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by William Roberts,Len Deighton

Download Violent Ward (Chivers Audio Books) epub
ISBN: 0745143482
ISBN13: 978-0745143484
Category: Mystery
Subcategory: Thrillers & Suspense
Author: William Roberts,Len Deighton
Language: English
Publisher: Chivers Audio Books; Unabridged edition (November 1, 1994)
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Rating: 4.3
Votes: 749
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Interesting, but not particularly challenging.
Vital Beast
Mr Deighton has always been a favorite writer. Recommend the 3 spy trilogys he wrote. Those really are a good read.
Mention of the name Len Deighton usually conjures up the phrase: "accomplished British spymaster. A phrase far less likely to come to mind is: "acclaimed author of comic California crime novels".

Violent Ward stars a down at the heels LA attorney named Mickey Murphy. His clients and other acquaintances are a rogue's gallery of misfits.... many with connections to the movie industry.

Murder is very much in the air in this oh so clever send-up of southern California sensibilities circa early 1990s. Rather than being a straightforward mystery, Violent Ward is essentially a series of vignettes strung together with little regard for coherency of plot.
To be sure, most of the characters Deighton has created for this book are amusingly bizarre. However, their collective degree of eccentricity is insufficient to cause the reader to forgive and forget the novel's disturbing lack of narrative unity.

It appears to me that Len Deighton set out to show he could write a quintessentially American novel told using a distinctly American voice. By that standard he was largely successful. But the truth of the matter is many others have written similar California based comic novels that are far better. A marginal 3 stars.
Bad Sunny
Len Deighton is one of my all-time favorite authors, which is why I

can't believe I hadn't found this novel sooner. He is a master of the

espionage thriller, but this one is a good old fashioned mystery. Our

hero is not a detective, though, but a lawyer. Yep, a lawyer.

I love the character of Mickey Murphy - he is so adorable! His office is

in a bad LA neighborhood, his partner is into some shady deals, his law

practice is being bought out by a multi-millionaire who also happens to

be married to Murphy's old high school sweetheart for whom he still

carries a serious torch. When his ex-wife isn't pretending she's going

to throw herself off his ledge, she's sending her astrologer round to

threaten him for more money, his son is living with a fem-nazi and his

German secretary barely speaks English. His friend the movie star wants

to buy a gun, his friend the cop suspects him of murder and his friend

the body guard keeps threatening to kill him.

The take over of his law practice is not so innocent as it seems and

there is something more going on, but Murphy is having a hard time

figuring out what the deal is. He happens to be the only honest party

involved, so chances are, he'll end up screwed. The whole thing comes to

a head as the city goes up in flames during a huge riot.

A must read!
A clumsy story by one of my favorite authors. Pitchers, quarterbacks, and point guards all lose their extraordinary skills, or at least have bad days, so why not writers? Any "Rockford Files" script gives us a better exasperated L.A. anti-hero than this Mickey Murphy stereotype. The minor characters in _Violent Ward_ are almost as cartoonish. (And what's with the title? It's pretty bad when the blurb has to try to explain it.)
Deighton's over-detailed descriptions of clothing remind me of a Nancy Drew novel. But the worst part of reading _Ward_ is the feeling I get that this is a British writer pretending he's a lifelong American. Britishisms such as "rang off" instead of hung up and "ramp" instead of driveway reinforce this irritating dent to the story's credibility.
Other critics ask, Well, what's a spy novelist to do now that the Cold War is over? Hello-oh. . . China, Iraq, Japanese industrial espionage? I'll ring off now.
Fun little mystery that takes place in the early 90's. The author can write and the main character Micky, is a sarcastic, cynical lawyer, perfectly suited to working wth psychopaths in the entertainment industry and other assorted rich people in Southern California.
The most boring book I've ever read. Halfway through there still was no plot. I usually read an entire book even if its bad but I had to set it aside halfway through.
I really liked this story and it had some really funny lines in it too. I will read some more books by this author if they are anything like this. This is about an attorney, his ex, his kid, an old girlfriend and her husband, riots, money, murder. A really interesting novel.