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by Jonathan Sturak

Downloaded over 200,000 times on the Amazon Kindle!Over 200 five-star Amazon reviews! Synopsis:Roger Belkin has everything going for him, the career, the car, the marriage. Roger spends his days working as an investment manager and planning his life with his wife, Lois. But just as Roger is living the American Dream, on one cold, dark night, he will lose everything. A horrific traffic accident tears Roger and Lois apart and sends this loving husband on a tragic journey to find his wife. How far would you go to find the one you love?This book is suitable for readers of all ages, including Young Adults! Praise for Clouded Rainbow:"This is a good airport book for a fast trip and it may even appear in a made [for] TV film." - Amazon Top 10 reviewer"The story is tightly written, and powerfully told. It catches your attention and doesn't let you go. It is a story of hope and perseverance. It is truly a 5 star novel." - Amazon Top 200 reviewer"Sturak has a good imagination, which is evident in the original plot of this story." - RT Book Reviews"Emotional, chilling and definitely not what I expected..." - Senior Reviewer / MidWest Book Review
Download Clouded Rainbow epub
ISBN: 0982589409
ISBN13: 978-0982589403
Category: Mystery
Subcategory: Thrillers & Suspense
Author: Jonathan Sturak
Language: English
Publisher: Pendan Publishing (December 1, 2009)
Pages: 256 pages
ePUB size: 1248 kb
FB2 size: 1724 kb
Rating: 4.1
Votes: 232
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After reading the 1-star reviews, I wondered if this book could really be as bad as they said. So I thought I would download it to see.

Second sentence in the book "... [he] is drenched with the sky's tears" (oh dear)

Very soon we are told "There are only two living beings - the man and the rain" (how, exactly, is the rain a "living creature")

Then there is the tractor-trailer that is described as "The creature devours the road as its powerful V-12 engine inhales all in its path like a ferocious lion searching for its next prey". What does this even mean? How does an engine "inhale"? Why would it "inhale all in its path"? Does a lion searching for its prey really "inhale all in its path"?

"She turned from his advancement ..." (mmmmm)

It might be a good story, but this type of thing is too distracting for me to read anymore.
I can not express my astonishment that anyone rated this mess as anything above a 1 star. If you could chose no stars, that is what I would have done. The writing style made me think of a C- attempt at an essay by a 13 year old girl. I don't write many reviews, but I had to do this one as therapy! Yes, I read it through, but it was like not being able to look away from a train-wreck.

The characters were flat as pancakes; 100% good,100% evil or 100% neutral. The grammar set my teeth on edge. I don't think the author bothered to consult a dictionary or thesaurus. He repeatedly referred to a character in a coma as 'lifeless" "Nearly lifeless" "apparently lifeless"; acceptable. "Lifeless" means dead. Also, in an effort to describe respective spouses as needing to lean on each other during their lives, the author repeatedly referred to respective spouses as "her crutch" or 'his crutch'. Maybe taking literary license with each instance once is OK, but I found the repeated (mis)use of these two and the MANY other examples jarring. And how many times do you need to refer to rain as "the sky's tears".

This book could have been half it's length if the author had edited out all the redundancies. Concepts, ideas, event descriptions, etc. are not only repeated, they are in the same words.

The story? Unconvincing plot development. In other words, if an author wants to use plot lines that need to be unusual, unexpected or go against normal ways people might handle a situation, the author should plan to "sell it". This group of characters behaved like a complete set of morons. I didn't feel accepting of any of their critical decisions. SO many threads were just dropped. The rain seemed to be very important to the story. In fact the way the author initially talked about it, I thought there was going to be a paranormal or supernatural component, but that was never developed. It was just his flowery language and inaccurate description. And if the first chapter was supposed to be foreshadowing, the author never tied back into certain critical details. I kept waiting for it to happen, but it never did.

Note to author - more is NOT better. You do not have to use EVERY adverb and adjective in the dictionary to express a thought! And you do not need to use the same unusual descriptions over and over. It dilutes the impact. And good grief! If you did not want to get an editor, you could have at least used the spell check/grammar check function in WORD.
It was so hard to get through this book. I read several good books in between and would use this when I had nothing else. The writing sounds like a junior high school male who is trying to get in personification, metaphors, similes, etc., on every page while using a book of synonyms. It was not a thriller. The actions of the characters, along with things they said to each other, were so unrealistic. I felt like I was reading an assignment that I would mark "Rewrite" on. For example, it takes several pages for our hero to buy a hamburger at a drive-thru because he doesn't have a car, but not without the author mentioning that the guy servicing the drive-thru is thinking about a girl's breasts and legs who is not even present. What is that? Who cares? This author has to explain everything, just in case the reader didn't get it.

If you read a lot, you probably won't care for this book. It takes a lot to get through the unnecessary jargon just to follow the story line. I finally quit when the handsome detective got off the elevator and stepped up to the nurse's station. As he greeted her, "His masculine voice flowed through her as she felt her nipples harden." I'm not against sexual innuendo at all in books where it fits. Really? I had to laugh at this.
This entire book was an exercise in trying to sound more sophisticated than you are.
There were so many things wrong with this book it was actually painful to read, but I forced myself to finish it because I was hoping for a much better ending.
The introduction is never explained, the freak storms are never explained, the reason why the rain was salty was never explained and the police act like they were trained by a propaganda pamphlet. What was explained? Everything I DON'T need to know. Every single character in this book that appeared in this book for one line of dialogue was given several pages of unnecessary back-story and description.
The wording was mostly nonsense. "Her radiating skin" "drenched in the sky's tears" describing semi-trucks as hunting beasts and predatory monsters. I began skimming paragraphs in the last 3 chapters because the endless adjectives and cluttering descriptions were bogging the story down & I simply wanted to get to the end and figure out what happened.

I certainly will not be recommending this book to anyone.