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by Peggy Munson

Develop a better understanding of what CFS/CFIDS sufferers are going through!In the 1980s, a strange emerging epidemic baffled doctors in Incline Village, Nevada. Dismissed by the media as “The Yuppie Flu,” Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome (CFIDS) turned out to be neither a faddish disease of the wealthy nor a passing trend, but rather a growing worldwide epidemic of devastating proportions.In the voices of a South African journalist, a former marathon runner, a teenage girl, a public health activist living on the edge of race and gender, a cancer patient neglected by doctors because of disdain for her chronic illness, and a theologian relearning the art of spiritual empathy, the people who share their stories in Stricken: Voices from the Hidden Epidemic of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome defy cultural stereotypes and explore the complex social and political dynamics of this hidden epidemic. Through their distinct points of view, we feel the grief and hope of those stricken with CFIDS and learn of the complex nature of this misunderstood disorder. These are compelling stories about a quiet and baffling epidemic. The first American anthology to contain stories from a diverse range of people with CFIDS, Stricken offers an intimate look at the political and social issues surrounding CFIDS, as told by those who are living through this ordeal. Stricken addresses several issues, such as: why some doctors still do not believe CFIDS is real how the disease is mocked in the media myths about this illness the personal fight for medical or public recognition the skepticism and hope that is felt by the ever-growing number of CFIDS sufferers Stricken confronts fascinating CFIDS issues such as the Kevorkian suicides, accusations of Munchausen Syndrome By Proxy, Gulf War Syndrome, the role of storytelling in a memory-impaired patient movement, and the feasibility of mass activism in a disabled population. With contributions from Pulitzer-prize nominated writer Susan Griffin, renowned health writer and radio host Gary Null, well-known feminist activist Joan Nestle, and award-winning poet and essayist Floyd Skloot, Stricken is an eloquent testament to the heroism, defiance, and diversity of the CFIDS community.
Download Stricken: Voices from the Hidden Epidemic of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome epub
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Author: Peggy Munson
Language: English
Publisher: Routledge; 1 edition (November 4, 2000)
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This is a book that leaves you changed after you've read it, it's so powerful and compelling.

Each essay is well written and the format makes it easy to read a chapter at a time. It's even available in a more MCS friendly version.

This is a good (if imperfect) book for in some way getting across how severe M.E. can be, both from the medical information given and from individual case studies as well - although M.E. is mixed with CFS case studies sadly. You get a real sense of how horrific M.E. really is, in parts.

This book is an interesting read. (M.E. is not the same thing as CFS or CFIDS, but this book is a M.E. book in the descriptions of the disease for the most part, absolutely. For political and medical information on M.E. see books by Dr Hyde, however.)

Jodi Bassett, HFME
This collectin of essays all pertain to fibromyalgia, but each is different. There is personal stories mixed with medical information. It is a must for someone struggling with this illnes. It gave me the courage to tell those who love to say" You don't look sick!" that I don't care what they think. I am not going to pretend to feel well when I don't.
I have been living with ME/CFIDS for a little over 4 years now, and when I was dx'd, I must have purchased atleast 30-40 books on the subject, because it was immediately clear to me that I was NOT going to learn from my drs! This book is SO ENLIGHTENING to all of us who suffer through our daily lives trying to "do the best that we can", which on most days for me, is to be able to stay out of bed for atleast 6 hrs/day. It showed me through reading everyone else's personal experiences that I AM NOT ALONE IN THIS BATTLE!!!! I have spent a very long time feeling like I am the only one who suffers so severely, but there were actually several others like me in this who are mostly bed-ridden, who are on complete disability, who have to rely on someone else just about 24/7 to manage to get through a day, etc.
This book, I feel would also be WONDERFUL for the family's, spouses', and friends of those of us who have this disease, because it is written by OTHER SUFFERERS---NOT DOCTORS OR SPECIALISTS!!!
It is also a very very easy to read book. You can skip through it anywhere that you would like. It definitely does not have to be read front to back. There are soooo many personal storys in this book that whomever you may be, if you suffer with ME/CFIDS, you will DEFINITELY find someone in this book who is telling your story!! It's extremely comforting to read from others who are just like me!!
Out of all the books that I own on this God-aweful disease, I would rate this one in the top 5!!
I hope that this will help anyone who is "wondering" if this book is worth purchasing out of hundreds that are out there on the subject. THIS ONE IS DEFINITELY WORTH IT!!
It is beyond nice to know that I do not suffer alone. These are accounts of people who have or still have CFS or Fibromyalgia. Some stories tore at my heart. Particularily one story whose author wishes to someday ride her bicycle again, the same goal as mine. Other stories filled me with hope or new thoughts to look upon this grayness that is CFS.

Even if you don't have CFS, buy this. Trails of the mind and body are universal in many aspects. And if you have a loved one who has chronic fatigue, buy two. One for yourself so you can at least have a better understanding (and of course one for your loved one).

With these stories, I do not suffer alone. I open this book on hard days. It's hard to go to college and have CFS.

I open this book on good days, because it fills me with a certain kind of comfort that I can't get elsewhere.
This book is a collection of essays from a wide range of people living through the nightmare of chronic fatigue syndrome. No subject is deemed too sensitive to be discussed: the topics of pain, suffering, suicidal ideations, and the utter hopelessness of living with a debilitating chronic illness for which there is no cure -- all are approached without flinching. Each of the essays resonated with me on some level because I've been a CFIDS survivor for five years. If you or someone you love has lived with this awful illness, this book will be of great comfort and will reassure you that you are not alone. The book contains incredible insights on the realities of being sick in a society that does not accept invisible illnesses. "Stricken" is magnificent in its truth and compassion. I give it my highest recommendation -- a must-read for anyone who has CFIDS or for people who have a loved one with the disease.
This book was so powerful for me to read that i had to put it down several times and cry my eyes out. I currently live with fibromyalgia, and while i realize that Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and fibromyalgia are not the same illness, the experiences of the contributors mirrored my own very closely. Reading this book propelled me to a new awareness about the social and political climate for people living with chronic illness, and thrust me into a new level of commitment to fight with everything i have for our rights and dignity.
according to the newest research (by dr. a martin lerner) cfs has been shown to be a persistent viral infection of the heart by the ebv virus or a coinfection of ebv/hcmv viruses. yhe treatment is merely an antiviral drug, valtex or ganciclovir respectively. this treatment has brought me back from the depths of the disease and i am extremely grateful. my sympathy to all who have suffered.