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by Susan Conant

Supporting her chef boyfriend as he works to get Simmer, his fledgling trendy restaurant up and running, Chloe Carter must take time out of her busy schedule when Leandra, an unpopular waitress at the restaurant, turns up murdered in a fish truck, in a mystery that comes complete with recipes. By the authors of Simmer Down and Steamed.
Download Turn Up the Heat (A Gourmet Girl Mystery) epub
ISBN: 042521947X
ISBN13: 978-0425219478
Category: Mystery
Subcategory: Mystery
Author: Susan Conant
Language: English
Publisher: Berkley Hardcover; 1 edition (March 4, 2008)
Pages: 288 pages
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Rating: 4.7
Votes: 101
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Another reviewer commented on the convoluted and dissatisfying ending to this installment in the heretofore enjoyable
Gourmet Girl Series and I completely agree.

As a cohesive mystery Turn Up The Heat fails from beginning to end.

Before Chloe discovers Leandra's body in her buddy's fish truck, she visits Simmers (her boy friend's restaurant) and finds the bar had not been properly cleaned the previous night and unused cocaine in lines in the women's restroom. Don't you think she might have mentioned the drugs and the disarray to the police? Or at lease to her boy friend Chef Josh who as head chef should know about it? These two items just disappear and are never addressed and there is also a red herring at the Memorial service when someone accidentally reads Chloe's study notes on Disfunctional Pathology that she is using to study for her finals in Social Work.

AS a long time cozy reader I assumed that one of the suspects thinks she is thinking of them as a suspect due to her diagnosis notes. But, no the reason that the killer struck is just dumb and the ending in general left a whole lot to be desired.

The other thing that bothered me about this book, was the attitude that "everybody steals" therefore it is OK. If this book is aimed at teenagers it is sure sending the wrong message. I worked for many years as a sales representative and can tell you that stealing happens--a lot, and often makes the difference between profitability and going under.
All 3 of my grown kids work in the restaurant business and acknowledge that much of the book is accurate, but that people who are caught stealing are fired and no one who wants to keep his job as head chef as Josh did would steal foodstuffs or turn a blind eye to employee theft--at least till they stole something that belonged to him instead of the restaurant--and keep his job.

Even worse was her best friend's filling her closet shelves with sheets, towels and other items she has stolen and worst of all is that when Chloe mentions this is wrong--it is her who is put down. Just an offensive message all the way around.

For the record, it is NOT OK TO STEAL!!!!

I was so disappointed with this book as the series has heretofore been lots of fun. I think I will take a long break before I dig the next book out of my massive tbrpile.
In this third installment of the Gourmet Girl series, Chloe is coming up on exams in her master's program in social work and is also stressed about how busy her boyfriend Josh has been at Simmer, where he is head chef. Her best friend is very hormonal from her pregnancy and planned marriage to Owen, who has given up his wayward ways and now has a "straight" job as a driver/account manager for a seafood distributor. When a waitress at Simmer ends up dead in the back of Owen's refrigerated truck, Chloe feels the need to clear Owen. The suspects are many and varied as the waitress, Leandra was disliked by most. Too make things even more complicated, the owner of Simmer who was involved with Leandra asks Chloe to make a memory book about Leandra, which is almost impossible to do, given her mean nature. Throw in some stolen property, a reputation for pranks among the staff, and possible financial issues at Simmer, and you have a recipe for a murder mystery for Chloe to figure out. Included at the end of the book are several recipes mentioned throughout the story. This was a lighthearted romp, with a fair amount of humor.
I liked the characters and storyline of this book. When a waitress is found dead in the back of a delivery truck it seems everyone who works at the restaurant are suspects. We see some of what happens with the cooks and wait staff getting everything ready for the day. Also there are some great recipes at the end of the book. What I didn't care for is the fact that everyone thinks its ok to steal from the restaurant.

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Good book series.
I have read 3 of the books from this series and have really enjoyed them all. The author makes them fun to read
Since I've read and enjoyed Susan Conant's books about dogs, I thought I'd give her daughter's books a try. The first 2 were ok, but this one is not. The ending was very weak, almost as if they came to the end and forgot they needed a murderer. It felt as if they just picked one out of the list of characters and invented a motive.

Worse, however, was the casual acceptance of theft. It turns out Chloe's boyfriend and all his friends are stealing everything they can get their hands on from the restaurant: food, liquor, equipment, etc. They alibi this by the "everybody's doing it" excuse. One of the staff returns the things she stole only because they were the personal property of the chef not the owner. Apparently, it would be ok if it belonged to the owner. In addition, Chloe's best friend has a closet full of high quality sheets and towels she's been stealing from hotels whenever she vacations. She makes Chloe feel like a fool because she isn't stealing all the time, too. Chloe shrugs it off with the usual "I guess everybody is doing it" excuse. All in all, a thoroughly unlikable group of characters. Since one of the authors has a husband who is a chef, she better hope his boss never reads this book. Otherwise, he may take a closer look at what's going on in the kitchen. It's a wonder any restaurant stays in business if "everybody really is doing it". The only way I'll read another of these books would be if it starts with Chloe getting a whole new group of friends, because all her old ones are in jail for theft.