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by Alexandre Dumas père,Richard Pevear

A major new translation depicts the epic adventures of musketeer-hopeful d'Artagnan and his swordsmen companions in a faithful rendition that endeavors to preserve the original author's wit, romance, and rollicking pace, in an edition that features an introduction to Dumas and the historical environment of his famous historical work. 25,000 first printing.
Download The Three Musketeers epub
ISBN: 0670037796
ISBN13: 978-0670037797
Category: Literature
Subcategory: World Literature
Author: Alexandre Dumas père,Richard Pevear
Language: English
Publisher: Viking Adult (August 3, 2006)
Pages: 704 pages
ePUB size: 1541 kb
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Rating: 4.9
Votes: 472
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So far so good. I like that this translation seems less old fashioned than some others. Pevear and Volokhonsky have a mixed reputation--such is the difficulty with putting someone else's words into your own. If everyone wants to know exactly what Tolstoy or Dumas is really like, the best course would be to read them in the original language! However, I do still believe translation matters; what I have found is that in the case of these translators they tend to retain more of the author's intentions. I have been told by Russian readers that Dostoevsky could sometimes read as difficult and confusing in Russian but also more exciting; most popular English translations from the early 20th century tend to even out the dynamics of the text, making it read closer to Jane Austen's voice than you might be comfortable with. Imagine Pulp Fiction, or The Matrix, or Hitchcock (something adventurous ) remade using the most staid and edible film much of what makes those stories special would be lost.

As far as I understand, this edition retains much of the Dumasness in English and in the process is a great read! A classic like this could be butchered to death by tasteless fools and still hold onto some worth so, since the translation is clean and interesting, the material is elevated. Whatever your preference, this version certainly warrants a place in the market and quite possibly your bookshelf.
I got this for my sister after she had her second child. I kind of felt that she needed a copy with an old school binding for her son to discover on her bookshelf, or in storage, or somewhere around the house like I did as a kid.

The copy lived up to the look I wanted. It had the design that would be intimidating when he was learning to read, the design that made it clearly an "adult" book...and then the title: "The Three Musketeers" which was enough, at least for me, to give it a peak inside and discover the adventure.

I hope things go the same way here. Its really a must read for childhood and it has that mysterious feel that a kid would eventually be attracted to.
I have seen several movie versions of this tale, but none do it true justice.

It is not difficult to like the four main characters, each is unique, memorable and loyal. I appreciated that they were based upon real men, actual musketeers, who lived, loved and fought during that time in French history.

Some of the events in the story are also a matter of historial fact. Dumas has woven an exciting adventure around these men and events, creating a complicated web of intrigue and political machinations.

I am very surprised and also delighted to say that I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I am vastly encouraged to read other novels by this author.

FIVE very deserved stars!
I had read the entire d'Artagnan saga this summer and loved it. But I read where this translation of the first book was really a good one. So I read The Three Musketeers again and was delighted with it. I was able to better appreciate the differences in the four friends and realized that I loved d'Artagnan and really liked the others because d'Artagnan loved them. I am now reading another translation of Twenty Years After. I am enjoying the historical events and the real people who participated in them, and that d'Artagnan participated in then. Dumas has a fine sense of humour and writes wonderful dialogue.
Often older translations of works like the The Three Musketeers can seem stilted to modern readers. Translator Lawrence Ellsworth believes that some of these versions "simply don't properly convey the energy and tone of Dumas's original work" (p. xix). This is not a criticism that could be applied to his translation. This book is lively, carrying the story dynamically from page to page. He manages to do this without some of the glaring anachronisms that can sometimes plague a modern translation. He also provides useful notes that help to explain some of the historic events and references.

I'm not qualified to say if this is an accurate translation but is certainly an accessible, highly readable and fun one. Highly recommended.
Scoreboard Bleeding
There's no point in "reviewing" Dumas' The Three Musketeers - it's an obvious classic, and this is a standard translation of the work. So I'll comment on the presentation.

This is the only 99 cent version of this book that I've seen for Kindle that had actual *editing* done to it! It is well laid out, and includes numerous appropriate illustrations. The only problem is that some of the formatting doesn't quite look right. The all-caps text appears tiny and some of the illustration titles use a peculiar mix of fonts that occasionally appear larger or smaller than normal text. It's a minor problem, but it can be distracting.

I'm not positive, but I suspect the source text for this is the free Project Gutenberg version. However, unlike most of the cheap Kindle editions that merely copy and paste the text from Project Gutenberg, the editor who created this ebook took the time to convert ALL CAPS to italics, spent some time formatting it, and added illustrations. It also has the coolest looking cover of any Kindle edition of The Three Musketeers.

The Penguin Classics edition has better editing and presentation, but it's $13. For 99 cents, this Kindle edition is well worth it. Certainly more worth it than every other 99 cent version I've sampled, and it's definitely better than the free Amazon Services edition.

This is a beautiful copy of a terrific book. This is the definitive translation, much freshened up compared to past editions. The story comes alive in the words of Lawrence Ellsworth. I am certain that this is the version that the original author would want you to read. Ellsworth would make Alexandre Dumas proud.