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by Greg Iles

Experiencing panic attacks and blackouts at murder scenes, forensics expert Cat Ferry is suspended from her task force and returns to her Mississippi hometown, where she discovers disturbing information about her father's murder, which occurred when Cat had been eight years old. By the author of The Footprints of God. 175,000 first printing.
Download Blood Memory: A Novel epub
ISBN: 0743234707
ISBN13: 978-0743234702
Category: Mystery
Subcategory: Mystery
Author: Greg Iles
Language: English
Publisher: Scribner; First Edition edition (February 15, 2005)
Pages: 512 pages
ePUB size: 1511 kb
FB2 size: 1552 kb
Rating: 4.1
Votes: 356
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Whoa! This book has almost 500 pages, so I knew it would take me a while to read, especially since I haven't been in the reading groove this year. Well, I was wrong. I could NOT put it down, and I sped through it in no time. A lot of times, my eyes get really tired at night and my vision gets blurry. Normally I have to quit reading until the next day. Some nights, I just brought the book closer, squinted a little harder, and charged through just one more chapter. It was so good!

We discussed at book club how it kept us on the edge of our seat, and there were so many twists and angles that kept you guessing. Looking back, some things we would have changed because it maybe didn't seem so realistic or it wasn't what we would have preferred, but we were still such fans.

So happy with Greg Iles and Blood Memory that we decided to choose another Iles book for May. We're reading Dead Sleep next; please feel free to read along this month, and maybe we can chat about it too. Wouldn't that be fun?
Having read previous Iles' books, I knew in purchasing this for $2 that I would at least be "getting" a literate, coherent novel by a real writer, as opposed to one of those "psychologically gripping thrillers by wannabe writers" that seem to be glutting the market these days. And this story did deliver on my investment, providing me with an engaging and consistent read for several hours. The "who-done-it" revelation was, however, less than climatic; to avoid any "spoilers", I won't go into details other than to say I prefer stories that provide the reader with an opportunity to evaluate and assess who the likely culprit might be - a challenge this book's conclusion precluded. There were, additionally, some "loose ends" to the story that could have been handled better. The 4-star rating I've given the book is a "qualified" one - at $2, the story is vastly better than many of its comparably-priced competitors. Had the book been priced at the $9+ range that Iles' books typically cost, my rating would have been far less generous. UPDATE: After further ruminating, ending was just not disappointing, but stupid - logistics of how the teeth and saliva processes "operated" were never explained. At most, & that is being generous because of Iles' stature, book rating is a 3 - and then only if you can get it for $2 or less - better yet, free.
Catherine “Cat” Ferry has a lot on her plate. New Orleans police and the FBI need her special skills to catch a serial killer. Unfortunately, she’s addicted to vodka and suffering mental and emotional breakdowns at the crime scene. But there’s much more to Cat’s problems. Returning home to Natchez, MS (the author’s hometown), a chance discovery puts Cat in touch with excruciating childhood memories. She recounts the murder of her father twenty years ago and the abuse suffered at his hands – or at least that’s what she has been led to believe. Recalling the trauma is as difficult as solving the New Orleans murders.

Over the course of 800 pages, Greg Iles takes us back and forth between the two cities: to murder scenes, repressed dreams, visits with Cat’s Grandpapa (a pillar of the community), an eccentric psychiatrist who knows Cat more intimately than anyone should, and a list of savory and unsavory locals. Is there a connection between Cat’s abuse and the murders? Is Cat involved?

I expected a lot of red herrings, dead ends and filler in these 800 pages. I was pleasantly surprised that the novel held my interest throughout. Greg Iles is a master storyteller. Though Blood Memory is not my favorite book by the author, I give it a solid 4-stars. I downloaded and read the novel on my Kindle for Android phone.
Greg Iles a suburb writer Keeps writing excellent books with lots of great characters. Should live to be a 100 so he can produce many more. Sure knows the territory he writes about and the people. Just couldn't stop reading until the end
I started out hating this book because I hated the main character who I found to be truly despicable. However, as I read the book, my hate turned into sympathy as I learned why she was despicable. I think that is the true mystery of this book. Why is Cat Ferry such an awful person? This book masterfully unfolds the answer as well as a host of dark, family secrets. I really liked this book. It is really well written. I didn't give it 5 stars because it is basically all dark all the time which is a bit much to take. But besides that, it is well worth the read.
If u have any fears that sexual abuse lives somewhere in ur family, read this with caution. I do n I couldn't stop n couldn't go forward. Powerful action, vicious n complex characters. Iles is clearly one of the Great Mississippi Writers.
I couldn't put this one down which isn't unusual when I read this author's books. Another based on facts with fictional characters. We just don't know what we don't know. We must listen and learn. I live in a sheltered reality. I know others who live the nightmares of past abuse. All I can do is hold them, be there for them and try to understand the pain and fears that won't leave them even after 50 years of the memories. We must protect our children.
My nana used to tell us kids not to lie. After telling so many you can't remember what's true and what's not.

The above rang true as Cat tried to unravel the present murder mysteries and the constant haunting memories of her past.
Blood Memory is, more families than not's, silent secret. Sexual abuse is seriously damaging and in more ways than one can be deadly.

Iles is raw and delicate as he leads this cast of individuals out of the darkness and into the light. A born storyteller.