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by Tim Green

Readers last saw Casey Jordan in The Letter of the Law, where she defended her law professor for the grisly murder of a student only to discover he was guilty. After, Casey left her high-powered practice and wealthy husband and opened a legal aid clinic. When an illegal Mexican immigrant is shot on a ranch outside Dallas, it makes the news, not because of the immigrant, but because of the shooter, Senator Tucker Dean. It looks like a hunting accident, and the well-loved young Senator spins the disaster artfully with his tearful press conference. . . until the sister in law of the victim steps forward with another tale. The senator's wife was regularly visiting the victim, so Casey theorizes he was shot by the husband for revenge. When INS takes the victim's daughter away and tries to deport his wife, it looks like a cover-up of epic proportions. Casey approaches the D.A.'s office with information, only to discover that no prosecutor will take on this case. The senator is powerful and on track for a presidential nomination in a few years, so no one wants to tangle with him. Casey is determined to see the truth come out. If the state won't prosecute a murderer, she will sue him in civil court on behalf of the mother. But this popular senator is wily, vindictive, and dangerous. What will happen to Casey when she goes up against a man who seems above the law?
Download Above the Law epub
ISBN: 044640151X
ISBN13: 978-0446401517
Category: Mystery
Subcategory: Thrillers & Suspense
Author: Tim Green
Language: English
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing; Reprint edition (February 1, 2010)
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Rating: 4.9
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I enjoyed this book a great deal. Mr. Green chooses a new setting for his novel, Texas, Mexican border, a far piece from the upstate New York locale of earlier books. His main character, an attractive and gutsy lawyer who works for the welfare of the poor, is also a new move for him. The plot is fast moving, and Mr. Green did some great research on the behavior of gangsters along the border, and on the plight of the illegals who fall under the control of people of bad character. Great read.
Tim Green knows how to keep the reader interested. I have enjoyed many of his books and will continue to do so.
Tim Green is one of my husband's favorite authors; I bought the books as gifts for summer reading on the porch.
For a relatively short book, Tim Green's Above the Law seems to contain a bit of everything. A haggard and heroic lawyer, a corrupt politician, a dirty cop, international intrigue, human trafficking, border-security issues, a drug-running operation, murder, vigilante justice, a wrongful death lawsuit, and more. There's an awful lot packed into this story, which is well-written and enjoyable but suffers a bit after a good start, due largely to reader overload and unfulfilled plot potential.

When an illegal migrant worker is shot on a prominent senator's Texas ranch, the incident is quickly declared a tragic hunting accident. Perhaps too quickly, Casey Jordan, operator of a legal aid clinic in Dallas, thinks when the dead man's wife comes to her asking for help. When the wife is deported after being threatened with having her baby taken away, Casey smells a rat and opens an investigation into the shooting and other suspicious goings on at the senator's ranch. What she finds is shocking--and dangerous, especially when the senator strikes back, first using the media to attack Casey and then sending the Environmental Protection Agency to shut down her clinic. Desperate, Casey heads to Mexico to find and retrieve the wife of the slain worker, hoping for evidence that will prove the senator's guilt. But the senator has already shown he won't go down without a fight, and when the attacks threaten to turn deadly, Casey realizes she is engaged in a battle for her life.

The book starts out strong, as Green explores the legal and political ramifications of the shooting, and Casey's involvement as the legal advocate for an otherwise helpless illegal immigrant adds texture. Green takes aim at border politics as he sets up what appears to be the foundation for a fascinating courtroom battle. But the story never reaches the courtroom, as Casey instead launches her own investigation, and the second half of the book, while thrilling, feels a little out of control as the story bounces back and forth across the border and between characters.

The overly complex plot notwithstanding, Green is a talented writer, and his characterizations and scene-setting descriptions put the reader right in the middle of the story. The action scenes are intense, and the ending is satisfying if a tad abrupt. There's not much to dislike about the book; what's disappointing is that what at first seems like a thoughtful, issues-based thriller evolves into a rather flat, complicated shootout. Above the Law is entertaining and definitely worth reading for action fans; it's just not quite as good as it could have been.
Tim Green has built up an enviable bibliography over the past several years following a career as an NFL defensive end and concurrent with the practice of law in upstate New York. ABOVE THE LAW, his latest book, features the surprising and welcome return of a character from a previous work, with a few new twists and some intriguing turns.

Casey Jordan appeared in Green's THE LETTER OF THE LAW. An attorney with a high-powered law firm, Casey found herself inadvertently being a party to a miscarriage of justice and set about to balance the scales, as it were, in an ingenious if slightly unorthodox manner. ABOVE THE LAW finds Casey in somewhat different circumstances, having left her white-shoe firm to open a women's legal aid clinic funded primarily by private contributions. Jordan undertakes the case of a pivotal client whose circumstances will soon change everything for her.

Isadora is an illegal immigrant who faces deportation and separation from her child, born in the United States and regarded as an "anchor baby." Her husband, Elijandro, was recently killed in a hunting accident involving his employer, Senator Chase, a prominent Texas politician who has his eye on the Oval Office. Isadora believes that her husband was in fact murdered by the senator, who suspected his wife of being involved with Elijandro. Casey manages to keep mother and infant together, but as she and her legal investigator attempt to conduct their own investigation into Elijandro's death, they keep running into dead ends that are in fact cleverly constructed roadblocks: no one wants to take Chase on.

Meanwhile, Chase is hiding much more than his deliberate murder of Elijandro. Illegal immigrants in his employ are quietly disappearing, taken in trucks in the dead of night to unknown destinations. Casey, assisted by her legal investigator Jose, begins turning over rocks that are only reluctantly dislodged as a monstrous scheme is uncovered, an event that will have far-reaching repercussions both north and south of the Rio Grande River.

Over the course of his last few novels, Green has been favoring his expanding body of readers with more complex and interesting plots. This novel is no exception. The chemistry between Casey and Jose, both of whom are more troubled than they initially seem, is predictable, but Green takes them and his readers through some twists and turns, resulting in surprises that continue right up until the conclusion of the book. From beginning to end, ABOVE THE LAW gives more than its fair measure of money and time spent.

--- Reviewed by Joe Hartlaub