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by Susan Frances Dunham

What would you do if your child suffered with something so severe it affected every aspect of his life? Susie Dunham, Midwestern mom and former nurse, never suspected her son Michael was anything but a typical college student with big dreams until he developed schizophrenia shortly after his 21st birthday. The Dunham family quickly becomes immersed in the nightmare world of mental illness in America: psychiatric wards, a seemingly indifferent nursing staff, and the trial-and-error world of psychotropic meds. Michael's ultimate recovery and remission comes with plenty of traumatic incidents involving both ignorance and stigma, but his courage and quest for dignity will inspire all readers. "Susie Dunham's heroic, heart-rending story is a beacon of light in the darkness of insanity. It shows that recovery is hard-won but possible for people who develop schizophrenia, despite a media that sensationalizes them, a society that shuns them, and a dysfunctional mental healthcare system that fails them miserably." --Patrick Tracey, author of Stalking Irish Madness: Searching for the Roots of My Family's Schizophrenia "Every person in a leadership position needs to take the time to read this moving story of triumph over adversity." --State Representative John Adams, Ohio House Minority Whip "The fact that Michael bravely fought this disease, picked up the pieces and moved beyond it, should give others hope that one day schizophrenia will be seen as a treatable disease with no stigma attached." --Sharon Goldberg, News & Reviews Editor,"NYC Voices": A Journal for Mental Health Advocacy "Beyond Schizophrenia: Michael's Journey is a book that I couldn't put down. The story of Michael's parents Susie and Mark who support their son both in good times and bad really touched me. I really like the way the symptoms of schizophrenia are explained clearly." --Bill MacPhee, Founder/CEO of SZ Magazine Also available in trade paperback and eBook editions Learn more at From the Reflections of America Series at Modern History Press PSY022050 Psychology : Psychopathology - Schizophrenia BIO026000 Biography & Autobiography / Personal Memoirs MED105000 Medical / Psychiatry / General
Download Beyond Schizophrenia: Michael's Journey (Reflections of America) epub
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Author: Susan Frances Dunham
Language: English
Publisher: Modern History Press (December 13, 2010)
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Susie and Michael Dunham are extremely brave in their willingness to confront most dreaded disease of mental illness with realism and immediate appropriation of medical help. Though devastated to realize that her happy, intelligent, well balanced son was afflicted with the mind crippling disease of schizophrenia, Susie did not stick her head in the sand but instead persevered in an exhausting, soul wrenching battle to restore health.

Having observed crisis of untreated mental illness in my family, I believe Mike was blessed with dedicated, loving parents who saved him a lot of terrible suffering.

Susie did not rely solely on her own efforts .She tackled this tragedy by educating herself and talking openly about her son's experience with the falsely stereotyped brain disorder of schizophrenia. She asked everyone she knew to pray for Mike, keeping them posted on progress which eventually led to restored health.

I believe God's mighty hand is upon Susie, bringing forth an enlightening, encouraging drama which the world desperately needs to expose the truth about mental illness and hope for recovery. I pray this book becomes a bestseller which has a place in every health care forum.
Steel balls
Having known Susie and the entire Ralph family as well as having had the opportunity to meet Michael during his unbelievable recovery, this book had a very special meaning. As close as I was to many of the events described here (from afar) I was totally uninformed about this disease that the struggles that the Dunham's had to deal with for so long. Without the unconditional love of Michael by Susie and Mark along with the grandparents, uncles and aunts plus the thousands of people that had Michael included in their prayers, the good outcome in this wonderful young man's life may not have come about. Susie may be the youngest of the Ralph clan, but to me, she is the toughest of them all and that is saying something! She brings to light not only the story of schizophrenia but the stigma associated with all mental illnesses which are mostly caused my chemical imbalances. This story is an excellent education for all people and should be on everyone's required reading list. Susie is a prime example that as parents, we are the only true advocates for our children.
Richard Winstead
I cried my eyes out, happy and sad tears. Now I don't feel so alone and scared for my son, 28, recently diagnosed. I hope this book reaches those who need to know, they too are not alone. Thank you Michael for being so brave and a role model for those currently suffering. God bless.
Perhaps Michael has taken a remarkable journey, but this book fails to explain it. Details of Michael's life and schizophrenia are beyond sparse, while the author's dull reflections on her own struggles are exhaustive. Before offering any insight on who Michael is--beyond platitudinous descriptions of his sparkly eyes and bright personality--the reader is told that one day Michael lost his mind and was mentally gone.

After reading this book I felt heartily ripped off. What here is "beyond schizophrenia?" Did Michael have anything to say about his "journey?" This book doesn't educate, it's poorly written, and the title seems like a ploy to attract readers to an irrelevant diary. It's expensive, also. Save your money and get any other book about schizophrenia, told from the perspective of either the sufferer or a family member. It will be better!
Did you know that only 1 percent of the population worldwide suffers from schizophrenia? Statistically, 15 percent of people who get schizophrenia mostly of suicide? To read of Michael and his journey to fight his disease is uplifting. Did he get diagnosed right away? No. Did he get 100 percent cured? No. So why read this book? It will move you and give hope. The journey is real as you will feel it while reading it. Mental illnesses are a dark disease but this book is an inspiring memoir. @ Jackie Paulson
Susie Dunham is very brave for sharing her family's story with the world in this non-fiction book, "Beyond Schizophrenia: Michael's Journey." I found this book hard to put down once I began reading it - it was very engrossing and personal. Prior to reading this book, I did have some knowledge about Schizophrenia, which is part of the reason I chose to read the book. Reading the book did give me more information about it, but also gave me more insight into what it is lilke to have a family member who has this terrible disease.

I gave this book four stars, not five, because I felt it could have been improved by sharing more about what Michael's father was feeling and going through during the journey. I found myself wondering about him while I was reading the book, and it was distracting to me.

Over all, this was a very good book, which I read in one day. I felt bad for Michael and his family, and was hoping the best for them throughout the book, and even after I finished reading it. This book is appropriate for teenagers and adults, and would be a good read for anyone who works with or near those with mental illnesses.

Christine Fenton
Mrs. Dunham's book is a very powerful and insightful look into how the schizophrenia journey begins and progresses how the heartache effects the family when dealing with their loved one. Thank you Susie Dunham for sharing Michael's story with us and may God Bless your family.