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by Bill Moody

The trumpet was silenced, but the questions remain

Evan Horne's comeback at the keyboard has brought him to England, where he hopes he can concentrate on his music and not think about crimes. But his friend Ace Buffington, who's led him into trouble before, shows up with a problem: Ace has a contract to write a biography of the late trumpeter Chet Baker, and since Evan's going on to Amsterdam, too...

Chet Baker died on the sidewalk in front of an Amsterdam hotel in 1988; whether he jumped, slipped, or was pushed has never been determined. With his arrival at the hotel, Evan discovers that Ace―who was staying in Chet's room―is missing. The only thing Evan finds is his briefcase and notes. Now he has no choice. To find Ace, Evan will have to dig into the mysterious death of Chet Baker...and that takes him into a world he'd rather not visit.

Bill Moody's background as a musician and his talents as a writer have made the Evan Horne mysteries a cult favorite. Investigating the death of Chet Baker, who has a cult of his own, brings out the best in both the author and his pianist sleuth, Evan Horne.

Download Looking for Chet Baker: An Evan Horne Mystery (Evan Horne Mysteries) epub
ISBN: 0802733689
ISBN13: 978-0802733689
Category: Mystery
Subcategory: Mystery
Author: Bill Moody
Language: English
Publisher: Walker Books; First Edition edition (March 1, 2002)
Pages: 256 pages
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Rating: 4.9
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As a Jazz enthusiast, I can appreciate books revolving around Jazz musicians. And since Evan Horne is in my hometown Amsterdam when he's looking for Chet Baker, that makes it all the more interesting.

I enjoyed Evan's first person narration, and I know Mr. Moody is a musician himself by the way he can write interestingly about performances and the life of musicians.

Evan is visited by his friend Ace in London, just before Evan is to depart for Amsterdam. Ace is a writer and needs Evan to help him research a book on Chet Baker, who died in Amsterdam after falling out of a second story hotel window. Evan, who has been burned by his curiosity and his impromptu investigations before, refuses to assist Ace and leaves him to play the reminder of his gigs in London.

Ace departs for Amsterdam, but by the time Evan arrives, Ace has moved out of his hotel and disappeared. When Evan finds Ace's portfolio on Chet Baker, something he wouldn't just 'leave behind', Evan realizes something is rotten in Amsterdam and goes looking for Ace.

Although as a suspense author myself I figured out the plot pretty soon, it was a joy to follow Evan through Amsterdam. I liked his easy camaraderie with veteran saxophone player Fletcher Paige and Mr. Moody catches the atmosphere and laid-back attitude of Amsterdam pretty good.

For the musical side of the story, Mr. Moody really knows what he's talking about. The Amsterdam part of the story has some problems though. I know the area Mr. Moody describes pretty good (I live about ten minutes walking from the Zeedijk and the Red Light District) and while many things are accurately described, there were plenty of times where the view was biased towards American sensibilities, the sort of seedy, semi-dangerous Amsterdam foreigner hope to find in a city that's safer than probably any city in the US.

Apart from having to remind myself time and time again that the book was first published in 2002, and therefore featured landmarks and situations that aren't there anymore. Jazzclub Bimhuis moved in 2005 to its current location on the Piet Heinkade and you cannot find a payphone in Amsterdam (everybody has cell phones nowadays). So it was kind of a shock when one of the characters did use a cell phone near the end of the book.

Since the book describes the official Chet Baker memorial, I guess Mr. Moody researched/visited Amsterdam between 1999 when the official memorial plaque was fixed to the front of the Prins Hendrik hotel, and 2002, the first publication date of the book. By that time, the seediness of the Zeedijk was more than a decade in the past.

For those who are interested in the memorial, both the official and the 'illegal' Chet Memorial can be viewed <a href="">on this website</a>.

Some of the Dutch (street) names are flubbed, like a Dutchman called 'De Hass' (Hass is German, the Dutch name would be De Haas), and Prins Hendrik is sometimes spelled as Henrik. The descriptions of the coffeeshops seems more like a description of an opium den. Another thing that bugged me was that Mr. Moody used the phrase 'put him off' where the phrase should've been 'blew him off', once in a narrative, once in a letter.

Despite these flaws I enjoyed this story and I'll probably read more of Mr. Moody's books, especially if they feature more Amsterdam...

3.5 stars.
If you're a performer you're going to absolutely love this book. If not, it's a good mystery book and you will learn a lot about jazz performers that will make the subject a lot more interesting than you thought it could be. Moody's style of writing is unique. I like it. Not everyone would. You have to suspend critical judgment about how writing should be done. He has his own style and it works. The style is sweet, sincere, and very close to the characters.
I stumbled on this book accidentally, never having read any other Evan Horne Mysteries. I am a jazz fan without being an aficionado, and thoroughly enjoyed how Bill Moody brought his knowledge of old jazz masters and the business into the book.

Moody's book is not what one comes to expect in a mystery. While there is the mystery element to it, the story evolves more around the music and musicians. I have enjoyed it enough to move on to the next book in the series. If music is not your thing, you may be disappointed in the book.
Trash Obsession
I'm a huge Chet Baker fan and it was this that prompted me to download this book. The fact that it was free was a fantastic added bonus.

The use of Chet as a theme throughout the book was done extremely well and the other characters were very enjoyable. The author's knowledge and love of jazz shone through without ever becoming 'insidery.'

The understanding and presentation of location - Amsterdam, in particular - was very strong.

Well worth downloading and reading.
Evan Horne lives for jazz. He plays piano and reveals his soul through music. He can't resist solving mysteries. When an old friend goes missing he leaves no stone unturned. He also comes close to solving the mystery surrounding a decade old death.

Great details and amazing characters make this a must for your library. You can almost hear the music through the words.
This is the fifth in a series featuring the reluctant detective Evan Horne who is a jazz pianist. He always finds himself involved in the solution of a mystery that concerns a real life musician. Because Bill Moody is a jazz drummer and journalist, he brings a certain authenticity to his stories and if you don't watch out, he may cause you to buy some new CDs. His other books were about Charlie Parker, Wardell Gray, Clifford Brown, and this one is set in Amsterdam where Chet Baker died in 1988 when he either fell or was pushed from a hotel window. Poor Evan, he just had a gig and then he finds himself once again mixed up with the police! I have enjoyed each one of the Evan Horne books, waited for this one for about a year, recommend the series to all musicians and mystery lovers...
Very enjoyable read. Kind of a historical wo-done-it. When i started i was woried how thw author was going to pull it off. Very talented author made the plot fill in with chet baker's death and thet mystery around it. Lots of period jazz detail and characters (i like) fold right into the story. Good development of main characters.
I'm a musician, I love a mystery, and I'm a pushover for anyone who is passionate about their art. Bill Moody gave us a minor mystery and a major passion in Looking for Chet Baker. He portrayed Evan Horne beautifully, showing the curiosity that seduced him into his adventures outside music as well as showing his passion for his music. I couldn't get enough of it. He even inspired me to listen to a few of Chet Baker's performances. I will read more of his books. I give it 4 stars.