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by Melanie Milburne

The last woman he would ever marry
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ISBN: 0373130929
ISBN13: 978-0373130924
Category: Literature
Subcategory: Women's Fiction
Author: Melanie Milburne
Language: English
Publisher: Harlequin Presents; Original edition (August 28, 2012)
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Rating: 4.6
Votes: 894
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Enemies at The Altar is a emotionally charged page turner that will keep you glued to the very end.

Sienna is the kind of heroine you either hate to love or love to hate...she has been wronged and misunderstood, she has done some dumb things but learnt quickly from her mistakes.

Andreas Ferrante is one hot furniture designer....He and Sienna share quite a bit of murky history. Not only did Sienna's mother have an affair with Andreas father but Sienna herself was the cause of rift between Andreas and his father.

The chemistry between Andreas and Sienna is scorching HOT and the verbal sparring between the two will keep you entertained to the very end. Andreas could be cruel, if his words could only kill but Sienna is no withering violet she gave as good as she got - exactly the kinda heroine I like.

Melaine Milburne is one of my favorite category romance authors....and this book here is the very reason why.

Dynamic characters, forbidden passion and sizzling chemistry make Enemies at the Altar a winner, a book I would highly recommend.

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This was an awesome story! The heroine was so strong but in a non annoying way. She hid her hurt by giving her own back and putting up a front that she didn't care. The hero said some nasty things but it was ok because the heroine could handle it and never showed him that it got to her. I loved that the angst didn't drag on to the end of the book like most stories. The animosity stoped about half way through and then left the "getting to know each other" stage.
It was so well written that I couldn't out it down. I hope the rest of her books are like this, cause I'm going to be searching for them!
One star for the premise.
One star for H & H

Story not so good. The gal has real behavioural problems (reasons just seem like excused)and the guy was just …Although one can understand hos antipathy towards Sienna.

I skimmed over large parts…as I couldn't get into it
I read this quickly (as is the case with all books I enjoy, so that's a compliment). I never fully grasped why the father made them marry and I didn't understand why Andreas, who's said to be a billionaire, just didn't offer Sienna the equivalent sum of money if she were to ask for a divorce right after they marry. But, of course if that were to happen there would be not story... BUT it's a fun read, I really liked the characters together and I'm glad each was shown to have a heart.
One of these days I'm going to consult with a lawyer just to see if all of these Harlequin plots where a couple is forced to marry as part of a will is actually enforceable. I doubt it. But I'll let that slide.

Two very opposite personalities are being forced to marry as part of a dictates of a will. The prize? Whoever refuses forfeits his rights to a very important piece of property. For the hero, Andreas, that property had been in his mother's family for generations and he was not going to lose it. For the heroine, Sienna, that property represented freedom. Financial freedom. And a place to call her own, for once in her life. Neither has any intent of giving it up. And so they marry.

Technically, this book is part two. Part 1 being Deserving of his Diamonds #3080. In part 1 we learned that Sienna's twin sister Gisele had taken the blame for something Sienna did. A sex tape that had gone viral. And Gisele's life had been all but destroyed because of it.
But when the truth came out, and the world and Andreas found out that Sienna was really the "slut" behind the sex tape, it cements his already low opinion of her.

When they were younger, Sienna had fallen in love with Andreas, and when her attempt to seduce him had gone awry, she had put the blame on him. Everything Sienna did after that, up to and including the sex tape as well as Sienna's mother's affair with his own father that resulted in a national scandal makes Sienna the last person he would want to spend time with, let alone marry...but for his need to reclaim his mother's property.

But things are never quite as they seem. And as Andreas spends more time getting to know her he realizes that perhaps, both he and the world were wrong about her.

This was an enjoyable read. I certainly enjoyed it better than Deserving of His Diamonds. And while I wish that I could get through a decent Harlequin book without the typical Harlequin forced marriage, at least the writing in this book helped to make up for that particular lack of originality. Ms Milburne was able to make Sienna (while the typical desperate and destitute heroine) bratty but likable. Strong and determined with unwavering core values. You don't always find that combination in these books. Kudos.
Loved this book! The chemistry between Sienna & Andreas is so hot you almost need a fire extinguisher! I read this a few years ago & was happy to see it on Kindle!
I loved this book, the heroine never gives an inch with the Alpha male and takes no guff from him, a very good read!
Things do have a way of working out....(you'll see) I could not put it down...I like this author so much!
So stupid and boring..