in a conversation with Eleanor: "It was the darkness, the damp emptiness you'd feel when you were down there alone in those tunnels. It was like you were in a place where you felt dead and buried in the dark. But you were alive. And you were scared. Your own breath kind of echoed in the darkness, loud enough to give you away. Or so you thought. I don't know. It's hard to explain. Just . . . the black echo."
Below are a few of my favorite quotes or scenes from The Black Echo, then my thoughts at the end.
BOSCH is a methodical, traditional, superstitious and intriguing detective!!

 As one of Bosch's bosses was talking to him, Harry stopped listening to what he was saying and all that Bosch could think about was this guy's eyebrows. . . "Bosch decided that watching his eyebrows was like watching two caterpillars charging each other." THEN later. . . "The caterpillars seemed to quiver with fear. " LOVE IT! !

When he teamed up with J. Edgar for the first time .  .  .  
Hieronymus Bosch . . . Jesus, that’s your first name?” Edgar said. “Harry for short. How’d your momma come up with that one?” “She had a thing about fifteenth-century painters. It goes with the last name. Go check on the file, then call me back. I’ll wait here.” “I can’t even pronounce it, man.” “Rhymes with ‘anonymous.’” “Okay, I’ll try that.

 “Hieronymus Bosch.… The only thing your mother gave you was the name of a painter dead five hundred years.

 “Harry, be careful with that stuff about an inside man. If you go trying to sell that and it’s not true, you could give your enemies all they need to bury you.” Enemies, Bosch thought. Who are my enemies this time?

" Bosch had taken a shower, but his clothes were as fresh as the ashtray in a used car."

I really liked HARRY BOSCH - THE BLACK ECHO !!! And I have really enjoyed all of the Seasons of BOSCH on Amazon Prime! Great show! I am looking forward to the next book BLACK ICE and to the next season! Thanks Michael Connelly , I AM NOW A ADDICT OF HARRY BOSCH!
Very complex story you want to stay with to the end. But it's outrageously long with too much repetition. Considering how highly I admire the more current novels of Michael Connelly, my praise for this one is mediocre. I liked the ending although I thought it was rough hewn and deserved to be a bit smoothed out. All in all, if you settle in for a good story and don't care how long it is, you'll find the mystery fun to solve.