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by Rosemary Harris

“A smart, engaging heroine who isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty—literally.”- Brian Freeman, author of StalkedA hit with mystery lovers and gardening fans nationwide, Pushing Up Daisies introduced Paula Holliday, ex-NYC media exec turned Connecticut gardener, in Rosemary Harris’s celebrated series debut. Now in The Big Dirt Nap, Paula is back in a second scent-sational thriller.Something stinks to Paula Holliday, and it isn’t just the corpse flower, titan arum, named for its off-putting fragrance. When Paula’s friend Lucy asks her to tag along on an all-expense-paid junket to the Titans Hotel, it seems like a good idea. Paula even manages to squeeze a few bucks and a byline out of the local paper for writing an article on the titan arum, a rare flower that’s just about to bloom and on display at the hotel.But when her friend is unavoidably detained, a would-be suitor is found with a gaping hole in his head, and the corpse flower refuses to bloom, the entire venture starts to seem like less of a good idea.Brimming with wit and wisecracks, The Big Dirt Nap is sure to win rising mystery star Rosemary Harris a whole new slew of ardent fans.
Download The Big Dirt Nap: A Dirty Business Mystery (Dirty Business Mysteries) epub
ISBN: 0312369689
ISBN13: 978-0312369682
Category: Mystery
Subcategory: Mystery
Author: Rosemary Harris
Language: English
Publisher: Minotaur Books; 1 edition (February 17, 2009)
Pages: 256 pages
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Rating: 4.8
Votes: 500
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Rosemary Harris has done it again. After her debut last year, the second installment in her Dirty Business Mystery series definitely does not disappoint. From page one it is a nonstop feast of wit, humor, and of course mystery - a whodunnit without any lulls that starts out strong, keeps going at a brisk pace, and delivers an exciting ending, all without ever taking itself too seriously. The Big Dirt Nap is a real treat and I can't wait for number three.
Bad Sunny
Good book. This is an interesting series.
Enjoyable read but not as good as the first book.
Rosemary Harris has done it again in her latest mystery featuring engaging heroine Paula Holliday, who cracks wise and solves another plant-related crime in a fast-pasted story that's sure to entertain both those with, and without, green thumbs. Can't wait for Paula's next "Dirty Business" adventure!
Paula Holliday's friend Lucy has invited her for an all-expense-paid trip to the Titans Hotel. Lucy is there to do an investigative story on the hotel and Paula, who owns Dirty Business gardening and landscape company, is there to see the famed corpse flower on display at the hotel.

Shortly after Paula arrives she runs into Nick Vigoriti. A good looking ladies man who refuses to accept the brush off and doggedly tries to pick her up. Next thing you know the police are knocking on Paula's door because Nick is dead. And worse yet, Lucy is missing. Somehow the two are tied together but when the police refuse to investigate the disappearance Paula starts asking questions that make people nervous.

Judging a book by the cover is supposed to be a no-no but I did and I was not all that excited about reading this book. Boy was I mistaken. This book is hilarious. Paula cracked me up from the opening line to the very end.

I'll share my favorite scene so you get an idea... With both Paula and Lucy in full Goth make up (don't ask LOL) they scare the heck out of a convenience store clerk. Paula then terrifies him further when she calls him by name.

"Chill. You name's on your shirt." I peeled off a few dollars,
then hurried Lucy out of the store, but not before sticking my
head back in and telling the frightened clerk to have a nice day.

The book is filled with those kinds of witty interactions and I couldn't get enough. The characters are well described that I could easily picture each and every one. This was the second book in the Dirty Business mystery series and it stands alone as I have not yet read book one, Pushing Up Daisies, which is now on my wish list. I highly recommend this one to all cozy mystery lovers.
adventure time
There is only one flower in the second novel, The Big Dirt Nap, by Rosemary Harris--a corpse flower! It had gotten the name by its smell... When the police find Paula Holliday's business card in the pocket of a corpse and she explains that she is just here to do an article on the titan arum on display at the hotel, Detective Winters quips, "This should be right up your alley. You're in a dirty business and he's taking the big dirt nap." (p.16)

Paula Holliday was retching at the time...

Nick Vigoriti had maybe, sorta, kinda hit on Paula earlier in the bar. But when she had given him her card and explained about the flower, he realized that she wasn't the woman he was scheduled to meet. But he did provide information about the Titans Hotel owners when Paula mentioned that she may have a buyer for the flower.

Paula's friend, Lucy Cavanaugh was that individual, but neither Nick or Paula knew that at the time. Nick had been killed--execution style. And soon Paula realized that Lucy was not coming to spend the long weekend with her as they had planned. The article gig had been added by Paula to help pay the incidental expenses, since this was supposed to be an all-expense trip!

Paula didn't know whether to be angry or worried about Lucy. She had been known to take little side trips if she had met somebody, male, that is, interesting along the way. But when Paula began to receive text messages about 2 men, duct tape... Paula was at least nervous enough to start asking questions. Soon all the employees knew Paula and she met the young student who was daily taking care of the corpse flower, so was able to learn details of the pollination for her article.

Soon she had learned that the hotel owners were looking for a new partner to help get back on sound financial ground and that a Chinese investor was looking over the place. Obviously having a murder occur was not something that anybody was willing to talk about.

They were, however, quite willing to discuss what was happening in the background, between several groups who were trying to get authorization to open an Indian-owned casino! Was Nick Vigoriti killed because he was involved with those dealings?

As Paula interviewed and gathered clues to find out about Lucy, she received another text and was able to find her--only to be followed by several men who had earlier been following Paula!

This cozy is much more a whodunit with mystery that keeps readers involved as Paula, Babe and Lucy get in and out of trouble or save each other! Babe is the owner or a bar back in their home town, but she comes racing to the rescue when Paula calls! I'm trying to decide whether I like the cozy atmosphere or the whodunit I think I'll go on reading to see what her next book presents! Dead Head is next, but, in my opinion, I still recommend you start with Pushing Up Daisies and The Big Dirt Nap--you can't go wrong reading this series!

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