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by Kathy Reichs

Forensic anthropologist Temperance Brennan examines the bodies of three babies while Detective Ryan investigates their mother in a case with ties to the high-stakes world of diamond mining.
Download Bones Are Forever (Wheeler Publishing Large Print Hardcover) epub
ISBN: 1410451186
ISBN13: 978-1410451187
Category: Mystery
Subcategory: Mystery
Author: Kathy Reichs
Language: English
Publisher: Wheeler Publishing; Large Print edition (September 5, 2012)
Pages: 483 pages
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Rating: 4.6
Votes: 666
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Although I'm a fan of the Tempe Brennan books, I was disappointed with "Bones Are Forever". There was less of the forensic and police procedural details that I enjoy, and too much (for me) uninteresting facts on diamond formation and mining. The plot seemed contrived and unrealistic. The investigation was chaotic and jumped all over the place, both in locality and facts. In most of the prior books of this series, the author provided rich detail - historical facts, investigative techniques and progress on the case, but this time, the long and overly-detailed info on diamonds was overkill.

Detective Andrew Ryan was involved in the investigation of the deaths of four infants, along with a Royal Canadian Mountie that Tempe had a brief affair with when they were both at the FBI training facility, Quantico. But, there was no real connection between Tempe and Dr. Ryan, and very few words of a personal nature between them. Additionally, Tempe barely acted in a civil manner toward Mountie Ollie Hasty.

I was waiting for Ms. Reichs' usual lush plot to lure me into the mystery, but it never happened for me. There was a Keystone Cops feel to Ryan and Brennan's behavior and too many supporting characters and convoluted theories crowding the story.

There was no advance of a personal relationship between Dr. Brennan and anyone, except for a few sentences spoken between Tempe and Detective Ryan, signifying nothing.

So, I was disappointed ...... and bored.
This book misses the mark. Like other reviewers I found myself wondering if this was Reichs' work. The story bounces between hard to read (four dead infants) and boring (tedious descriptions of diamond mining). Reichs usually builds a 'can't put down plot' with forensic details and surrounds it with an interesting mystery. These elements are missing here, as are the elements of Brennan's personal life that make this a cohesive series. Even long time fans of the series can skip this and miss nothing. Not recommended.
I've been a long-time fan of “Bones” on TV. I've seen Kathy Reichs mentioned as the author of the books on which the series was based. I hadn't realized she also writes some of the scripts.

The Temperance of the TV series is as different from the original as night and day. In the books she's also a forensic anthropologist, but she works in Canada and North Carolina. She also has several ex-boyfriends. One of them, Detective Ryan, is a major player in BONES ARE FOREVER. The TV Temperance would never let a man know she cares about him, unless he's Booth. The original can't seem to help herself. She's also not as vain and conceited. Some might say Temperance, the TV character, is only stating a fact, but she is somewhat off-putting.

Unforgivably there are no “Squints” in BONES ARE FOREVER. Love them. The original character is also more willing to get out into the field on her own. I don't remember her being in the field without Booth, the FBI agent, in the TV series.

This book is about dead babies. A woman turns up at a hospital, bleeding from her nether regions. She's obviously just had a baby, but when Temperance has been called in to offer her expertise on a dead baby, and she and the detective identify the woman, who has several aliases, as the mother. A forensic test reveals she may be Native America. During the investigation they find two more dead babies traced to the same woman. She has a record as a prostitute.

The story then moves to Edmonton, where Ryan and Temperance team up with a sergeant in the RCMP; there's sexual tension between Temperance and Ollie, too. And they find another dead baby.

The plot then takes a twist. Adults are turning up dead, including relatives of the prostitute. And the whole thing involves diamond mining. I didn't even know there were diamonds in Canada, the Northwest Territory, specifically.

There's no doubt there's more characterization in the TV series, and minor characters “The Squints” and other lab technicians play a much larger role. The Reichs series is much more traditional mystery series, except for the main character's occupation, which Reichs also claims.
This book began as a search for a victim. Dr. Brennan is in Canada in this version along with Detective Ryan and Sgt. Ollie Hasty. A woman is missing. The search for her increases tempo when the woman appears to leave a trail of bodies behind her.

Temperance travels to the Northwest Territories and finds there are many victims, along with many killers. Is the woman a victim or a cold-blooded killer or can the two be mixed?

This was a hard book to read in that your emotions definitely gets tugged. Ms. Reichs' abilities as a story teller were at their usual quality which kept me turning the pages.

A murder mystery to read indeed. Don't forget the Diamonds....
I am normally a died-in-the-wool Kathy Reichs fan. Loved all of her books, until this one, and love "Bones." THIS BOOK, however is beyond terrible! I don't know what she was thinking or doing...fulfilling a contractual obligation perhaps? I read the terrible reviews before I bought this book and probably should have paid more attention before donating my eleven bucks to her. Page after page, paragraph after paragraph of useless filler. Hell, I think I could be a certified CAT scan tech by the time she finished describing one. The problem with Ryan and Ollie? Does it have to be described and re-described over and over. We get it, Kathy. They don't like each other. Yes, this is a terrible subject but Lordy, does she have to make it even worse by describing, again in damn near microscopic detail, the remains? I won't finish this book and my money is gone. For this I, as a fan, am terribly sorry I wasted my hard earned cash and completely angry with Ms. Reichs for even allowing this piece of (insert your favorite noun here) to be published. Please, don't waste your money on this effort.