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by Judy Clemens

When Casey Maldonado and Death hitch a desperate ride away from one disaster, they throw themselves right into the middle of another one.  The semi in which they are traveling crashes, and before the Grim Reaper takes Evan the Trucker away, Evan whispers to Casey about a stash hidden in the truck that she should keep away from them. 


Them turns out to be a band of men who want that package no matter what it takes, and they believe Casey knows where – and what – it is.  Alone and injured, with neither money nor identification, Casey escapes from under the noses of the ER doctors and her pursuers, and hides out in the cornfields of Kansas.  The valuable stash turns out to be photos, truck manifests, and other information pointing Casey toward something big and complicated – a conspiracy?  Smuggling?  Blackmail?  She can’t be sure.


Casey, uncertain how to proceed, is led by Death to a group of teenagers looking for something other than dust and crops to fill their days – and their nights.  Using their limited resources, she finds her way into a maze of greed and desperation – and into the clutches of people who don’t care who gets hurt as long as they get what they want.


Casey is determined that no one else should die because of the desires of one group of criminals, and finds herself defending not only herself, but the teenagers, a few other kind locals, and perhaps even the trucking industry itself.

Download The Grim Reaper's Dance (Grim Reaper Series) epub
ISBN: 1590587332
ISBN13: 978-1590587331
Category: Mystery
Subcategory: Thrillers & Suspense
Author: Judy Clemens
Language: English
Publisher: Poisoned Pen Press; First Edition edition (August 1, 2010)
Pages: 250 pages
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Rating: 4.9
Votes: 799
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I have loved the writings of Judy Clemens and have loved both of her series. This is the second book in her Grim Reaper series. I enjoyed this book very much and loved all the characters, even Death. If you are looking for a good mystery, I highly recommend Judy Clemens series'.
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I liked them all until the last one where it seemed to wrap up unnaturally fast. Always funny when Death was in the picture. Sort of dry humor.
I have read all the Stella Crown mysteries and wish there were more of them. This Grim Reaper series is also addicting, and I grew impatient waiting for it to come out for my kindle. This series has a bit of the supernatural and a bit of mystery resulting in a thoroughly enjoyable read. I like that the main character in both series is a woman, strong yet vulnerable.
I really enjoyed this installement of the series. It was hard to put down! It was well writtent and the descriptions were easy to imagine
One of the best series I have read. Read all of them. Love the concept of death with a sense of humor.
I have bought all of Judy Clemen's books, so when I didn't get to her book signing locally, I ordered the book from I finally got to read it and couldn't stop until I had finished it early this morning! I know of the Kansas area where the plot takes place, which makes it more interesting. With subtle humor, the relationship of Casey and Death, the Grim Reaper, is interesting, and helps carry on the plot. How one person can get into so many tight spots and overcome, with help from friends along the way, is spell binding until the last page. I can't wait for the sequel! Elizabeth B. Shelly, Bluffton, Ohio.
Book two in at least a series of three books so far, following Casey Maldonado, a young mother whose family was killed in a defectively designed vehicle crash. We have yet to learn a great deal about that accident or why she needs to be on the run. We don't learn anymore in this book, but what we do know is while on the run she is trying to put together more evidence, to bring justice for her family and stop the car manufacturer from producing more death traps and misery like hers. That company has a lot of resources, and is prepared to kill to stop her, so she has had to result to hitchhiking from small town to small town to stay off their radar. What makes this series unique from many similar novels with that sort of scenario, is that the Grim Reaper has for reasons which again have never been explained, decided to tag along. Most others she comes across can't see him or hear his voice. Death doesn't act like stereotypical Grim Reaper either. He's more like the Cat in the Hat character from Dr Seuss books. For the most part he's an annoyance to Casey, who just wants to be alone, but he does have his uses. He can't just take anyone (kill them). He can't untie ropes, grab weapons off villains, or move physical objects (or if he can at least is forbidden from doing so) to get Casey out of a jam. Although he can eat food and get up to other annoying practices. What he can do is float through walls and report back on if someone is inside, blow out match and lighter flames, make people feel an uncomfortable chill by touching them, transport himself to other locations and things like this. Death isn't usually forthcoming with information though, and usually has to be persuaded to do these sorts of things, unless of course he is having his own mischievous fun by doing them. Although he does seem to be on the side of good, he isn't driven by the same motivation to help others as Casey is and quite often in this story asks Casey why they are bothering to expose this crime and not just safely moving on.

In The Grim Reapers Dance, Casey has hitched a ride with yet another trucker. The latest is named Evan, and he seems like a real nice guy. After a long pleasant journey, where Casey has caught up on a lot of much needed sleep, he tells her this is his final haul for a while and she'll have to get another lift shortly when he gets near his home town. Unfortunately for Evan a group of men have laid an ambush for him seconds up the road. After an horrific crash, Evan in his final moments, stutters to an injured Casey who he mistakes for his wife, not to let them take it, back... upholstery. Casey is pushed out of the way by a group of men who she quickly realises are not there to help Evan. She injures one whose hands start searching her body before other motorists and emergency personnel arrive. She is reluctantly taken away to hospital and can't seem to convince the police to take an interest in those men. After fleeing the hospital she should just move on, but Evan was a nice guy who deserves whatever he was hiding to be protected from those men. Casey decides to visit the wrecked truck and find that item before the men who killed him do. This decision is the start of another terrifying adventure for Casey, who is undoubtedly motivated by the similarities of what Evan was doing to that of which she is herself in relation to the car company. She is determined to understand the documents Evan had hidden, and use Evan's evidence to finish the job he started.

The Grim Reaper's Dance, does wrap up the independent side plot, meaning it could be read as a standalone. You don't need to have read Embrace the Grim Reaper first but a lot of events in that novel are given away in this one. Pus you won't understand how Casey has the great hand to hand combat skills and some other qualities if you read this book first as they aren't explained in this one. This is a great series, Casey is one of the best female lead characters I've come across in a while, I'll certainly be checking out the third novel Flowers for Her Grave.
Before I read the first of this series ("Embrace the Grim Reaper") I guess I had expected something along the order of the standard YA Paranormal. Well, not so-very much not so. First of all, this series is not YA (although the second volume does involve a lovely cast of youngsters who would do well in any self-respecting YA novel; and the first book had a couple of late adolescents.) Instead I got much more than I expected: a series I could comfortably (and happily) term cozy mysteries-even small-town cozy mysteries; with of course a spin-Ms. Marple and her ilk aren't frequently companioned by the Grim Reaper himself!

Casey Maldonado is on the run again, from the events in Clymer, Ohio (subject of "Embrace the Grim Reaper") but as life often goes, she's hopped from sizzling frying pan into hotter flames, as the trucker with whom she and Death hitch a ride out of Ohio wrecks tragically, not too far from his home town in Kansas). In a plotline that rivals bestselling thrillers, Casey has to figure out what the trucker was hiding, find it, and escape with it, keeping it away from a mysterious collection he terms "The Team." All this and listen to Death's griping and refusal to take her life.

You're really missing out if you haven't read this series. Go get them and find out.