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by Peter Dickinson

A boy with psychic powers struggles to save his loved ones When Davy's mother deserts their family, Davy's father packs his children into a rickety old car and takes them on a vacation. They drive to their mysterious old grandparents' house in the sprawling Welsh countryside, a place so rural that running water is a novelty. It is there that Davy learns he has the gift. He has always seen the pictures-images in his head that tell of the future or the past-but his grandmother explains that the gift is both a remarkable power and a terrible curse. It was the gift that killed Davy's great-uncle-and it is the gift that could save his life. Seven years later, Davy is in high school, and for the first time he can remember, life is almost normal. But when he starts having troubling visions of his father's new employer he knows that only he can save his family from destruction. This ebook features an illustrated personal history of Peter Dickinson including rare images from the author's collection.
Download The gift; epub
ISBN: 0575016302
ISBN13: 978-0575016309
Category: Mystery
Subcategory: Thrillers & Suspense
Author: Peter Dickinson
Language: English
Publisher: Gollancz; First Edition edition (1973)
Pages: 173 pages
ePUB size: 1319 kb
FB2 size: 1947 kb
Rating: 4.9
Votes: 118
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This book was an okay read. It wasn't what I had expected, however, as the story seemed to be more about the characters in a dysfunctional family than the "gift". It was a nice quick read and seemed more suitable for the younger end of the Young Adult audience.
David has always had the gift, even before he found out what it was. Sometimes when he relaxes and lets his mind wander, he gets a picture in his mind of what someone else nearby is thinking. His sister thinks it's a creepy gift, and he tries not to read her thoughts or those of the rest of his family. His grandmother warns that the gift runs in the family and has brought nothing but trouble. She also warns that it might not always be accurate.

There is enough trouble in David's life. His mother takes off from time to time, leaving David and his older brother and older sister to take care of themselves and their father. Their father is always involved in some scheme, mostly bad ideas he thinks will finally make him rich.

Now David is in high school, his father has a job that seems steady, and things seem to be going well. But then he starts picking up frenzied crazy thoughts from some source. These thoughts are so strong and so upsetting that he can't block them out except by careful concentration. With a little investigation, David finds out that these thoughts are coming from a man who works with his father. It becomes obvious to David that his father is involved in something really bad, maybe even criminal. Will he be able to use the gift to help his father, or is his grandmother right that it brings nothing but trouble?

I liked the close relationship David and his siblings had with their grandparents and with each other. I also liked the descriptions of the pictures David got in his mind, especially the ones that came from Wolf.

David's descriptions of his school and his project with Sonia were so passionless, though, that I had a hard time even remembering the details of what was going on.
Peter Dickinson's amazing book is absolutely amazing! Davy has a gift passed on by his ancestor - who has done a great deed for this certain man. As a reward, he was given a wish. He wished that he could read other people's minds. It is extremely scary when Davy discovers that he and his family are in serious danger because this man, who Davy had named "WOLF" is trying to kill them!