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by John Ainsworth,Jonathan Clements

On a distant world, far above the galactic plane, the doctor and Klein discover that the insect like race that they come to know as the Vrill have been all but wiped out by the mysterious and terrifying Winterlack. Discovering the true nature of the Winterlack, Klein is cast out of the Vrill nest into the jungle beyond.
Download Survival of the Fittest (Doctor Who) epub
ISBN: 1844354342
ISBN13: 978-1844354344
Category: Mystery
Subcategory: Thrillers & Suspense
Author: John Ainsworth,Jonathan Clements
Language: English
Publisher: Big Finish Productions Ltd (February 28, 2010)
ePUB size: 1470 kb
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Rating: 4.1
Votes: 433
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This release features a one-part Doctor Who story, "Klein's Story" and then the Three part main release, "Survival of the Fittest."

The release features the Seventh Doctor, an Elizabeth Klein, a scientist from a deleted timeline where Nazis won the War.

In Klein's story Klein tells the tale of how she came to find the TARDIS and ended up travelling back in time to 1944 and in so doing set in motion a course of events that would end up undoing her Timeline where the Nazis won the War. The story is laced with irony, as the full truth of what happened dawns on Klein. The story came as a result of the Seventh Doctor trying to get to know Klein ahead of their travelling together and ends with her hating more than ever.

In, "Survival of the Fittest," The Doctor and Klein arrive on a world where the dominant species are a hive of giant insects and humans are encroaching.

The concept deserves credit. I've heard lots of Doctor Who giant insect creatures, but Jonathan Clements story is remarkable for how he really fleshes out the species and gives them functions similar to real insects, and I love the idea of how the TARDIS allows them to communicate by translating words into smells and vice versa.

At the same time, Klein is quite a fascinating character in this one. She's been travelling with the Doctor quite a while and in some ways, he may be influencing her as she denounces the humans who have devastated the sentient insects. But she's still holds to her Nazi views. I loved the scene where she reacted with delight when finding out that there were fascist in this brave new world.

The three part format really helps this story as it zips along at a very pace. The end has a great twists that sets the stage nicely for the end of the trilogy.

Overall, this is a high quality release and one of the best examples of Big Finish split 3 part/1 part releases.
Survival of the Fittest is without a doubt the best value in a Doctor Who audio since the Audio's started being released.

First we have a Pre-Story: A one episode story called Klein's Tale featuring not only the 7th doctor in conversation with Klein but the full story of how her timeline developed as alluded to in Colditz (Doctor Who). We see how she discovered about the existence of the TARDIS, her attempts to get in and the aid given by a mystery man who unlocks the door to her current lot. That mystery man? Paul McGann as "Johan Schmidt". A real quality start to three parts of excitement.

From there we get the main story. Survival of the Fittest. The 7th Doctor and Klein have now been travel together for a bit and find themselves on an world of insects deep within a dying hive.

A marvelous job is done here to balanced the perspectives of the Doctor and his less than genial traveling companion. There is a real danger here of falling into cliche, but writer Jonathan Clements navigates those waters to keep the characters not only believable but within themselves.

The ending for me was a slight disappointment, not because it was not well written, well acted and exciting, but because it meant that unlike the paring of Charley Pollard and the Sixth Doctor in The Condemned (Doctor Who) this fascinating paring would not be extended beyond the scheduled three episodes.

Finally if that wasn't enough for you we have the finale of the Three Companions with the Brigadier, Polly and Thomas Brewster, the end of a full year of adventure that was worthy of the time spent. I hope to see more of all three characters in the present tense together,(since Brewster ended up in present day London at the end of Time Reef (Doctor Who) that is very doable) but that is up to Big Finish.

So there you have it three adventures whose origins go back to the very first doctor to the 8th for one low price. What more could anyone ask?