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by Kate Johnson

Never underestimate the blonde.The British spy is elegant, suave and sophisticated.The British spy is not blonde, built, and confused."But Sophie Green is, and shes just been hired by a highly secret government agency.She drives a car the colour of bile and is obsessed with Buffy the Vampire Slayer.She doesnt know which end of the gun to fire from and her hair hasnt been natural since she was twelve.But thats not going to stop her from trying to save the day, once she figures out who to save it from.Sexy spies, plane crashes, firebombs and multicoloured cocktailstheyre all in a days work forSophie.Roll over, Bond, theres a new bombshell in town.And its got Sophies name on itWarning, this title contains guns, swearing, dark thoughts about cheerful people, incomprehensible Britishisms, and painful sarcasm.
Download I, Spy? (Sophie Green Mysteries, No. 1) epub
ISBN: 1599986353
ISBN13: 978-1599986357
Category: Mystery
Subcategory: Mystery
Author: Kate Johnson
Language: English
Publisher: Samhain Publishing (September 1, 2007)
Pages: 280 pages
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Rating: 4.4
Votes: 361
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This book is not bad, story wise, but I can't recommend it to people who aren't very familiar with British English or who are extreme Anglophiles. There are chunks of this book that make no sense otherwise unless you have one of the aforementioned traits or you have many reference sources available, chiefly among them a rhyming slang dictionary, a UK-specific word dictionary, and a UK sports team and player name list. Other than that, this was quite a story. It is light and airy for the most part compared to others in its genre. I wouldn't have expected this book to be sold in this form in the US without quite a bit of Americanization. I mean, they do that with other books and series all the time to make it more readable for different countries. I know this book takes place almost entirely in a small village in England, unless my geography is bad, but the complete and total "Britishness" of it surprised me. I won't bore you with a plot summary as I know other reviewers are fond of doing that. I do, however, appreciate that this book has chapter demarcations. Chapter demarcations make it so much easier to see how close you are to the end of a chapter or to find a stopping place when you need to do so. If you can deal with all the purely British pieces of the book and you like the genre in general, I say you should give this one a shot. Have at it because I don't think you'll be disappointed. It's quite a cute adventure.
Hawk Flying
I cannot understand why on earth this book would have been listed in the childrens section.

I thought it interesting how Sophie's mind worked..., however, aside from a few (not surprising) twists, there wasn't much mystery to the story. There was so much emphasis on men, how they looked and how long it'd been since she'd had one, until the "mystery" was overshadowed by her urges. Makes me glad that I'd gotten this one as a freebie on Amazon. I would not have been pleased had I payed for it.

In all fairness, if the story had been given a proper title and properly categorized in the romance section, I would have given it one more star. The sexual tension, lust and longing definitely had the makings of one steamy love story. Since it was not, however, I felt like I wasted my time, because I care nothing for love stories. I expected to get a good mystery.

One caveat-the perverse language is a HUGE turnoff for some of us. I'm sure there are more tactful ways to describe what happens between a man and a woman. What, with the whole in-depth description of what goes on in an airport... far more information than I needed, or cared to know. So much that I almost didn't get past the first few pages.

I gave it three stars because I found Sophie's musings amusing.
Oh how I love you, Sophie Green!

I can totally see the comparisons with Stephanie Plum, a series which I used to be an avid fan of! But to be honest with you, I love Sophie even more! She is just hilarious as hell. In the Stephanie Plum books, Stephanie herself isn't funny, it's her supporting cast that makes the books funny. But with Sophie, she's the main attraction, full of one-liners and asides to the reader that make me laugh out loud. I just adore her. Is the story silly? Sure, but it's fun. I consider reading an escape from reality.

And don't let me forget to mention sexy Luke. I really have no other words than sexy. Sexy sexy sexy. Sophie has her hands full with that one.

Once I finished I, Spy? I immediately picked up books 2-4, the remaining ones in the series. I devoured them all within days. Definitely give Sophie Green a chance. If you love hilarious, snarky, curvy, non-apologetic leading ladies who love food, men and sex as much as you do, check this series out.
3.5 stars, rounded up.
If you are looking for a quick read with a cute, bumbling heroine then the Sophie Green books might be for you. Kate Johnson has created a loveable, clumsy character in Sophie Green. This book runs in the same vein as the Stephanie Plum books by Janet Evanovich, with a bit more raunchiness. I think the Stephanie Plum books are better but I Spy was a good book to read while awaiting Evanovich's next book. I love how Sophie makes a few references to Stephanie Plum. The characters are similar in some ways yet very distinct in others.

I Spy is funny, comical, and witty. It's a charming mystery involving a blundering, inept, accidental spy. The book is by no means a masterpiece of literary work but it is fun, entertaining and fast paced. It's a good beach read. The end is tidy and well done.
I downloaded this book as a free read from the kindle store. This is a light mystery with a touch of romance. The story revolves around Sophie, an unintentionally humorous airlines worker who stumbles into being a part of a secret spy organization. She builds a bond with the spy who recruits her, and the bond eventually becomes a romantic one.

The story is amusing in the beginning, but Sophie's actions eventually start to seem a little ignorant and silly. Despite this, the book was an interesting, cozy read that is a good time waster for light mystery fans.

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I don't know how I found this book. I usually don't buy any eBooks for over a buck, but somehow this found its way onto my Kindle and boy am I glad! I, Spy is an absolutely charming book. The characters are a hoot, the premise is fresh (I do love fresh), and the writing is engaging.

Sophie Green is a heck of a spy and I found myself smiling a lot as I literally rooted for her to save the day. Kate Johnson is a real gem of an author and I have already downloaded the 2nd Book in the Sophie Green series.

Spot on, Ms. Johnson!!