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Shameless by Tori Carrington released on Jan 29, 2008 is available now for purchase.
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ISBN: 0373793812
ISBN13: 978-0373793815
Category: Literature
Subcategory: United States
Author: Tori Carrington
Language: English
Publisher: Harlequin Blaze; Original edition (January 29, 2008)
ePUB size: 1659 kb
FB2 size: 1955 kb
Rating: 4.5
Votes: 334
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Three friends own a shop, two guys and one woman. She is tired of the guys she picks to go out with. they don't seem to excite her, so the two guys tell her that the next guy they will pick out for her. She is not allowed to see the guy, so she is blind folded. And the fun begins. This was a great story. I finished the book in two days. Loved it....
I wrote in a previous review how I stumbled across the very clever and real writing of Tori Carrington. Totally out of order. I read "Reckless" first, then "Restless" and boy was Gauge HOT!!. I took my time getting "Shameless" because quite frankly I didn't think it could get better than Gauge. But I was wrong. Kevin & Nina's story was beautiful & very sexy too! Read the stories in the order they're supposed to go in, (which is backward from the order I just gave) and the stories will make a lot more sense...
Nina has been partners with two of the most gorgeous men for the last three years. Too bad they are also her best friends, as they would probably make wonderful lovers; at least they do in her dreams. But, when one night they tell her that what she needs is anonymous sex, and it will help her relax and even break her pattern of attracting losers, she is not sure. After a long couple of days of fantasizing about it, thinking that is just what she needs, no relationship etc. But, when that one night rocks her world and she wants another night what is she to do? Well since neither is telling she tries to guess which man it is. She decides to approach one of them in a way they won't refuse. But, things are not as easy as they seem and she is in the position to tear the friendship, business and potential love to pieces. Want to know what happens pick up Shameless.

OOOhhh baby. What can you say about Shameless other than this is one super hot romance story. The husband and wife team did a fantastic job writing Shameless and I cannot wait for the next edition in this series. I think if this team needs a beta reader that I should be signed up. I found that while reading Shameless I was thinking about all the different things that in my mind I might do if placed in the same situation as Nina. When I realize that I am approaching the characters as if they are real then the authors have done a wonderful job in setting a realistic stage where I feel I am part of the story. This writing team did just that and I loved the Grandmother character as well as being able to see the interactions between all three friends and how they did change. Add to this the erotic hot sex and you can't go wrong with Shameless.

reviewed for Joyfully Reviewed
Okay, so this is a hot, quick read. Unfortunately, I lost a lot of respect for one of the fellas along the way and he was only redeemed a little in my eyes. Otherwise, this was a good solid read.
In Fantasy, Michigan Nina Leonard is a man-eater who enjoys sleeping with her flavor of the month, but when the sex turns boring she dumps the hunk. Her BMC business partners and best friends, Patrick Gauge and Kevin Weber worry about Nina as they believe her hurtful behavior towards men is harming her. They decide on an intervention in which a man will sleep with her while she is blindfolded so she can not know who he is; they expect her to have real feelings for a change.

Hesitant Nina assumes that either Patrick or Kevin is her sleeping partner so she goes for it. The sex is the best of her life and she wants more, but neither of her partners admits to the act. They leave it to her to figure out who loves Nina with his soul.

This is an interesting contemporary romance starring three fascinating protagonists especially Nina who thinks sex partners are disposable until that first heated night with either hunk one or hunk two. Now she must decide whether her beloved is behind door one or a dangerous tiger that will destroy her relationships with both men behind door two. Although the intervention solution of using sex to teach a lesson on sex seems outrageous and extremely risky to the business and friendships, fans will enjoy Tori Carrington's fine portrayal of a man-eater finding love, but not knowing who he is.

Harriet Klausner
I'm pretty open-minded, and usually I really enjoy books by Tori Carrington since they always seem to push the envelope on naughty. This story, however, pushed it a little too far for me. Without giving away plot points, I became disgusted with a certain twist halfway through and had a hard time going back to finish the story. Truth be told, I didn't care for the heroine from the start. She felt underdeveloped and made too many bad, irrational decisions without enough explanation or justification to make me want to relate to her. Kevin, one of her business partners, was the only character I truly enjoyed, but not enough to save the book. I think too much time was invested in developing a "mystery romance" between three characters, so the characters and overall plot suffered as a result. Not the worst book I've ever read, but some points were a little disturbing and left a bad taste in my mouth, tainting any possible happy ending that could have redeemed it for me. Too bad. I really liked the premise. It's not your typical series romance book - but it felt more like a movie I'd see on Skinamax. Lots of sex, little romance, poorly written, and badly acted.