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by Archer Mayor

Download The Skeleton's Knee epub
ISBN: 0786202270
ISBN13: 978-0786202270
Category: Mystery
Subcategory: Mystery
Author: Archer Mayor
Language: English
Publisher: Thorndike Pr (May 1, 1994)
Pages: 553 pages
ePUB size: 1487 kb
FB2 size: 1714 kb
Rating: 4.7
Votes: 691
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Archer Mayor walks the walk and talks the talk of small town law enforcement. As an assistant medical examiner (among other things) in real life the author of this series brings a level of knowledge and direct experience with the places, the problems and the people of small town New England unmatched by anyone I know of. The region and its towns are characters as much as the people are, and his roots in New England inform his work as much as any of the great Southern writers are informed by theirs. On the advice of friends who have been fans much longer than I, I started at the beginning to catch the arc of character development which is part of the charm and the intrigue of these stories. It's no stretch for me to compare Mayor's oeuvre to Patrick Obrian, for example. The Aubrey-Maturin series is described by some as the longest novel in the language. Joe Gunther and his pals at the Brattleboro cop shop are now up to something like 34 volumes. Each one takes up soon after the previous adventure and we see this small group of quirky, tough, smart, and occasionally all too human detectives chase the bad guys to ground. As police procedurals they are meticulously accurate, and the medical stuff is really well done. The lawyers are well drawn and recognizable as part of the breed. His female characters are as tough and smart as any character and more so than some. I'm up to # 6 at this point and have enjoyed every one. The ensemble cast is large and diverse enough to give real richness to the fabric of the story. Mayor doesn't deliver the snappy-snarky dialogue of Spencer, but it would be great to sit over a beer with Joe Gunther, Harry Bosch and what'shisname Wallander and hear them swap stories. They are three of a kind.
HCB in Vermont
The fourth installment of the Joe Gunther series has a tantalizing start - a man brought to the hospital with paralysis dies suddenly. Beth Hillstrom, medical examiner and Gunther friend, calls to say he died of an aneurysm caused by a bullet wound now nearly twenty years old. The resulting investigation unearths a decades old skeleton with a bullet wound and no identity. Transporting the skeleton becomes treacherous when the caravan is fired upon.

Gunther follows the investigation to Chicago where he is a real fish out of water. The small state boy struggles in the big city but manages to move the case forward toward mob ties and hippie influences. He finally runs afoul of the Chicago PD and is asked (told) to leave. But the case is really back in Vermont.

The case starts as an interesting puzzle and Gunther is worth the time, Mayor could have shortened the book by a hundred pages.

Just okay.
This is an early and very strong entry into the series of police procedurals featuring Joe Gunther. The story begins with Gunther receiving a call from the medical examiner informing him that the ultimate cause of death of a recently deceased man was a bullet wound received many years before. The mysteries proliferate. The victim, who lived like a hermit, had first resisted treatment by emergency personnel, but then had let himself be taken to a hospital where he paid for his treatment in cash before dying. What begins as an intriguing cold case, heats up in the course of an interesting, complex investigation. Later, there is a unfortunate bit of the more or less mandatory criminal as superman, but otherwise this is fascinating and thoroughly enjoyable mystery.
I am so hooked on the Joe Gunther character. (Living in and traveling the state VT for work for 10 years doesn't hurt.) I can visualize all the places that come into play.

However this one took a twist. Basic story: Old grave dug up in Brattleboro. CSI Time - it's murder.
In workingf the case Joe finds it starts in Chicago and goes there to investigate. This time his side kick is a Chicago detective 3 months from retirement.

It goes from there so sit back and enjoy the ride. Wood chuck Joe in Chi town's enormity.

The basic pattern is there. He is peeling the onion to find out what happend upsetting the apple cart alonmg the way.But he does it in such a way that you just don't want to close your Kindle.
Another fantastic installment in the series! All the characters are solid and I feel like I know them well. If anything, I grow more fond of Gunther with each book. How does he get into such crazy cases?!? He's stubborn, persistent and determined...all great characteristics of a super detective. So when a dead body is found buried at the home of a reclusive man who just passed away...and when that body has an artificial knee dating from 1969, well there's a big mystery just dying to be solved. This was a great adventure through time.
Lieutenant Joe Gunther starts with a baffling case of a man who dies of a gunshot wound that is 25 years old. While searching for a weapon, his team uncovers a skeleton of yet another murder victim, this time one with an artificial knee. The quest to put a name to the bones and a connection to the first murder sends Joe to Chicago, back to Brattleboro, and on to the Northeast Kingdom. This mystery kept me captivated and guessing right up to the end, just the way I like it!
fantastic! I could not stop reading once the action switched to Chicago. The story got better and better. The characters were the best yet, I could see all of them from the vivid description by Mayor. I am about to start the seventh book and it is almost midnight. I have already bought 15 books by Mayor and plan to buy more.
An intriguing premise -- trying to identify a 20-year old skeleton based on survival of the artificial knee. The plot takes a few twists, and there are some interesting characters along the way. There was enough action and suspense to keep things moving -- and also enough curiosity as to how the pieces would finally fit together. This is my first Joe Gunther mystery, and I enjoyed it enough to probably read some others in the same series. It doesn't come up to Michael Connelly's works, but it's good enough to keep you reading and provide a respite from the world.