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by Bernard Knight

The tenth edition continues to provide an introductory text on forensic medicine for the student and the generalist who may at some stage be called upon to assist in forensic cases. The general plan has been retained, but the detail has been revised in the light of recent advances and many new topics added. The ethical duties of doctors has been emphasized, including their attitudes to abuse of human rights, the increasing problem of starvation, torture, explosives and firearms - which sadly reflects the changing world in which the responsibilities of doctors have to follow suit. A new chapter summarizing the major differences between the legal medicine of different countries, cultures and religions will hopefully add to understanding and general applicability of the text. An ELBS/LPBB edition is available.
Download Simpson's Forensic Medicine epub
ISBN: 0340536489
ISBN13: 978-0340536483
Category: Medical Books
Subcategory: Medicine
Author: Bernard Knight
Language: English
Publisher: Hodder Education Publishers; 10 edition (January 2, 1991)
Pages: 336 pages
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Rating: 4.7
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This vendor emailed about a week after the order was placed to ask me to place a 'good review' and if there was anything wrong, not to write a 'poor review,' but to instead, see if we could fix the problem together. I took this as a good sign as about a month or so later when my package arrived, one book was missing (the most expensive book - over $100), even though all three books were ordered at the exact same time. I immediately contacted this seller 'any_book' and someone by the name of Royma contacted me back stating 'slow mail' and lack of tracking on my part. The next excuse was that I must have provided the wrong address which was, at that point confirmed again. Finally I wrote back stating that I believed this book was lost in the mail, possibly misdelivered. At this point I was told that it is 'delivery or refund' guaranteed. After giving the seller more than enough time to rectify the situation, as the order was placed in September, I contacted them once again at the beginning of January. Once again I had to start explaining everything from the beginning as the seller obviously did not check the bottom of the email chain. Most of the responses I received were to the effect of, 'it should have been delivered, go check,' or, 'are you sure the address is correct.' Finally I mentioned a dispute and it was promised that the situation would be resolved. I was glad to hear this as all I wanted was the book to continue my studies. It was never resolved and after this seller 'any_book/Royma' dragged out the process long enough that I could not dispute the issue, I have neither the book or the $180.00. I would never ever buy from this seller if you actually want your product or like your money.
I paid 32 pounds for this book while studying Forensic Medicine at the University of Edinburgh and it was worth every penny. The illustrations/photos are great and while the book is relatively short it takes a good six months to really digest all of the information contained within. I recommend this text for students interested in pursuing studies in forensics or lay people who just like criminal investigation techniques.
One thing to be aware of- much of the information regarding legal systems/proceedings are specific to the UK so an American audience may want supplemntal readings to cover relavent topics.
Also it's fun to leave this on a coffe table and watch guests' reactions. This book is pretty graphic.
When I first read this book I was so excited and gave it a super high rating. Now that I read the book again for a few times I find it too thin for $45. It doesn't go too far beyond common sense, which makes it easy to read; but I'd expect an introductory book like this to go for under $30. And there are places where the author starts to ramble a little bit, hurting its literary value.
A fun bedtime book nontheless.
It is very well presented and good quality and it consists of details with diagrams . I like to read the latest version of it when i get it.
I readed a spanish version of this book (available at my universitie's library) about a year ago. I loved the pictures, comparing them with other forensic book's pictures they where much better, and the contents where good enough to me aswell. A few months ago a cousin of mine asked me to reccommend him a forensic book for him to buy it, so I did Bernard Knignt's. I am actually looking forward to acquire the latest edition (which hasnt been released yet)for my own library.
This book transcends science and becomes a work of art. Although brief, it covers all major areas of forensic pathology with authority. The book is very well organized and balanced; its language clear and precise; its illustrations and comments revealing. The book is not intended to be used as a textbook. Rather, its value as an introduction to the field is absolutely unsurpassed.