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by Lesley Cookman

The ninth title in the Libby Sarjeant series. Libby Sarjeant and her partner Ben are hosting a Writers' Weekend at Ben's family home, The Manor. Surely, nothing can go wrong? But when a strange body turns up in the grounds, it appears that more than one of the delegates could have murderous intentions - and not only on paper!A compelling series where each book leaves you satisfied but also eagerly waiting for the next one.
Download Murder at the Manor (The Libby Serjeant Murder Mysteries) epub
ISBN: 190819202X
ISBN13: 978-1908192028
Category: Mystery
Subcategory: Mystery
Author: Lesley Cookman
Language: English
Publisher: Accent Press Ltd (March 7, 2012)
Pages: 352 pages
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Rating: 4.5
Votes: 450
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This previously published series is being offered at very attractive prices, a good reason to see if it is congenial to your tastes. Most seem to be at a buck, with this and one or two others at nothing. Can't beat it. This one seems to lie somewhere beyond the beginning of the line, which raises the question of whether it is typical. We are given two heroines, both married, who have somehow previously earned so great an esteem from a Scotland Yard Inspector, that he freely shares much, though not all, knowledge of a case, with them. Further, he not only allows, but encourage them, to become near-equal participants with fellow police officers, to the extent that certain relevant tasks are assigned to them. One of the pair, has apparently persuaded the Inspector (in previous books) that her "visions" or "intimations" are valid clues to what might have happened at crime scenes and in other venues. (In this book, the author restricts her to only a dim "feeling", with relevance to forthcoming events, although the Inspector does make phone inquiry of her friend as to whether she has had any recent flashes for him). About all one can tell about the husbands (or live-in mates) is that they do exist, their role, apparently, being to offer moral support and to have provided some, probably irrelevant aid in siring the children (who are not to be found on the scene). The two are prime competition in nosiness and intrusiveness in other people's lives, with any individual or pair that the cozy mystery literature has to offer. They are ultra-modern, their mobile (American-cell) phones are always at the ready for speech or texting which is no hindrance to their willingness to go anywhere at any time to infringe on the lives of other people in whom they have an interest of any kind. They can talk, talk, talk, whether on the phone or in person, they seem to gabble away constantly. Introspective consideration seems to take moments only for either one, then back to the interpersonal verbal exchange. Aside from from these traits, they seem amenable enough, save when they perceive any violation of what, in the United States, is called "political correctness". Physical retaliation for an uncalled-for remark is sufficient cause for physical (and illegal) violence.
The plot is simply stated although the path to nabbing the evil doer is filled with twists and turns. One of the heroines mates runs a sort of home-like meeting place for his widowed mother (who does the cooking). The couple manage the place which is on its maiden voyage with a gathering of wannabe authors come to be tutored by a successful writer to whom they say they grew attached in a previous, more formal, gathering.
The wife of the successful author is found dead the first night, having apparently registered for the meeting under an assumed name. Who dun it?
I should say that the regular reader of cozy Kindle mysteries, in which group I would number myself, should take a look at this book, in order to answer the question, do I want to buy and read more of these, while they are priced so favorably.My answer, as I have suggested, is to hedge my bets, take the two (or, perhaps, three) free books, and read them to make up my mind as whether to acquire the others before the price rises. They show promise, this book might be a little below the average for the series, or, naturally, at the norm or above it. I do not regret the time spent to read the book in its entirety but cannot give it an unqualified positive recommendation.
I always enjoy Lesley Cookman's novels in the Libby Sarjeant series, and this has been one of the best. The writers' weekend reunion brought out the petty insecurities and sense of rivalry that pervades such types of reunions. I enjoyed the expansion of setting into wonderful historic Dorset. The plot has all the usual whodunit qualities with lots of unexpected twists and turns. This book was particularly effective in surprising the reader with a murderer who was least expected. Lesley Cookman is fast becoming the Agatha Christie of the 21st Century with her cosy English village settings and range of village characters who are likeable despite their foibles. The Libby Sargeant books are perfect for cosy reading by the fire or in bed at night.
Copied from my review of the first book in the series "Murder at Steeple Martin" - but I read all 10 books in a row, so in my head they're more like one long story (yeah, I like to watch TV show marathons too).

If you're a fan of cozy mysteries, this is a great series to pick up - especially on their current sale price! I read the entire series straight through, and for the most part really enjoyed it. I'm a fan of English murder mysteries (recently discovered "Midsomer Mysteries" on TV and have been in heaven), and this is a great contribution to the genre.

The characters were relatable, dimensioned, and the heroines try their best to avoid Nancy Drew (or Miss Marple on that side of the pond) syndrome - their insistence that people should go talk to the police because they'll get there first anyway. Very refreshing :)

I hope there are more books coming!
One of the better Libby Sarjeant books. This time murderer strikes close to home - the Manor belonging to her live-in companion's family that has been transformed into a venue for seminars and symposiums. The first of these is a writer's conference for aspiring authors. Unfortunately the program is altered when the body of the wife of a well known participating writer is discovered on the property. In addition to the local police, the Special Branch of Scotland Yard are called in leaving little leeway for Libby and Fran to conduct their own investigation. Was the murder an act of jealousy, national security or bad luck? After many false starts, Libby and Fran stubble their way through and discover the truth. Like all Libby Sajeant books, this one is filled with atmosphere, suspense and the warm and friendly characters that make up the cast of Ms. Cookman's books.
Another great installment in this series. I liked that the main characters traveled further from home. This time I did not figure out who the killer was.
I always enjoy the Libby Sarjeant books and this one is particularly good! Libby and Fran always find out whodunnit and they always have such a good time along the way. I recommend this book and this series! They are always clever and fun to read!
Light cozy mystery. I bought the whisper sync. (I try to do that when it's cheap). The narrator was good, except when she "did" Libby's voice. Too shrill, grating. It's usually the voice that I associate with a lesser character--usually the nosy neighbor.
I do not like to criticize anyone's literary work because I certainly could not write an entertaining book. This one, though, seemed dull and had more words than needed. I found my mind drifting onto other subjects while reading; it did not engage me. I have read and enjoyed other Libby Sarjeant mysteries but this one just did not do it for me.