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by Randy Wayne White

Florida marine biologist Doc Ford agrees to help the daughter of a dead war comrade and travels to Baja to look for the girl's mother, who disappeared in the company of an extraordinarily sinister man. By the author of Captiva. 25,000 first printing.
Download The Mangrove Coast (Doc Ford) epub
ISBN: 0399143726
ISBN13: 978-0399143724
Category: Mystery
Subcategory: Thrillers & Suspense
Author: Randy Wayne White
Language: English
Publisher: Putnam Adult (September 28, 1998)
Pages: 290 pages
ePUB size: 1219 kb
FB2 size: 1483 kb
Rating: 4.8
Votes: 725
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I ran across RWW several years ago & remember enjoying his first 4-5 books. I snagged this to start re-reading him, & my, what a disappointment. Either this is an uncharacteristic turkey or I remember wrong about his writing. I recall Doc Ford as being an interesting take on John D MacDonald's Travis McGee, not quite as much of a tragic figure, interesting due to his marine bio/undercover agent-type background. Fast paced books, good secondary characters (tho Tomlinson did get tedious at times with his deep stoner Zen horndog schtick).

This falls short on all fronts: it was very slow to get going, we see very little of the quirky boating community Ford lives in since it's mostly set in Colombia & Panama, the bad guy(s) are seriously icky without being particularly interesting, & the good "guy" (Amanda) I found to be quite annoying, even given that she's under awful stress. And Doc seems to be amazingly clueless & ineffective --intellectually & action-wise-- for most of the book; to the extent that at one critical juncture, when his past performances suggest he should be able to respond to an emergency quickly & appropriately, he just sorta stands there doing nothing (but might as well be saying "Duh....wha...??") I really wanted to reach in & smack ole Doc on many occasions.

One thing that I liked less about this might not be as big a deal to non-bio geeks, but I missed Ford's marine bio work & time on the water.

Altogether a very disappointing entry in the Doc Ford series; those new to it definitely should not start here, because they'd be unlikely to try any others & thus miss out on some actual good books.

edit: I discovered many of his later books that are much more qualified for "worst RWW" books...
This was my first Doc Ford book and I am hooked. A great character with a rugged past and a high sense of duty. He also lives in South Florida and mixes the locales into the story in a quite accurate way. I also live there and really enjoyed the frequent references to his local travels. Clearly the author knows his way around the west and east coasts of S. Fla. even mentioning details of local roads, parks and businesses. I have already ordered additional books of the series for my Kindle. However, Kindle only handles them from the Mangrove Coast forward. The first five books are not available in that format. I hope that is rectified soon so I don't miss the earlier five in the series.
I heard Randy Wayne White on the NPR quiz show "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me" and thought he sounded like a smart, funny intelligent writer. And as he explained his concept behind his character of Doc Ford I thought, "I need to read some of these." I think I started with the wrong one. The character's pretty good, all right, not quite as smug as Travis McGee but with the same pride of being The Guy Who Gets It. It was just that the plot seemed to take over the novel, and the writing became more a matter of advancing said plot than providing a great read. I wasn't put off, though. I intend to read a couple more of his books before making a decision.
Writers have their own style, and after reading a half dozen of their novels you begin to see a pattern, a predictability in their stories, and sometimes even a level of comfort, a connection; a reason for going back to read the author. I thought I had pretty good idea how Randy Wayne White intended to bring ‘The Mangrove Coast’ to a conclusion, but in the last dozen pages he cashed in my expectations and left me with an ending I could not have fathomed. He took a chance and it paid off. The ending was not what I wanted, most endings never are, but he left me feeling entertained, and satisfied, if not trying to imagine what the alternative endings could have been like. And in the last three sentences he left me respecting his choice of ending. It was the way it was intended to be written. The Doc Ford series hits many of my favorite topics; Florida setting, complex storylines, well-formed characters, and action; lots of action. If you’ve never tried one of Randy’s novels I recommend you give him a try. He will become a regular on your ‘must read’ list.
I bought my husband a couple of Randy Wayne White novels because we were going on a mini vacation to Sanibel Island, FL and had plans to eat at Doc Fords while there. He didn't read them before the trip because he was in the middle of another large book. But upon his return, he read the 1st 2 I got him at lightning speed, and then went out of town. When he returned, he found a stack of ten or so, and proceeded to go through them rather quickly too. Then he went out of ton again so I got him another stack. He has slowed a little bit, but still glued to them. He says their is a little bit of repetitive set-up in each one because it has returning characters, and this is to be expected in serial novels. Over all though, the more he reads, the more he seems to be enjoying them. I don't guess it really matters which one you start with and which order you go in. Anyway, he loves fishing and the water, so I figured these would be his cup of tea. A few years back I got him Linda Greenlaw's books and he love those so much, he reread them several times. She writes a different kind of novel, but the fishing and sea thread is there and tha's all it takes to get him "hooked".
I'm always looking for new (to me) mystery writers.
So when a friend recommended the Doc Ford series,
I went for the oldest one in the series that was available on the Kindle. There is somewhat of a chronology
in the series. I didn't want people showing up who were killed in later books.
My first impressions are, it took forever to get moving. We were 70% of the way in when he took action.
Everything else was thinking, feeling, deciding.
Then all hell broke lose, but not for long. By 90% of the way in, it was over, or was it?
The ending was so upsetting, I couldn't believe it happened. Then there is a little resolution,
but left me shaken a bit.
Yes, I'll try another, but the old doc better step up, I like my heroes to be men of action.