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by Lindsay Crouse,Nancy Taylor Rosenberg

D.A. Lily Forrester finds herself trapped in a nightmare of violence when her teenaged daughter is raped and she tries to seek revenge, only to be faced with an endless barrage of personal and professional obstacles. Simultaneous.
Download Mitigating Circumstances: A Novel epub
ISBN: 0453008178
ISBN13: 978-0453008174
Category: Mystery
Subcategory: Mystery
Author: Lindsay Crouse,Nancy Taylor Rosenberg
Language: English
Publisher: Highbridge Audio; Abridged,Abridged edition (January 1, 1993)
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Rating: 4.8
Votes: 208
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ISBN 0451176723 - Almost a sister to Nancy Wagner's All Our Lives, Mitigating Circumstances is not quite as good. Both books deal with a family dealing with the rape of a daughter and a marriage that's fallen apart, but Wagner's is just a little bit better.

Lily Forrester is an ADA who has just been made head of the Sex Crimes Division and sees her goal of becoming a judge within sight when her marriage finally unravels. Her daughter chooses to live with her father, but spends a fateful night at her mother's. The timing couldn't be worse, as a man who has been watching Lily is released from prison and stalks her to her new home and assaults mother and daughter.

Her own childhood abuse coupled with the horror of watching her own daughter raped drives Lily right over that vigilante line and she seeks justice outside the courtroom for the first time in her life. Now her career, her daughter, her marriage, her freedom, her sanity and her budding relationship with a fellow ADA are all on the line as one very good detective looks for answers.

The sex in this book tends toward graphic and violent and some of it is remarkably unnecessary, which wasn't too surprising since the main character works in Sex Crimes, but I did find a bit much now and then. Also a little off-putting was the sense that "all Latinos look alike", although that does get explained as "she wasn't wearing her glasses" - not a good excuse, but an excuse. On the funny side, Lily is a lawyer with a young teenage daughter who borrows her clothes, which would be fine if they weren't her WORK clothes! No teenage girl wants to dress like their lawyer mother, unless their lawyer mother dresses really unprofessionally.

All in all, kind of an average book that would have benefited greatly if Detective Cunningham had had a larger role and if John, Lily's husband had been an even remotely sympathetic character.

- AnnaLovesBooks
District Attorney Lily Forrester has recently been promoted to Chief of the Sex Crimes Unit. She is glad to get the appointment but it came at a high price. She is unhappy with her marriage and her relationship with her daughter is deteriorating day by day.
Lily decides to get a fresh start when she asks her husband for a divorce and move out to a new apartment. Her life is irrevocably changed when an intruder storms into her home and rapes both her and her daughter, Shana. Lily believes she recognizes her assailant as one of the case files she brought home from work. Without thinking it over she decides to go kill him. She tracks the suspect and shoots him dead without even flinching. She then erases all traces of evidence she can think of that might identify her. She will now try to continue her life and help her daughter.
Unfortunately, things do not go as planned. Both Lily and Shana are still traumatized by the events and they both disagree as to who raped them. Lily wonders if she has made a mistake now that there is a relentless cop investigating the case.
Nancy Taylor Rosenberg does a good job in applying what she knows in this novel. She has worked in law enforcement for many years and has dealt with sexual offenders. The victims and situations felt real as well as the emotional trauma Lily feels for her action. The novel reads like a Lifetime movie but it kept my interest.
Nancy Taylor Rosenberg's MITIGATING CIRCUMSTANCES may be a book that happened before its time. Well written and fast flowing Lily Forrester has worked her way up the ladder in the DA's office to Chief of the Sex Crimes Division. Then her world falls apart when her daughter turns against her and her husband begins to resent her sucess at her chosen career.
Written 20 years ago, the revenge Lily takes when her daughter is raped was unacceptable as the idea of a woman making her way in the DA's office. Things have changed rapidly in the world of fiction.
MITIGATING CIRCUMSTANCES is worthy of a second look, 20 years later.
Nash Black, author of SINS OF THE FATHERS.
I haven't read any good books lately (trying to decipher the monotony of Mary Higgins Clark, I suppose) and this book was lying around in my father's office, so I seized the moment and borrowed it. From the very beginning, this cross between John Grisham's "A Time To Kill" and Sandrs Brown's "Charade" captivates the audience and holds on for an entertaining, if somewhat predictable, ride. I recommend this to people who haven't had a good read and would like a fast-paced, realistic novel. Enjoy.
The author doesn't seem to know if she is writing a legal thriller or an adult or teen romance. Situations and characters are clichéd to the extreme which makes a disappointing novel. Dialogue that the Hallmark channel wouldn't air. Don't waste your time and avoid at all costs.
The first book that I ready by this author was Interest of Justice, which I loved, fast paced, not too descriptive, great writing style. So I thought that I would read all of her books. You would never know this book- Mitigating Cir. was by the same author. It starts off a little slow, gets going, then loses it's steam throughout most of the book. I got tired of reading page after page of what they were having for dinner, the item of clothing that the daughter borrowed, her boring conversations with her husband, blah blah blah. It didn't get good again until the last few pages where you will find out what happens to Lily. The plot was a good one, but the writing couldn't hold my interest. I hope her other books are better.