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by Peter Jay Fernandez,James Swain

His life in tatters after he used excessive force to take down the "Midnight Rambler" serial killer, former cop Jack Carpenter is drawn back into the bizarre case when forensic evidence clears the man convicted of the crime.
Download Midnight Rambler epub
ISBN: 1602833095
ISBN13: 978-1602833098
Category: Mystery
Subcategory: Thrillers & Suspense
Author: Peter Jay Fernandez,James Swain
Language: English
Publisher: AudioGO; Unabridged edition (September 25, 2007)
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Rating: 4.4
Votes: 588
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I was looking forward to this one, but so disappointed. Very predictable plot of this 'poor me' down & out ex-cop with a mongrel dog. Split up with his wife, but the reconciliation just too simple that it really didn't make much sense except to somehow add to the plot, but poorly done. The suspense-if you call it that-is just plain boring. All the bad guys caught except one to continue the trilogy, and the victims found at the bottom of the sea guarded by sand sharks, one of which ate the head off the genius, master devil, super bad pedophile guy at the end with a silly quasi-religious, philosophical semi-rant at closure and benediction to the 7 hookers brought up from the sea and buried with nice coffins by the ex-cop with borrowed money. What a good guy he is..........well good for him. No more rest of trilogy for me.
James Swain is an excellent writer. I have read almost all of his books. Midnight Rambler is a story of a hard luck former policeman who is very talented finding lost children. He is also a loser whose marriage is breaking up and he lives upstairs of a cheap bar in Florida. He has little money but he does have a remarkable dog as his partner. This story deals with a group of serial killers who are looking for young women. The hero of the story goes through a very difficult struggle to find the bad guys. The story has an interesting detour to Disney World to deal with a missing child. I found that part especially good.
My favorite James Swain books are the Tony Valentine series.
Well written, and truly did not want to put it down. The main character is a good guy without being a saint. The main villain's character isn't well developed, and the minor ones barely developed at all, so it's a wonder that this story is as good as it is. The main character is a police officer on leave and on the outs with his department, estranged from his family, but has friends who support him. He misses clues, which make him more believable, but still beats the bad guys in the end.
This novel has all of the marks of Swains Valentine series. The almost too easy successes salting the big, difficult question his detective is attempting to solve. Most of this is by the way of procedural information in little sub or side plots which show us the skill of an a main good guy. We also have the tangential, charming or appealing women, but no majorly distracting romantic plot for our slightly middle aged hero. In this case,an estranged wife and college age daughter .Instead of a slightlt rougish son, we have an appealing dog. Then too here's the south Florida attractiveness and speedy life-style of interstates, strip joints and beach/marina bars.

Instead of a retired Tony Valentine, the hero - Carpenter -is a forced off the force cop. The old-boy network and the compulsory by the book cops as well as the rough up the force media also is part of the picture. If you have read Swain's last two and had the feeling that he had about run out the string on casino scams ( I had the distinct sense of a couple of bar tricks by the end of the last)then you will be happy to know the old drive is back with a new ex-cop. This one dedicated to solving the problem of missing persons. Along the way, there's a bit to learn about how un-private you might think your moments of privacy really are as the last part of the tale drives toward revealing the methods of the villians. It is entertainment and doesn't get too preachy. I'd buy it again.
Ferri - My name
First of all, I'm a James Swain fan and have read nearly all of his books. His series about gambling and gamblers is great and I enjoyed all of the books in that series. With that said, Midnight Rambler is the first Jack Carpenter mystery I've read. The plot was engaging and the action moved along nicely. I really appreciated Swain's admiration and showcasing of the Missing Children networks and the law enforcement special units dedicated to finding the missing. Carpenter's relationships with his wife and daughter nicely balanced the disgraced officer's sometimes bizarre behavior but, in the end, he turned out to be not quite believable. I'll read the rest of the Night Stalker series because I really like this writer but I'm hoping the main character evolves in the next books.
Noo!!! It's not over!! What an excellent read. It wasn't like a roller coaster because there wasn't any down time to catch your breath. A constant barrage of excitement. Kept me up at night. Haven't read a book this good in such a long time. What happens next?
Starting on page one I didn't want to put this book down. Great suspense that moved right along with the occasional note of wry humor (usually related to Buster the dog).
Living in SoFia I liked the familiarity of the location. Story reminded me of a tv show. Liked authors vivid description of each character. I'd recommend for readers who like action and fast stories.