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by Denise Turney

The ethics of the legal system in Memphis, Tennessees Shelby County are once again under scrutiny. The community is demanding that the guilty be held responsible for their actions. The year is 1944 and a young girl, the daughter of a prominent attorney has disappeared. As the search for the killer unfolds it becomes hauntingly clear that the attorney's young daughter isn't the only child that's gone missing. Despite relentless and emergency efforts of adults in the community, it's not until a young Tilson girl gets involved that the crimes start to get solved.
Download Spiral epub
ISBN: 0966353927
ISBN13: 978-0966353921
Category: Mystery
Subcategory: Mystery
Author: Denise Turney
Language: English
Publisher: Chistell Pub (July 1, 2003)
Pages: 205 pages
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Rating: 4.3
Votes: 361
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Denise Turney's, Spiral, takes us into a history of unsolved child kidnappings. One woman, Tammy Tilson, appears to be at the center of it all. Does she really know something; or is her family just in the wrong places at the wrong times? A family that has been blessed with foresight, finds that knowing is not always a good thing.
Memphis, Tennessee in 1936 is where Denise starts her story. Everybody knows everybody and their business, especially black folks' business. Tammy knows the law, and what can or cannot be done legally to her and her loved ones. She's strong and a fighter, but soon realizes that she can't be everything to everybody. She has to let her children live their lives, and marry whom they choose. Her mother told her on her deathbed, to not let evil into the bloodline or it'll be the ruin of the family. With that as her mantra, Tammy knows that the union between her son, David, and Margaret Armstrong will be of no good. Especially with Ramsey Armstrong as a father; he looks as if he's been snatched up by the clay people.
In the end, the mantra shows to be true. The journey of the discoveries found out a long the way gives hope that an innocent boy will not have to suffer the consequences of a silent man. Will the wrongs be righted? Can marriages be saved? Will little girls be able to sleep at night without the presence of dead ones?
Spiral is a great story about family and secrets living in a small town. I loved the history and the mystery behind getting to the truth. My only disappointment is that the ending didn't have as strong of a feeling as the rest of the book. I'd recommend to those who like a little of the supernatural combined in their mystery.
R.E.A.L. Reviewers
Lost Python
"Spiral" by Denise Turney, describes the rippling effect of fear when characters refuse to be courageous and speak the truth. Their refusal to speak the truth causes other characters to suffer the consequences. These consequences lead to more consequences. Thus, a spiraling effect.
The story begins with a black man picking up a little girl. Next we are introduced to the strong African American middle class Tilson family. The Armstrongs, another African American family, is introduced in the third chapter. These three chapters seem to have no connection. As the story continues, you begin to see some connections. When little White girls are missing, the connection becomes more evident. The police suspect an African American man. The Armstrong and Tilson families are targets. However, police raids through the African American community produce no evidence nor suspects.
Now the adults in the Tilson and Armstrong families have their suspicions. Even some of the children have their suspicions, too. A couple of the children have "felt" and "sensed" the missing girls' spirits. One or two of the children have actually seen something. The families remain quiet. As a result, other characters are accused and the consequences impact both families.
"Spiral" is a very interesting story. Missing White girls and its impact on the African American community is a unique subject. Turney does a good job describing the impact. However, I had a problem with credibility. I do not believe a White girl would get into a truck with a Black man she does not know, particularly in Memphis, Tennessee. Another problem I had with the story was the police raid in the community. Given the time period, 1930s, I am surprised that the police just came into the homes and did not drag any Black men out of the houses. No Black men were jailed or lynched, either.
Turney's other storyline of enduring love is overlooked because she zips through the years. Smoother transitions between the time periods would help. The spirituality theme is interspersed throughout the story, but the power of the spirit is not fully developed in the characters who are spiritual. Although these were the weak points in the story, the unique subject matter is the story's strength. I commend Turney for her efforts.
Little girls are being kidnapped and murdered in Greasy Plank, a small suburb of Memphis, Tennessee. All of the town's men are suspected, although all leads point in the direction of white, all-powerful Jack Robinson and his lackey, Ramsey Armstrong. The novel follows several generations of townspeople, including Ramsey's family and the Tilsons, another prominent family in Greasy Plank. The story shows what can happen when families keep secrets and the repercussions that may occur because of them.
Laced with history and mysticism, the novel has twists and turns that keep it exciting. My only criticism is that the book has so many characters that it is often confusing trying to keep track of them and their relationships. I look forward to future works from denise turney.
Reviewed by Latoya Carter-Qawiyy