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by Lee Goldberg

Large Print Hardcover with 396 pages. Based on the USA Network t.v. series created by Andy Beckman - Monk, the obsessive, Compulsive Detective and his assistants.
Download Monk Mr.monk and the Two Assistants Large Print Edition epub
ISBN: 0739485210
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Category: Mystery
Subcategory: Mystery
Author: Lee Goldberg
Publisher: New American Library (2007)
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Rating: 4.7
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Mr. Monk is caught in an eternal tussle with the cosmic universe. He rails and nags and tries his durndest to shape order out of disorder. It's an ever-losing battle. Entropy wins out always. Maybe entropy even exists just to thumb its nose at Adrian Monk.

Mr. Monk is the indispensable consultant to the San Francisco Police Department. How is he so successful at his job? The secret is he approaches his homicide cases the same way he cleans a room - and Mr. Monk lives to clean rooms. And what's the first step to cleaning a room? Well, first, you observe what's out of place, what doesn't belong. This is how Mr. Monk sees things no one else sees.

In MR. MONK AND THE TWO ASSISTANTS, Mr. Monk's nemesis, good ol' entropy, is havin' a fine ol' chortle. You wouldn't think our defective detective would be a fella that two women would fight tooth and claw over for. Yet it's so. His former assistant, Sharona Fleming, is back in the City by the Bay. With her shady husband in Los Angeles arrested for murder, Sharona figures she can pick up where she'd left things off with Mr. Monk, get her old job back, never mind that they parted ways with Sharona not even having said goodbye. Understandably, Mr. Monk's current assistant, Natalie Teeger, isn't down with Sharona's plan. She is, in fact, pretty P.O.'d at Sharona and feeling insecure and defensive. There's still a special place in Mr. Monk's heart for Sharona, even if it's a jerk move to hire her as co-assistant with Natalie.

This is one instance in which the whodunit elements aren't as absorbing as the edgy dynamic among Natalie and Sharona and the oblivious Mr. Monk. It's also an instance where continuity gets kicked to the curb. MR. MONK AND THE TWO ASSISTANTS is Lee Goldberg's fourth book in his Monk series, published in 2007, somewhen roughly during the television show's sixth season. Except, the TV show doesn't have Natalie meeting Sharona until its eight season in the episode "Mr. Monk and Sharona." So, is the book canon? Shrug with me.

So follow Natalie's logic. She thinks if her boss can prove that Sharona's husband was framed of the murder charge, then Sharona will go away again to be with her hubby, leaving Natalie the sole assistant and minder to Mr. Monk whom she's come to think of as family. Until then, we're treated to pages of catty bickerville between two strong-minded women.

It's not only Sharona's husband's murder charge that Mr. Monk investigates. He gets embroiled in another death concerning a man who succumbed to alligator bites, with Mr. Monk promptly concluding that it was a case of homicide.

It was undeniably Tony Shalhoub's performace that lent Adrian Monk so much humanity. Shalhoub made him so sympathetic despite his irksome OCD tics. Good news is Lee Goldberg - who once wrote for the show - captures what makes Monk such a, um, not warm but still appealing personality. As always, he does a terrific job of bringing out the humor in Monk's debilitating compulsions. The scene of Monk at the church is hilarious (and borderline sacrilegious), as well as the image of Monk wandering around Los Angeles in a gas mask and Monk at the orthodontist and declaring that the doctor is doing "God's work" by straightening out them crooked teeth.

It's rare that a case baffles Monk. It's even more rare when two cases baffle Monk simultaneously. This book finds him in even more of a morose (read: whiny) temperament.

- Natalie: "You'll see the thing that isn't right. I know you will."
- Mr. Monk: "How can you be so sure?"
- Natalie: "Because you're Adrian Monk, and I have faith in you."
- Mr. Monk: "I wish you didn't."
- Natalie: "You have to have faith in something."
- Mr. Monk: "I do. But I don't think Formula 409 is going to solve my problems."

