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by Peter Robinson

Chief Inspector Alan Banks faces his most personal case from New York Times bestselling author Peter Robinson.

A bullet to the brain abruptly halted a terrified young woman's desperate flight. In her pocket is the name of a policeman whose own life was brutally invaded, mercilessly shaken, and very nearly erased—a policeman who has since gone missing.

The dead woman in the car had been running from something—but she didn't run far or fast enough. Detective Inspector Annie Cabbot would like to question the man the victim was apparently racing to meet: Annie's superior—and former lover—Detective Chief Inspector Alan Banks. But Banks has vanished into the anonymous chaos of the city, drawn into a mad whirl of greed, inhumanity, and death, by a frantic phone call from the brother he no longer knows. Banks is unaware that the threads connecting a sinister kidnapping with a savage slaying are as thick as rope . . . and long enough for a haunted and broken rogue cop to hang himself.

One of his most, clever, twisting thrillers, Strange Affair attests once again why readers love and can’t get enough of Peter Robinson’s novels of suspense.


Download Strange Affair :The New Inspector Banks Novel epub
ISBN: 033398935X
ISBN13: 978-0333989357
Category: Mystery
Subcategory: Mystery
Author: Peter Robinson
Language: English
Publisher: Macmillan (2005)
Pages: 464 pages
ePUB size: 1661 kb
FB2 size: 1583 kb
Rating: 4.7
Votes: 275
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What a great mystery! I bought this book a long time ago and somehow lost track of it in my Kindle collection. There I was, book-less on a cold winter's night!

So happy I re-discovered this book and delved into Inspector Alan Banks. Now I'm on a tear to catch up on every book.

This book, deep into the series, was still a good starting place. Enough back story was provided to make me feel like I hit the ground running with these characters.

The people are full fleshed out, no missing parts and no generalities. Each one of them brings something special to the party. In this case, it happens to be family dynamics at play. Nothing is more complex than that. I loved following the search for his brother's killer and the entire unfolding of that story. What a page turner.

Any mystery fan--especially a fan of British police stories--should enjoy Inspector Banks. (Spoken from an American point of view!)
This is a very strong entry in a strong series. DCI Banks is not close to his brother Roy, who is a successful, but dodgy business man. Banks is surprised to find a telephone message from Roy asking for help in what may be a life or death matter. Banks cannot reach Roy and goes to London where he discovers Roy is missing. In the meantime, on Banks's home patch in Yorkshire a murdered young woman is found on a lonely road. Strangely, in one of the victim's pockets is found the DCI's home address. Two investigations begin and eventually merge and lead to a shocking conclusion.
I really enjoy this series, actually on the third read through of them. But this book in particular solidifies why I do not like the Annie character. Banks would do well to never talk to her again. *Spoiler: when she is upset with him because he wasn’t there for her after HE almost died: “but you should have been there for me and you weren’t. I was hurting as much as you, if not more.” This was when I went off her completely(after never really being a fan of Annie’s). Really? Banks should have been there for her even though he kept trying to tell her there was something wrong with Phil and she got all huffy? And even asks why did you abandon me? If it wasn’t for her character I would enjoy these books even more than I already do
Just when you think that all of the truly intriguing plot lines have been taken, along comes Peter Robinson. "Strange Affair" left me a little breathless and full of admiration for Robinson's ability to weave a complex story around the brittle and edgy Chief Inspector Alan Banks and his sometimes love interest Detective Inspector Annie Cabbot. In reading fiction, I get really tired of babysitting flawed characters who are written with the expressed desire to add quirkiness, but Banks and Cabbot are not gratuitously damaged and they make bad decisions that seem logical in the light of how humans are wired. In this case, a beautiful young woman is found in her car on a deserted stretch of road with a bullet in her brain and Alan Banks' address in her pant pocket. Is this murder tied to two other similar murders in the same region? And why in heavens name does she have Banks' address on her person? The answer won't be forthcoming because Banks is on holiday in pursuit of his own demons, namely an estranged brother who has left a desperate message asking for help and then disappeared. This journey takes Banks to London and submerges him in the shadowy and unexpected world of his brother's business dealings and situations where he has no authority and no backup. While Banks is trolling the underbelly of London's stock speculators and arms merchants, Cabbot is following the trail of the dead girl back to London and trying to reach Banks through his relatives before an official APB must be issued to find him for an explanation of his connection to the dead girl. The clock is running and Robinson does a masterful job of weaving the parallel stories as they get closer and closer to each other and then collide with a tremendous crash. This is something like the 15th book in this series and it is well worth it to go back to the beginning. My favorite was "In a Dry Season", which sported one of the most unique plot lines I can ever remember. The one to avoid is Robinson's first book entitled "The First Cut". It is completely original but a little unbelievable and not nearly as well written as his subsequent work.
I have been working my way through the Inspector Banks series by Peter Robinson. It has not been easy to find and read them in order. Publication dates often are listed for the US printing instead of the original date and it is important to me to read about not just the crime, but the stage of life through which Inspector Banks is passing. Here is another close look at him just after a crucial time in his life. The links between crimes are deftly handled and yet there are surprises until the end.
Congratulations to an author who has a believable everyman hero and yet an author who writes beautiful descriptions of the good, the bad and the frightening.
I am still quite a few volumes away from Robinson's most recent publications and I look forward to every book up until and including the most recent one. I have purchased (some in print, some in Kindle versions) as many as I can find and they sit in order....waiting.
Mystery Fan
The story was okay, but the copy editing and the kindle production was terrible. There were lots of random characters (print characters, not people), and on more than one occasion names were mixed up within a sentence. The author's work was good, but the work of the publisher was disappointing.