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by James A. Michener

Download The World Is My Home epub
ISBN: 074931303X
ISBN13: 978-0749313036
Category: Literature
Subcategory: World Literature
Author: James A. Michener
Language: English
Publisher: Mandarin (December 3, 1992)
Pages: 624 pages
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Rating: 4.7
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First off, you've got to like Michener to read this; after all, this is a biography and he's basically telling you how he got the idea for his books, that and his love of opera. But give the man credit, his books were all close to a thousand pages, massive epics on the history of the West, or Hawaii, or Israel, or Spain, or Alaska, or Poland, or retirement homes, or space. Well, you get the idea. As an author, he believed in research and loved doing it, diving back into prehistoric times and moving forward from there, giving you a feel of how an area or land came to be, all while trying to show a country's or region's historical background in culture. And to think that it all came from his years in the Navy stationed in the Pacific...hey, South Pacific, now that would make a good title for a musical (yes, based on his first book, Tales of the South Pacific). How can he remember so much detail? Here's one clue. While at the age of 80, he decided that he was getting old and had better step up the pace of his he wrote five more books including this one (two more were nearly completed by the time he passed away). At the very least, this book will sum up another notch in your praise for Michener (again, IF you enjoy his readable style of writing).
It's Michener so what more do I have to say. You either love him or you don't read him. As always there are parts that seems to drag but in the end you will leave with the feeling that you've read something and gained something from the experience. This is a brief look inside what made him tick and I learned a lot from reading this that I never knew before. It's not like his other books that you would associate with his writing style but all in all I enjoyed reading it. I love most of the other books he's written and there are still a few I have to read that remain on my bucket list.I might be able to finish reading them but I keep going back and re-reading some of his older works from time to time as there is always something I missed.
Global Progression
It was said that Michelangelo told others that he did not sculpt but that he only removed the unwanted material and the beauty hidden in the stone emerged. "The World is My Home" rather did that for me the first time I read it in 1992. Reading it again on my Kindle reinforced that belief. I also write, not at his level of course, but I'm a better writer today than when I began and I will be a better writer later on. I loved his chapters on writers, writing and publishing and it was informative when he spoke of how poorly writers are paid (royalties). I receive a dollar on each book and one of my wealthy friends told me he had borrowed it from another wealthy friend so that reduced my income to $.50. I have read a number of Michener's books, particularly "Hawaii," "Poland" (I have Polish ancestors), "The Bridges of Toko-ri," and "Tales of the South Pacific". I have several others that I have not yet begun. I knew this was an autobiography and I was interested in learning about the writer but I learned so much more than just about James Michener. His writing style is clear, at times almost folksy, almost as though you are sitting in the living room with him over coffee and just talking, perhaps even asking him questions, which he answers. When he writes personally about discovering that he was not a Michener I am deeply interested in his feelings. My father always denied me though I knew I was a Payne and his son so I feel Michener's feelings, and I learned some of the same solutions as he used to deal with it. Once you get past the pain, you can go on and live your life. He made me realize how much bias there is in the world, especially against peoples with dark colored skin, he made me see how much people can do to help each other when we work together. I loved how many risks he took when he turned down offers that were almost guarantees of success, at well salaried positions, but he chose instead to take the risks and leave us a better world. I said that it helped remove unwanted material from me and let me discover my being inside. I had just finished reading this book in 1992 when the election between George Bush and Bill Clinton was in swing and I had been wavering on my vote. In 1988 I had voted for Mr. Bush, with reserved feelings after voting Republican all my voting life and becoming more disillusioned with being a Republican. My feelings were already deep in change after experiences which led me to know victims of the drug culture, including my son, learning Spanish fluently and being able to speak with Hispanic people in their language. On the eve of the election, Mr. Bush said, "Who are these clowns, these bozos?" and the next morning I voted for Democrats for the first time in my life. "The World is my Home" was literally life changing for me because I did not put it down, I did not reject it, I did not ignore or minimize his descriptions of hunger, famine, social injustice and discrimination towards women. Reading his book a second time has reinforced all of those feelings and today I work in ways I can to try to help end discrimination and hate. I should also mention that I was raised by a family of Native Americans though my DNA testing has proven me to be Irish-Scot-English (99.1% white), and not the Cherokee boy I was always told that I was. I recommend this book though I know that many who could and would benefit from it won't read it; some because of what I have just written about social injustice. Also through DNA I have learned that I have black cousins. Once I would have felt shocked by that; now I am rather proud of it. It's a long book, as most Michener books are, but it's well worth reading and when I have time, I'll read it again. I have never hesitated to recommend it, especially to other writers I know because a lot of would be writers don't really want to be writers, to bear the hard and dull work, but they want to have written; they want to be what they think a writer's life is. Mr. Michener is very honest in telling us just how difficult it is. But the fruits of his writing will serve us long and well. Stephen Joe Payne
This is one of the best books I ever read. I learned so much from every page. My father was in the Navy during WWII and I understood many of his opinions and attitudes so much better after reading it. The ins and outs of publishing, Pennsylvania politics, Scottish history,Japanese art, and so much more made sense to me after reading it. My book club sill be reading in the coming year.
I have been a Michener fan since I read Hawaii. I haven't read all his books but I will try. If you are a fan of Michener,a writer, or hope to be one, you will enjoy this memoir. It is more than " I was born at a very early age of poor but honest parents"; he goes into depth regarding his early life, especially his mentors. I recommend this book to anyone who has hopes of writing and Publishing a novel. I especially enjoyed his description of how he researched his long novels. He also shows his strong moral character in a non preachy way. I do recommend this memoir to all but naturally to Michenerites.
From a writer's perspective, Michener's memoir is invaluable. From the point of view of a Michener fan, likewise. The reader new to Michener needs to recognize this not as even typical of Michener's work - the stories are there; the vitality is lacking. Before this, turn to Hawaii, Centenial, any of the masterpieces the man wrote in his heyday. Then savor this as an appreciation.
One of the best books I've ever read. I can now answer the question, "If you were on a deserted island and could choose one person..." I'd have to say James Michener. The scope of his life is hard to believe until you read his autobiography. Fascinating, fascinating man.
Absolutely fascinating. He has traveled everywhere and brings a warm and comples view of these places to his writing. also a principled man, who cares about honesty and describes the machinations of other agencies and people. Not a quick read but an interesting one.