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by Trevor Scott

When former CIA officer Jake Adams is hired to guard two Oregon agribusiness honchos attending a conference in Odessa, Ukraine, he has no idea he will be recruited back into the Agency to find the killer of a former Soviet biochemist. Was the man still developing deadly nerve agents? As terrorists strike around the globe, using chemical and biological warfare, Jake knows the attacks are all related. Haunted by his past as an observer in Iraq, he must overcome his demons to continue the case. His investigation leads to the heart of the Kurdistan mountains, where his training is tested as he battles an extreme faction of terrorists who will stop at nothing for their cause. Only one man can stop the deadly plan. . .Jake Adams!
Download Extreme Faction (Jake Adams International Thriller Series #2) epub
ISBN: 0966452038
ISBN13: 978-0966452037
Category: Mystery
Subcategory: Thrillers & Suspense
Author: Trevor Scott
Language: English
Publisher: Salvo Pr; 1st edition (June 1, 1999)
Pages: 276 pages
ePUB size: 1729 kb
FB2 size: 1284 kb
Rating: 4.3
Votes: 329
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Trevor Scott has caused me to lose lots of sleep! I'm a female, and I don't usually like to read violent books or see violent movies. However, even though there is violence in Trevor Scott's books, there's also a tremendous amount of intrigue, excitement, action . . . When I start reading one of his novels, it's just downright hard for me to discipline myself to close out of my Kindle app and just stop it already! Trevor Scott's writing catches my attention from the very first page . . . always. His novels are spellbinding, always have a fascinating story line, always have just enough romance, and leave the reader anticipating just exactly what is going to happen next. I'm so glad Trevor Scott writes series because it's sad to get to the end of a great book and then wonder what happens next to the main character, unless you know there's another novel about that character to follow. I especially love that I can read Trevor Scott's books on my iPhone 6s Plus on the Kindle App, no matter where I am when I have a few minutes to spare, and especially each night in bed just before I try (notice I said "try"?) to go to sleep. Love his books . . . super novelist!
A well written story that has the book's hero Jake Adams careening around the Black Sea and the Middle
East in search of Eco terrorists. Again the action seems to take place in years past but that does not detract from the storyline. However, what did detract from the story was for some reason the author decided to merge all American law enforcement agencies under the umbrella of a 'new' CIA. This has no basis for reality as it would never happen for many reasons. Even today with advent of the Homeland Security umbrella each U.S. Federal agency whether it is FBI, ATF, DEA etc. remains fiercely independent to a fault.
Really awkward sentences with odd word choices made the writing seem very amateur and jarring. Here are two of very many examples:
"She looked over at Sherut's goon, whose face seem to carry the same stupid appeal of wonder, as if his brain was too small to muster up more than one expression."
"Victor Petrov, the Ukrainian Agricultural Minister, swirled around defensively with the sound of the warehouse door creaking open and closed"

Seems like only a literary familiarity with modern firearms. No actual experience. Two examples to illustrate:
"Baskale quickly pulled out his 9mm and slapped the bolt back, chambering a round."
"It was a brass jacketed hollow point. A standard round. If he was an operative, he would have untraceable hand loads with smokeless powder."

The whole book took itself too seriously. It was unrelentingly grim. That's OK for some books. With the comic book nature of this one, humor may have helped save the author from looking foolish. As several other reviewers have noted, although the subject matter is serious, the author lacks the chops to write at a level higher than middle-school (at least, as demonstrated in this book).

By the halfway point (I did finish the book) I was getting really impatient with this story due to the writing style (see above) and the way people kept popping in and out of scenes. Also, there was very little tradecraft mentioned (or demonstrated) by any of the principals and either people died because of that lack or they got unbelievably lucky. In fact, luck was the underlying mechanism for most what happens.

I have no experience with any of Trevor Scott's other work. I do not recommend this book.
Hidden Winter
If our top notch secret agent is the best in the business then we are hurting. He foolishly allowed himself to be kidnapped and beat half to death. Then he later on allowed a woman in his protective care to be murdered because he was too slow to react when terrorists were breaking the door down. He has no faith in his own country and let a dangerous nerve gas formula be destroyed when an antidote could have been discovered. Great characters and action with a decent plot but a total lack of patriotism from a supposedly dedicated American. Maybe the author can appreciate his country a little more and toughen up his emotional Superman with his future novels.
This latest chapter in the Jake Adams saga is jam packed with intrigue and plot twists. you've heard the phrase "can't tell the players with a scorecard" before I'm sure but it really does apply to this book! Action and subplots ensue from just about page 3 and don't stop from there.

I applaud Mr. Scott on this effort. Well developed characters and superb pace make for a terrific read when combined with the things mentioned above.

Highly enjoyable and recommended! Looking forward to The Dolomite Solution!
Exciting plots of intrigue and action make this one a good read. Very good descriptions of the characters and of the plots and subplots are well done by the author. Getting pulled back into the confusing world of international intrigue and terrorist activities, the main character is bounced from fear to caution reaction by the circumstances that have enveloped him. The chemical cocktails used in poisoning some people early on permeate the action to follow. From being retired to being tossed in the middle of a terrorist plot, the main character is run ragged. His activities make the story a good action read.
There are three or four story lines going on at once in this novel, and it was difficult to see how they would all fit together. Things become clearer in the last few chapters, but by then my interest level had dropped considerably. Each of the subplots was interesting in its own right, as was each of the characters, but I'd have liked a tighter grouping of the various lines. I'll give another Jake Adams book a try and see if things get better. If they do, I'll keep following Mr. Scott.
I'm reading through the entire Jake Adams series again. It's that good. Great diversionary reading to see poor Jake getting dumped on all the time. Yet he perseveres. This time, second in the series, really ramps up the twists and missteps of Book One. Totally enjoyable time well spent.