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by Lawrence Block

For Bernie Rhodenbarr, bookseller and compulsive burglar, a weekend at a country bed & breakfast inn takes an unexpected twist when a valuable book is stolen and a dead body turns up in the library
Download The Burglar in the Library: A Bernie Rhodenbarr Mystery epub
ISBN: 0786212802
ISBN13: 978-0786212804
Category: Mystery
Subcategory: Mystery
Author: Lawrence Block
Language: English
Publisher: Thorndike Pr (February 1, 1998)
Pages: 464 pages
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Rating: 4.7
Votes: 564
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It's the question that haunts every lover of classic mysteries: If you pitted Miss Marple against Philip Marlowe, who would name the murderer first? I'd put my money on Miss Marple, but Bernie (by the end of the book) is convinced Marlowe is The Man.

The owner of a small, sleepy bookstore has a lot of time on his hands and probably most of them while it away with a good book. Although we're told in one of the earliest books in this series that Bernie takes all the mysteries he buys to a store that specializes in them, he must read a ton of them before he unloads them. He's a devout fan of Raymond Chandler and Dashiell Hammett (who isn't?) and a few paragraphs in a long-forgotten writer's memoirs sets him on the trail of a book that may connect the two men in an intriguing and potentially profitable way.

The trail leads him to a private guest house famous for it's old-style English charm. He arrives with his platonic lesbian girlfriend Carolyn, an avid fan of Dame Agatha Christie. Soon after they check in, the huge, isolated mansion is cut off from civilization by a blizzard and a few even more ominous developments. The staff and guests are a strange lot and then the murders start. Well, what were you expecting, for Pete's sake?

This is said to be a spoof of Christie's AND THEN THERE WERE NONE and I suppose that accounts for its campy humor. Let's just say that in order to enjoy it, you'll have to relax and go with the flow. The characters are outrageous and everything about the plot is wonderfully improbable. It's just fun and there's nothing wrong with that.

I enjoyed it, but it's far from being my favorite in this series. To me, a great part of Bernie's charm is that he's the quintessential New Yorker and he never forgets it. Think he and Carolyn are blissfully loving every moment away from the dirty, noisy, dangerous city? Hell no! They're uneasy being surrounded by people who are paying attention to them. It's only in a crowded subway filled with strangers who avoid eye contact that a man (or woman) can know the joys of solitude. Plus, as Carolyn says, all that fresh air can't be good for you.

It's not my favorite, but it's entertaining in an absurd way. There's some blunt talk about Carolyn's sex life (real and imagined) so be warned. One literary critic mentions Block's "obsession" with lesbians. That may be over-stating the case, but this must have raised some eyebrows when it appeared. And the ubiquitous cell-phone (conspicuous in its absence in Bernie's earlier outings) puts in a brief, but important appearance. It's a look back in time and reminds us of how rapidly our lives have changed in only a few years.
This book is #8 in a series featuring Bernie Rhodenbarr, a bookseller and compulsive burglar in New York City. It is not really one of Bernie’s best, but it is certainly an entertaining read. It is a takeoff on one of Agatha Christie’s favorite tropes: an English country house filled with a bunch of unrelated guests who are isolated by some natural event and then are dispatched, one by one. Our hero works frantically to identify the killer before everyone perishes.

Mr. Bloch obligingly rings all the changes, including as he always does the climactic meeting in the library, but this time the fun of the other books is muted. Bernie is out of his element. He has Caroline, his lesbian, dog-grooming henchperson, and Raffles, the bookstore cat, but all his other rumpled Village friends and customers are left behind, especially Ray Kirschmann, the mildly bent cop who regularly arrests the innocent Bernie and then uses him to apprehend the bad guys. His arrival here, in a helicopter, to arrest this book’s villain, marks a welcome return to reality, such as it is, but he enters very late.

A worthy addition to the Bernie oeuvre, but not the best. Four stars.
This is the second book by Lawrence Block which I've read. They are alike in that they are easy-going--sometimes deceptively so. For me, this is not a page turner, but you know? I find myself opening the book again and again. The humor within the mystery is not hilarious; it's down to earth, unexpected and real. I have found myself chuckling as well as appreciating Block's subtle, smooth humor many times. He has salted this meal to perfection.
This is a "beach novel" (as is the whole series) in the very best sense of that phrase. I read through every Kindle-available Bernie the Burglar book during a pressure-filled summer and fall, and they were just what I needed: light, clever, funny, witty. Each one offers a riff on or pays homage to some field--art, literature, film, etc. A great escape from the deadlines and difficulties in my real world. An odd side effect: I now find myself eying door locks and building security cameras with some interest, and, as we entered a friend's luxury high-rise apartment building only last evening, pondering how one might elude the attentive staff.
Another great Bernie Rhodenbarr novel.
Fun to read. Well written. Colorful characters, setting, and plot.
Full of twists. If you've never read a book in the Lawrence Block "Burglar" series, and enjoy murder mysteries,
check out this novel, and others in the series.
Each and everyone of the books in "Burglar" series are just so good.
Become a new fan ...
This is a clever spoof of the "isolated group includes murderer" plot. It's an enjoyable story and I recommend it. You're always in good hands with Mr. Block.

However, this book should be considered off to one side of the "Burglar" series. The plots in this series almost always rely on some coincidence(s), and on familiar characters. The same elements are here, but you can feel Mr. Block working to pull the threads together in a non-Manhattan setting.

In short, read this book, but don't begin the "Burglar" series with it.
I bought this book for my son and he said that he enjoyed this book. he stated thaat all of the burglary books are excellent
There is nothing like a good murder mystery set in a confined space. What a cast of characters. The plot was as thick as Cook 's soup. Poor Bernie. He was on thin ice, in deep snow, and head over heels in the lounge. The only obnoxious part of the book was Milicent. I am continuously amazed at Block's writing.