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by J.R. Ripley

Occasional sleuth and struggling musician Tony Kozol finds murder and mayhem at the Crystal Magic of the Skulls conference in Sedona, Arizona when he discovers his old college friend crushed by a piano lid, and as the body count rises, Tony must race against time to catch a killer while trying to keep his chakras intact. Reprint.
Download Skulls Of Sedona: A Tony Kozol Mystery epub
ISBN: 0373263902
ISBN13: 978-0373263905
Category: Mystery
Subcategory: Mystery
Author: J.R. Ripley
Language: English
Publisher: Worldwide Library (July 1, 2001)
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Rating: 4.4
Votes: 876
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I know it's not politically correct to pan a book on Amazon.Com...or at least other readers don't rate your review very highly if it is negative. But I gotta tell you, this is one terrible book.
To begin, this book is just plain badly written. Ripley's prose style is commercial, trite, and melodramatic. The characters have 'pregnant pauses' and 'deep breathing', their eyes 'aswirl with tears'. The Sedona policeman scowls, and it is 'like observing a glaring, albino pumpkin as the lit candle in its skull transmogrified its face from pumpkin to devil.' Talk about tortured metaphors....
The characters don't save the bad prose, either. They are stereotypes of New Agers who slip in and out of dark closets in floaty gowns and damp jockey shorts, carrying crystal skulls and beads.
The mystery itself has to do with who swiped the crystal skulls (named Maggie and Azul) at a conference of New Age devotees, and who goes among the bizarre population commiting murder now and then.
If there is a reality to the whole sordid mess, it is that the reader doesn't really care whodoneit, nor does the reader care about the crazies to whom it was done. Nor about the crystal skulls. When I finished, my 'eyes were aswirl with tears'....of boredom.
This was a fun read.
Basically this ex-lawyer, guitar playing man is called and asked to go to Sedona to play with a friend of his. Everything that can go wrong does- flat tire, lost luggage, a murder or two, a surly cop and being shot at. What makes this book interesting is how the main character, Tony, handles all these things. His bad attitude about New Age stuff I think is kind of funny.
I would certainly read more by this author.
I rated this a four (if I could I'd rate it a high three or a low four) because there are times that things are flat. For example, the parts with the lady cop with her attitude doesn't come across as being very well written. Also, there is a lot of casual sex in this book some of which could be left out. (not details thank goodness!)
I recently finished reading SKULLS OF SEDONA and was hooked from the beginning. I have been to Sedona several times and am familiar with the town and the New Agers. This book combines them both in a mystery that is engaging, funny and fast-paced! The main character, Tony Kozol, is a musician hired to work for his friend, a New Age pianist, in Sedona, AZ. Soon enough, Tony finds himself trying to solve a murder while dealing with the wacky group he encounters at a New Age conference on the crystal skulls. I've already finished the next Tony Kozol mystery, LOST IN AUSTIN, and it is every bit as wonderful. I can't wait for the next one.
If you are in the mood for a mystery that can be playful and entertaining, without being overly violent or pedantic, check out JR Ripley's books. They really are very well written and while often tongue-in-cheek, are so without being over-the-top. And that's my two cents!
I count myself a New Ager and I've been to Sedona and loved it. I was hoping to relive some great memories of the natural beauty and to be reminded of the great energy and vitality there. I was sadly disappointed.
Ripley is more focused on debunking New Age anything and on building male fantasies based on sex than in even a coherent story line. There are big gaps in action, little sense of mystery, and just plain bad syntax. Sorry, I didn't finish it and I threw it away rather than allow others to share my disappointment!
I recently discovered this book and its author at a signing in Miami. I picked up SKULLS OF SEDONA and LOST IN AUSTIN and read them both over the course of several days. The books are a lot of fun, well-written and well-conceived with a protagonist that is a sort of Joe Everyday Man and though he's a bit messed up himself, you can't help liking him. A good book. I hope this series continues!
Cool book, cool read. Hipper than most mysteries. Guess that's why I dug it. More of an adventure than a mystery, but that's fine by me. I liked the protagonist and the New Age stuff.
I enjoyed the story. It's a man in trouble kind of thing. I've driven down to Sedona a couple of times, so found that fun also. Usually I like longer books but this one worked for me.
I enjoy reading this and all the books by Ripley. Certainly worthy of interest.