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by Katy Derbyshire,Rusalka Reh

While vacationing on an island with her parents, a young girl must overcome her greatest fear in order to rescue the local animals and sea life from the magical curse of a villainous toad. Beloved by fans for her beautifully written stories and interesting characters, Rusalka Reh has penned yet another fun and fantastical tale that is sure to enchant young readers the world over. When Kat’s mom suggests a family vacation to the beach, her ten-year-old daughter is less than thrilled. In fact, the idea sounds downright lousy, considering the fact that Kat is terrified of the water. Yet from the moment they arrive, Kat senses there is something very unusual about the island. Her hunch turns out to be right: moments after discovering a strange whistle in the surf, she realizes she can hear the island’s animals talking to her. She doesn’t understand why…until a dolphin known as the Water Knight tells her about a curse cast upon the island by a villainous toad. Only a child can break the spell and only during a special full moon that shines once every forty years. The dolphin tells Kat that just such a night is rapidly approaching, and it’s up to her to free the island from the curse. But to do so, she must dive down into the toad’s lair, deep beneath the ocean’s dark waters. Packed with adventure and suspense, this story about a plucky girl conquering her greatest fear makes for a rousing—and heartwarming—read. A worthy follow-up to her novel Pizzicato: the Abduction of the Magic Violin, Rusalka Reh’s newest tale, The Secret of the Water Knight, is sure to be praised for its excitement and suspense and hailed as a “compelling story of adventure…in the vein of a classic story, enjoyable by young and old alike.”
Download The Secret of the Water Knight epub
ISBN: 1611090067
ISBN13: 978-1611090062
Category: Literature
Subcategory: World Literature
Author: Katy Derbyshire,Rusalka Reh
Language: English
Publisher: Two Lions (May 10, 2011)
Pages: 100 pages
ePUB size: 1181 kb
FB2 size: 1119 kb
Rating: 4.6
Votes: 282
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The Secret of the Water Knight / 1611090067

Kat can't swim and she's afraid of the water, so her parents take her to the ocean on a summer holiday so she can learn to swim far away from the teasing jibes of her friends. Yet when Kat gets to the lovely island paradise where they will spend their vacation, she learns that a terrible curse has been plaguing the island residents, and that *she* is expected to swim on the night of the full moon and do battle for all their lives. No pressure!

I had heard that this short story suffered from translation issues, but I had no problem whipping through it in a single night -- for myself, the text flowed well and the story was gripping. There are perhaps a few sentences where the sentence structure is different from what an English reader might be used to, but the meaning was still clear to me and the unique phrasing added to the poetic feel of the novella.

The plot itself is very gripping: this story puts me in mind of a collaboration effort between Gabriel Marquez (for the magical realism) and H.P. Lovecraft (for the intense body horror) to create a kids' novel about learning to swim and embracing and overcoming your fears. Since I'm a huge fan of magical realism and body horror, I suppose it was inevitable that I would enjoy this book, but I'm not sure how many young children will love this story, just because there are several quite intensely scary moments, including: (spoilers) humans having their body parts replaced with fish parts; a sad, wounded, bleeding dolphin; and a grown man tying up and gagging a young girl and leaving her alone in the dark.

I really enjoyed the magical realism in this book -- animals speak to our young protagonist without a lot of buildup or explanation, and Kat runs into people curses with changed bodies on a regular basis without batting much of an eye. The body horror is gripping and the frightening plot juxtaposes very nicely with the child-like narration and the vivid depictions of an island paradise. I'm not sure this book is for everyone, but I can definitely attest that I enjoyed it and recommend it as well worth a look.

NOTE: This review is based on a free Advance Review Copy of this book provided through Amazon Vine, though I did end up buying the ebook version as well.

~ Ana Mardoll
Great book.
great ant
It was boring but when u got far ahead and u would think o i know this than BAM its turned completely around and i liked it
Kat a 10 year old girl who doesn't even dare to put 1 toe in the water decides to go on a vacation with her parents to an island.
When suddenly when she is practicing swimming with her dad a fish starts talking about saving the island by swimming under water on the night of the full moon. Kat thinks and thinks for a few days during those days she notices people. Look a little strange because of the spells the yellow vile toad put on them.
Read this book and find out this mystery.
An overall magical story, it kept me reading until the end. A good read for 8-12 years. Fans of the sisters Grimm will also enjoy this exciting read.
So cool

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There shouldn't be anything better than a girl who must face her greatest fear or leave a whole island of talking animals and sad people doomed to misery. Kat hates to put her head in the water. Her parents decide to take her to an island getaway with a goal of getting her more settled with swimming while there. She does discover snorkeling, but that is all she can manage. Then a magic whistle allows her to talk to the island's animals. They need her to confront the Vile Toad who has a stranglehold on the island, but that will require going under water to confront the toad at the 500th full moon. What will she do. What, what, what. Maybe the advice of the friendly newspaper stand owner can guide her. Maybe her father can teach her to love the water. Oop. Gotta end the book, bye.

It's almost that abrupt. The parents are quirky, but flat. The town is mysterious, but 2-D. The animals are cautiously optimistic, but not much else. My 8 year old borrowed this from me and had lots to say. "Is there more of this part where she meets the dolphin?" "Why did Kat do that? She was just going to ... and then she did this instead." "Is there a different book of this story that doesn't skip so much?"

Definitely not a good choice for most 9+ year olds who read for fun. My 8 year old finished it, but she was out of other books at the time, so I'm not sure that is a recommendation. I have never heard her have so many unhappy reader comments about a book before. Usually she loves everything, and frankly, I think she gets that from me. Neither of us was wild for this one.
The premise is what made me curious, as I have a water phobia myself and don't see it worked into characterizations very often, but something mostly definitely must have been lost in the translation here. The characters are not fully developed, plot ideas are introduced but not fully explained, and the overall flow of the writing is jarring and weird. The English translation uses American slang terms but they're slightly off, like the way someone still learning English might say them. The writing just needs a lot of work, which is a shame because there's a really cute idea here that had potential to appeal to a lot of young readers, if only the story wasn't so clunky in the delivery.