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by Karen MacInerney

It's springtime on Cranberry Island―and love is in the air. It seems like every woman has the hots for buff trainer Dirk De Leon. He and his equally-gorgeous business partner, Vanessa Black, are leading a weight-loss retreat at the Gray Whale Inn―forcing innkeeper Natalie Barnes to lighten up her butter-laden breakfast menu.

The mood on the island darkens when two grisly discoveries are made. The first is a skeleton walled up at the island's lighthouse. The second is a corpse of the fresh variety―the handsome Dirk! Could the spirit that once embodied the skeletal remains―perhaps the lighthouse keeper who disappeared a century ago―be responsible for Dirk's death?

The police pin the blame on Natalie's boyfriend who―to her dismay―had a long-ago fling with Vanessa. To find the true killer and ease her own aching heart, Natalie must untangle the knot of jealous girlfriends and spurned admirers that once surrounded the hunky trainer.


"MacInerney adds a dash of the supernatural, throws in some touristy tidbits and finishes with some tasty diet-right recipes."―Publishers Weekly

"All thumbs up for Murder Most Maine, another in the engaging series of Cranberry Island mysteries. Karen MacInerney writes with verve and vitality, and her Natalie Barnes is a Maine original. I'm ready to book a room at the Gray Whale Inn!"―Susan Wittig Albert, bestselling author of Nightshade and other China Bayles Herbal Mysteries

Download Murder Most Maine (Gray Whale Inn Mysteries, No. 3) epub
ISBN: 0738713007
ISBN13: 978-0738713007
Category: Mystery
Subcategory: Mystery
Author: Karen MacInerney
Language: English
Publisher: Midnight Ink (November 8, 2008)
Pages: 277 pages
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Rating: 4.6
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In Murder Most Maine, innkeeper and Texas-transplant Natalie Barnes looks forward to a successful spring and summer. About the only hint the book gives about the winters in Maine is the last of the snow having melted, at the opening of the book. I wish that Karen MacInerney had spent a few pages telling us how Ms. Barnes got through the harsh Maine winters, not having experienced anything like that in Texas. So, as the tale goes, she books a retreat for a weight loss group, headed by a fitness and diet buff, Vanessa, and a popular personal trainer, Dirk DeLeon. it doesn't take long for this retreat to run afoul when Dirk's body is found outside the Cranberry Island lighthouse. And this is where this mystery really picks up. Intertwined in the plot are very interesting tidbits as to this fictitious island being a way station for the Underground Railroad, which readers are alerted to when a mysterious skeleton is found in the lighthouse during its restoration work. Ms MacInerney does a great job with the Maine island setting. Having been to Maine islands a few times, it brings back some memories of my own. Those interested in the Gray Whale Inn mysteries really need to start from the first book and then keep up with the series. Once you get started, you just might get hooked on these!
I really liked the first two books in this series, but this book had some glaring issues that just couldn't save it.

I think the major problem is that it seems like this went from first draft to publisher without any kind of edits in between. Like, I don't even think the author went back and read over any part of this before she submitted it.

This would explain the repetitiveness that other reviewers have pointed out, and the way the narrator seems to be sure of something one moment and then unsure the next.

It would also hopefully explain why the plot is totally weak, and the identity of the killer is obvious as soon as the first clue is dropped.

What really bothered me though was how stupid the narrator seems to be in this book. I hope that is also a result of poor editing, but like the narrator, I just can't be sure about anything. She can't interpret the easiest clues. She destroys historical artifacts in a totally preposterous trip to the lighthouse that in reality would see her fined or jailed (and as a former employee of the Parks Department, she would know better).

But the romantic subplot was the stupidest of all. She can't decide whether her boyfriend of a year could be a murderer or not? Seriously?! Somehow the fact that he's reconnected with an old flame makes him a murder suspect? How does that even equate? Other reviewers couldn't believe she took him back, but I couldn't believe he was totally unperturbed by the fact that she didn't trust him enough not to think he was a murderer. Any other guy, real or fictional, would have given her faithless butt the boot after that, but he's so 2-dimensional that he proposes to her!

I gave this book 2 stars instead of 1 because I liked the prior two books and hope this is just a hiccup in an otherwise delightful series. I'm hoping the next book will be up to the standards of the first two.
This series must he read in order. The first book is Murder On The Rocks. The second book is Dead And Berried. This is the third book. I can't wait to read Berried To The Hilt!

It has been a year since Natalie opened The Gray Whale Inn. Life on the Island is becoming second nature to her (even if she still isn't used to the cold) and people are more and more accepting of her. Marge is even coming around, and had become a model employee, since their harrowing ordeal together at her (soon to be ex) husband's hands. Nothing bonds people quite like torture and near death experiences! A luxury weight loss retreat seems like the perfect way to put the Gray Whale on the map as a destination so she agrees to rent the whole place for a week to Lose It All. Can she pull off a full service Inn for dieters? Or will her love of sweets and carb loading be her downfall? Can adding lunch, dinner, and turn down service really be that much more work? Will she be able to keep her resolve and diet right along with them? Is her relationship with John the real deal? Or will they hit another unforseen snag? Has she truly found her place and her calling or will something go wrong yet again?

From the delicious recipes and charismatic characters to the murder mysteries both past and present, this series had found a special place in my heart! I can never wait to get engrossed in Natalie's next adventure. For a small island with only 100 year round residents, Cranberry Island is never short on drama. The addition of paranormal twists only makes the series more appealing. I will read this series as long as the author keeps writing it :)