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by Hector MacDonald

Cutting-edge science and the logic of game theory combine to form an utterly original, spellbinding novel of suspense."First rule of game theory: do whatever produces the optimal final outcome for you.""I didn't know we were playing a game.""But of course we are. . . ."An expert in animal behavior with a brilliant analytical mind, charismatic Oxford professor James Fieldhead needs a willing subject to test a groundbreaking device that may offer the key to understanding human emotions. Encouraged by Cara, his seductive new girlfriend, Ben Ashurst agrees to participate in the study, honored to be part of the first crucial stage of life-changing research. With a luxury resort on a pristine beach in Kenya as the site of the experiment, and Cara along for the ride, it seems a perfect way to spend the winter holiday. Yet beneath the surface of a sunny paradise awaits something cold and ruthless.As the experiment veers from abstract theory into terrifying reality, Ben finds there is no one he can confide in. Impetuous Cara is intimate one night, then distant the next, forcing Ben to wonder where her true allegiances lie. Snared in a masterfully crafted labyrinth of cunning, in which each step can lead closer to a solution or deeper into chaos, Ben scrambles to learn why he was chosen for this project. Fieldhead's obsession with game theory suggests a possible course of action. But every time Ben thinks he has discovered the winning move, he finds another level of deception, another betrayal of his trust. Moving from the sheltered colleges of Oxford to the magnificent landscape of Kenya, The Mind Game is full of intriguing characters and stunning plot twists. Just when you think you have mastered The Mind Game, you might just be mistaken . . . .From the Hardcover edition.
Download The Mind Game epub
ISBN: 0345440234
ISBN13: 978-0345440235
Category: Mystery
Subcategory: Thrillers & Suspense
Author: Hector MacDonald
Language: English
Publisher: Ballantine Books (June 25, 2002)
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Rating: 4.5
Votes: 800
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This is a great debut novel by young British author Hector Macdonald who impresses immediately with his great and very involving style. His characters are well-drawn and the concept of the book is immediately highly intriguing.
Oxford student Ben Ashurst is your average Oxford student who leeds a fairly uneventful life all the way down to his fairly dull girl friend Jenni. Trying to keep up with the ritzier and glitzier crowd in town he attends the parties of his aquaintance Pierce who leeds the life of a rich dandy. When the exotic and very attractive Cara turns up at one of these events, Ben is smitten and drawn into a stream of events that soon is beyond his control. To gain Cara's interest he tells her about an exciting emotions study that his tutor, Professor Fieldhead is planning, and for which he refused to be the guinea pig. In no time Cara has changed his mind and the two of them are on a plane to Africa, courtesy of Dr. Fieldhead and the research on his breakthrough emotion sensor. But what starts as an apparent dream holiday in a paradise resort to study the somatic responses to pleasure, very soon turns into a shocking nightmare for Ben, as he finds himself caught in a cobweb of lies and paranoia.
The storyline of the book is very imaginative and well thought-out, impossible to figure out even for the seasoned suspense buff. Every time you think you know what will happen, there is a well-designed twist, and the author effortlessly keeps you going to the highly entertaining conclusion.
A very enjoyable book and an impressive debut for a young author. One hopes that more of these will follow
For mystery lovers, thrill-seekers, conspiracy theorists, and of course, game theory wunderkind, The Mind Game provides tantalizing and hypnotic reading. This is the kind of page-turner that begs to be added to college literature class lists everywhere--and that demands a second reading even before the first is through.
The hero, an Oxford student under the tutelage of a genius professor of game theory (and psychology and medicine and neurobiology, etc)is subject and object of a strange experiment. Through the travesty of a love affair, a life-threatening chase, horrific treachery and a landscape of trendy class-conscious Oxbridgians with more time and money than sense, the experience is compelling.
Don't be misled by the confusion of this review. While the scope of the story is immense, the timing, rythm and syntax are so smoothe that it reads like Harold Robbins -- fast, easy and fluid. But I was a bit vertigal at the end anyway! Own this -- buy one for your friends (the ones you respect).
Sadaron above the Gods
A new door for fans of intrigue has been deftly and intelligently opened. Game theory (as exemplified by the well-known Prisoners Dilemma) as a backdrop for a novel is unique and refreshing. And MacDonald is a great writer. His choice of writing the book in first person, rather unusual for a thriller, was a good one because readers can really get into the main character's head as the mind games unfold and explode. The settings are fun - delightfully sunny African beaches and dusty stoic Oxford brick. Fast-paced and memorable.
Oxford researcher and instructor James Fieldhead leads a team on a field experiment centering on better understanding of human emotions. James enlists his student Ben Ashurst to serve as a guinea pig to test a new device in a luxurious resort in Kenya. To encourage Ben to come, James allows him to bring along his girlfriend Cara on this all expense paid for "holiday."

Initially, Ben enjoys the vacation of a lifetime. However, the experiment begins to place him in danger and fear as to what will be the next twist. He turns paranoid, trusting no one including his mentor and his girlfriend. When the experiment is completed, Ben retains his anger and rage, feeling unfairly used and with a need to know whom is really behind the game he just played and lost and what is the ultimate victory.

THE MIND GAME is an exciting medical thriller that is at its top game when the story line revolves around modern psychology theory. As the plot veers from neurology and game theory into the chaos of a typical thriller's cat and mouse chase, it loses some momentum as the audience struggles with a loss of reality. In his debut Hector MacDonald has shown he can entertain and educate his audience with a great intelligent psychological thriller, but needs to show he has the endurance to stick to his prime plot without adding unnecessary gimmicks that spins away from a winner. This book is still worth reading as one of the better sub-genre entries in quite awhile.

Harriet Klausner
Here's one to get you thinking. Ben is a student at Oxford, studying with a brilliant behavioral science researcher who proposes an experiment to test a device for measuring emotion, and wants Ben to be his guinea pig. All it requires is for Ben to take a fabulous three-week holiday on the beaches of Kenya with his new girlfriend. "First rule of game theory: Do whatever produces the optimal final outcome for you." Soon Ben doesn't know what is game and what is not, what is real and what is fantasy. He starts to unravel the mystery, only to find, like an onion, more layers. The plot moves fast enough that you feel like you are running flat out to keep up. All the way to the very end, it is impossible to guess at the levels of deception and manipulation. Another great book involving game theory that makes me want to find out more about it.