The show and Goldberg's books have always had this playful, wink-of-the-eye vibe to 'em. This book dives even more into meta territory, specifically as regards to a bit of dialogue between Natalie and Sharona:

- Sharona: "I think I know why he hired you."
- Natalie: "You mean it wasn't my vivacious personality and irrepressible charm?"
- Sharona: "You're me."
- Natalie: "You just got done telling me all the ways that I'm not you."
- Sharona: "But you are in the ways that count. You're a single mother with a twelve-year-old kid. So was I. He wasn't looking for a new assistant with nursing or even secretarial skills. He was looking for a new actress to play the same part."

One nitpick is that book Sharona comes off as more of a calculating shrew than did TV show Sharona. All credit to actress Bitty Schram, aggressive Joisey accent and in-yo-face moxie and all, for making Sharona relatable. In the book, I didn't care all that much for her.

Lastly, it's cool that we get to catch up with Natalie's young daughter Julie who herself snags a minor side-plot that finds her diving into cast-vertising entrepreneurship. So, if you're into our girl Julie flashing her burgeoning business acumen and saying stuff like "The cast-vertising is a hit. The sales have triggered the escalator clause, so I'm going to get the fifty-dollar rate next week," then have a go at this book. Also, don't fret, Mr. Monk eventually does solve the two cases.
There's no other character like Monk! I loved the TV series, and was thrilled when Lee Goldberg's first book involving Monk was published. (I think it was Mr. Monk and the FIrehouse, or something like that.) It was, as L.G. points out in his intro, based on one of the episodes in the TV series, but is a whole different experience. I had to buy this one (an early entry) because I'd lost my first copy of it, also purchased from Amazon, and hadn't reread it in a long time. These books are wonderful, indeed.
I love the Monk series. (They're all new stories, by the way. While not necessary, I recommend reading them in order.) Lee Goldberg has continued to capture all the characters yet allow them to change over time. Lots of twists and turns as he places Monk in all sorts of non-comfort zones. While I expected the great plots, I was often pleasantly surprised by the humor . . . I burst out laughing many times as Monk tried dodging with what life was throwing at him. I recommend this whole series of Monk adventures. There are more to come as the series continues with a new author, (Hy Conrad) also from the TV creators of Monk. You won't be disappointed.
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I am a huge fan on the Monk TV show and was suprised to see these books in the store. I don't usually buy books that are "based" on TV or movies but this one peaked my curiousity. Surprisingly they were very entertaining. Maybe because I have watched so much Monk I found that when reading them it was almost like watching the show in my head. It helps that I already knew what most of the characters look like but the writing is very descriptive as well. On paper Monk comes off a lot more stilted, rigid and more disturbed than on the show but the story lines were pretty well done.

In this book there is a lot of inner dialogue in Natalie's head that sometimes get annoying (mainly because she tends to whine) but I enjoyed how the author played Natalie and Sharona off each other and it's always nice to see Sharona back in the mix.

The books would probably be more interesting and entertaining if you are a fan of the show but it's possible that reading the books could turn someone into a fan!
What a nice surprise to have Sharona back! I'm almost at the end of this book and I'll be sad to finish, it's so much fun to read. I'm not able to watch Monk on USA Network so I either watch the few released to the "regular" networks or rent the DVD's. Reading the books is even better than watching the hour episodes!

Thanks Lee Goldberg for such great writing books that capture Monk so well and I'm constantly amazed at the funny ideas Mr. Goldberg comes up with.
I'm a big fan of the monk Series and have read all the novels to date... but found some of the charaterizations of Monks behavior a bit over the top in this book.. anyway.. it was nice to see that Natalie is given a "life" in this book and the inter-play between Sharona, Natalie amd Monk was the highlight of the story.. something you wouldn't get from the TV show..
on the Mystery... a bit convoluted and not I feel up to the standard.

I give 5 stars on the fine job done on the story lines outside the mystery.. as I said the interplay between The girls and monk, Sharona and her husband, Natalie and her "boyfriend", even Juile get into the act... but the mystery and the over the top characterization of monks phobias drags the overall score to 4 stars...

If your a fan you will still like it..
As usual with a Mr Monk story I enjoyed this book very much. I was a bit put off by Natalie's behavior regarding Sharona. However, considering Mr Monk's reaction to Sharona's return I guess I can forgive her. I have a certain image of Natalie and she seems to me to be more cool and calm than here. Still and all this is a small thing to be concerned about, the book is a very good read.