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by Robert Ludlum

In the tradition of such Ludlum classics as The Chancellor Manuscript and The Icarus Agenda, The Bancroft Strategy is a compelling novel of intrigue, where two figures find themselves facing a shadowy organization working to twist global politics to their own unsavory ends. When Todd Belknap - a legendary field agent for Consular Operations with a reputation as something of a cowboy - is cut loose from the agency after an operation goes wrong, his best friend and fellow agent is abducted in Lebanon by a militia group with a vicious reputation. When the government refuses to either rescue him or negotiate for his release, Belknap decides to take matters into his own hands.Meanwhile, hedge fund analyst Andrea Bancroft gets a surprising call - she is to receive an unexpected bequest of six million dollars from a cousin she never met. With one condition -- she must agree to sit on the board of the Bancroft family foundation, a charitable organization that is run by the family patriarch, Paul Newton. Having never been involved with, or even met, the family - her mother was briefly married to an Bancroft and cut off all contact many years ago - Andrea is intrigued. But the foundation, which is dedicated to doing strategic good deeds, appears less and less benign the more deeply involved she gets. What exactly is their involvement with the "Genesis" - a mysterious group working to destabilize the geopolitical balance at the risk of millions of lives? As events escalate, Todd Belknap and Andrea Bancroft come together and must form an uneasy alliance if they are to uncover the truth behind "Genesis" -- before it is too late.
Download The Bancroft Strategy epub
ISBN: 0312316739
ISBN13: 978-0312316730
Category: Mystery
Subcategory: Thrillers & Suspense
Author: Robert Ludlum
Language: English
Publisher: St. Martin's Press (October 17, 2006)
Pages: 544 pages
ePUB size: 1985 kb
FB2 size: 1202 kb
Rating: 4.1
Votes: 757
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Frustrated by this book, which was NOT written by Robert Ludlum, and which could have been so much better. Parts of it were suspenseful. And then it would bog down with descriptions and explanations that slowed everything and were unnecessary - time and words that might have been spent developing plot and characters. Think perhaps the person who did write this may do better at writing technical manuals or operational reports, which might also serve as vehicles for all the obscure words they obviously like to use such as freshet, boffin, ululations, carrel, simulacrum, juddered, alembic, logy, orotund, deliquescent, etc.
Author Robert Ludlum died in 2001, but his franchise remains alive through a series of books being released under his name, but penned by uncredited authors.

It is unfortunate that some very good research on current health and societal issues is wasted in this book due to one-dimensional characters, a highly predictable plot and a flat climax to the action, which diminishes an ending that could have cried out for a sequel, if this volume was only written better.

In an exploration of the New World Order in cyberspace, the battle is for a true heart and soul within the shady corners of good versus evil. But in what should have been an extremely powerful monologue by the antagonist to depict his twisted mind degenerates into a parody on the classic personification of evil; missing was lightning cracking in the background and a macabre laugh.

The male protagonist, Todd Belknap, is a cut below Jason Bourne and his female counterpart, Andrea Bancroft, could have been the main character if only the author was not seemingly burdened with a bulky, generic framework for material.

If the strategy is to keep Ludlum's name fresh on the shelves of bookstores and libraries, then releasing books through ghostwriters can go on indefinitely. But if the quality of the writing does not improve, the books will be apparitions of the legacy Ludlum set in the 22 books that were published in his lifetime.
One of the last books from Ludlum I had the pleasure of reading, very glad I was turned onto his novels
It was a very boring read! To me one star is too much...
I have read this book more than once. Ludlam is one of my favorite authors. It is another Ludlam thriller & is hard to put down. If you like Ludlam, you will like this book.
Robert Ludlum has been my favorite author for decades. His loss to the writing community is tragic. NOW that I have eulogized Mr. Ludlum let me spread my accolades to whoever finished this book. I have read a couple more of Ludlum's post-humus publications. They are, as a rule, poor. The Bancroft Strategy, however, explodes with excitement. The characters are very good, the story excellent, and the details well attended.

Do not buy this book as a Ludlum fan. Do not think nostalgically about our loss of a great author. Buy this book as a celebration of an author who can hold his own, whoever it is.
Pretty good and action packed. Well written and characters are believable. Quite an ending for sure! Sequel time I guess.
Binding - after a slow start, successive events kept me riveted to the pages. Credible plot and reflections around justifications of actions or non-action.