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by Nick Sullivan,Bill Pronzini

Audio book on five cassettes. Read by Nick Sullivan. New, never played. A "Nameless Detective" story by the 2008 Mystery Writers of America Grand Master.
Download Demons (Nameless Detective Mystery) epub
ISBN: 0792731697
ISBN13: 978-0792731696
Category: Mystery
Subcategory: Mystery
Author: Nick Sullivan,Bill Pronzini
Language: English
Publisher: Chivers Sound Library; Unabridged edition (March 31, 2004)
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Rating: 4.9
Votes: 591
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energy breath
Solid and well written detective mystery. His Nameless Detective series is just one killer read after another. This one is a stand-out, in an excellent series.

Nameless is sort of a misnomer; he has a name, it just never appears. And so; the Nameless Detective. Former cop. San Francisco and environs. Place seems familiar, and after a while so does he.

This one has a missing girl - a seductress with a line of captivated and dedicated men left behind. And an undercurrent of despair and problems for Nameless in his relationship with his younger girlfriend Kerry.

He is of the old school, and does not seem to wear the new ways and new changes in his world terribly well. But I like following along with his challenges, and hope to see him happier at some point, but that may be just be an idle hope...

Pronzini keeps throwing his Nameless creation a ton of curveballs. I'll keep reading as long as he keeps writing them.
I love "Nameless" --- and it a challenge for the writer not to use a name. I have followed the San Francisco detective through the twenty previous books. You really need to know the past history or background of the protagonist. There are many twist and surprises --- always a quick and entertaining read.
Demons is one of the best books in the Nameless Detective series. Those who have read the prior 21 books will be especially delighted with this one because it develops new variations on past themes that worked well in the books.
When Nameless says that he doesn't like domestic relations cases, he means it. We haven't seen anything much in that direction since Undercurrent . . . and that book is a terrific tale that would challenge any author to beat. But Demons seems to make the grade.
Kay Runyon is sure that her husband Victor has found a new love. She hires Nameless to find out who the new love is, so that she can have a woman-to-woman talk with her. If Kay had wanted Nameless to develop divorce evidence, he probably wouldn't have taken the case. From the beginning, the affair is odd. Victor leaves on many "business" trips, probably to be with her. He's also gone many evenings until late. But he seems strangely withdrawn. And Victor has started getting harassing telephone calls. An angry man tells him to stay away from Nedra. Kay thinks that Nedra must be Victor's paramour.
From that slim beginning, Nameless begins his search for Nedra. Along the way, he finds an amazing tale of a woman whose bewitching eyes seem to capture every man who looks into them . . . and turns them into sexually obsessed stalkers. Like males fighting for dominance in the wild, the stalkers fight one another for Nedra's affections . . . and Nedra doesn't care for any of them.
Who is this woman? Why are men so enchanted with her? Why does she ultimate reject so many of them? Nameless sets on a long and twisted search for those answers. Along the way, there's lots of unexpected danger . . . and personal revelations.
The case is made more difficult by Eberhardt remaining alienated from Nameless, and Kerry Wade ignoring Nameless. What's worse than being ignored is when a friend oversees Kerry having dinner with a good looking man and kissing him on the lips. Then, Kerry lies to cover up her date. Nameless is very worried, but cannot get Kerry to talk to him. What will he do?
More obsessed than ever with his work, Nameless becomes the focal point for all of the emotions that surround Nedra.
The solution echoes back to Shackles in a way that will delight fans of that very special book.
As I read the book, I was reminded of the Sirens from classical mythology whose songs lured sailors to the rocks and their deaths. Using Nedra's eyes as the attraction in this case also refers to Medusa. I was pleased to see that Mr. Pronzini decided to create a new reference to describe the power of attraction that women hold over men. There?s also a nice bit of symbolism in having Kay be an artist who uses dryer lint to create her works.
Don't get me wrong with my low-ball three star review of this Pronzini yarn. I am quickly turning into a huge Nameless Detective fan. For some reason I am finding myself working backwards through the series. This is not something I normally do; it's just that the order in which I am obtaining these books is a little unusual. What I am finding by doing this is that Pronzini has become with time more complicated and subtle with successive novels. Maybe he has a few early ones that rival his later works, but Demon's is not up to par with the work that he has published over the last few years.

My main complaint is that because Nameless has become so familiar with both the author and his reading public, that very little time is spent digging in and exploring Nameless here. So what is left is the protagonist battling with what might be his lady-friends infidelity and a mystery that is fairly predictable. What I love about Pronzini's later work is that I was always in awe of his misdirection and unique endings. But here, it was sort of obvious at least over what happened to Nedra, a missing woman.

Look, I hate to dissuade anyone from passing up the Nameless series. I think that it is one of the very best of dozens of series' that I have read. I can't say start with the first in this series cause I haven't read it yet. But I can say that if you give one of these books a shot, you will be pleased with your choice. At the very least, this book is great, though kind of predictable with a tried and true plot.
Along with "Shackles," I think this is a high point of the Nameless Detective series. The PI agrees to take on the kind of job he hates the most as a favor to a friend -- help a woman whose husband is having an affair. The husband's paramour, Nedra, is a seductress with whom he is completely obsessed. Eventually, Nedra goes missing -- and in her absence, the cheating husband goes off the deep end. This is a totally absorbing book, made even more so by the addition of personal problems in the detective's life (his longtime love, Kerry, appears to be having an affair of her own; his ex-partner, Eberhardt, continues giving Nameless the cold shoulder). I'm so grateful to Pronzini for continuing this series and really wish more people realized how great it is!