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by Danita Carter

Murder in the Hamptons intersects the worlds of music, money, and murder. A clash between the classes is played out in the Hamptons, when a rapper moves into an elite community with his unruly crew. The residents of Coco Beach, a private enclave tucked away in the Hamptons, are a hoity-toity bunch. Black society snobs with roots in Sag Harbor that run generations deep. So imagine how incensed the locals become when their tranquil summer getaway is infringed upon by TuSmArt, a rapper with money, but without the necessary pedigree to fit into this upper-crust community. When a body is found floating face down at TuSmArt’s yacht party, the police waste no time swarming in to find the killer. The snooty locals rejoice, automatically assuming that now the police will rid the area of the unwanted inhabitants. However, their victory song is cut short when one of the most prominent residents of Coco Beach is implicated in the murder.
Download Murder in the Hamptons (Zane Presents) epub
ISBN: 1593092520
ISBN13: 978-1593092528
Category: Literature
Subcategory: United States
Author: Danita Carter
Language: English
Publisher: Strebor Books; Original edition (June 8, 2010)
Pages: 288 pages
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Rating: 4.5
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This was an okay read not what I expected but enjoyable. It was a little slow for my taste.
I liked it very much but it could have included more about the Rapper. One should not be able to guess who the killer is before the book is completed. Too much emphasis was placed on one of the characters.
This was an excellent read. The story was vivid an well written. The author did a superb job putting together this story.
I love her work w/ Tracey (her name slips me now) but I have to say I was quite disappointed. There were no twists or turns to keep you guessing.
Donovan Smart, aka TuSmArt, a self-made millionaire rapper, wanted to fit in with the residents of Coco Beach, a snooty private enclave in the Hamptons. They, obviously, did not want him in their midst. He threw a party hoping for their acceptance. Unfortunately, his plans went awry when the body of a young woman from the party was found floating in the harbor.

Detective Theo Pratt soon realized she had her hands full. New to the area, she was not familiar with the main players or their pecking order. Detective Pratt was surprised how brilliant the rapper was, and that his decision to pursue music came after receiving multiple scholarship offers to attend Ivy League schools. He had wanted the party to be his acceptance into life in the Hamptons.

Murder in the Hamptons is the latest offering by Danita Carter who takes a look at people who come out of two very different worlds. On the one hand, there is an extended family from the Brooklyn projects that have now come into a totally different lifestyle of opulence and money, and the other that is born of old money from generations ago.

Carter takes a serious look at how the members of each respond to the unfortunate circumstances that brought them together. She also examines whether money can buy social status, or whether having old money automatically determines someone has class.

Murder in the Hamptons provides plenty of thrills and surprising twists as Detective Pratt faces her own challenges as she tracks down the killer. Danita Carter fans will enjoy this fast-paced police procedural.

Murder in the Hamptons (Zane Presents)
Detective Theodora Pratt knows the Hamptons have not seen a killing in quite awhile, but loathes all the spectators ruining the murder scene. The yacht near the floating corpse is owned by old money Liza Lord who explains to Pratt she provided a venue for newcomer Donovan Smart to throw his White and Platinum party introducing himself and his sister Reece and their friend Chyna to the neighbors of exclusive Coco Beach. Most of the snobs detest the nouveau riche rapper TuSmArt from the hood invading their turf; he just wanted them to know he and his sister are housetrained

Although the party was successful until the floater was found, most of the stuck-up locals are elated that the undesirables will be forced to leave in police custody. However, stereotyping the rapper is a mistake as Donovan is Einstein brilliant; he also unlike the notorious rappers prefers less dating because he wants a woman with the 3 Bs (beauty, body and brains). As Pratt hones in on the outsiders as suspects as well as flirty restaurant owner Troy, she also begins to revise her theory when the autopsy revealed in the body excessive Oxycontin, a prescription drug.

Murder in the Hamptons is a terrific police procedural that takes a deep look at whether money can buy class and social status; as Danita Carter makes a strong case that social status does not define class. Fast-paced with a nice twist, fans will relish Theo's homicide investigation into a rapper who just wanted to take his sister and their BFF out of Brooklyn.

Harriet Klausner
Donovan Smart (aka TuSmArt) is a rapper that just purchased a mansion in a section of the Hamptons called Coca Beach. Donavan soon finds out that money and pedigree don't always go hand in hand when some of the old money black elite residents look down on him. To ease tensions, Donovan decides to have a yacht party to introduce himself and mingle with the other residents. The party is going off without a hitch until a dead body is discovered floating in the water. Dectective Theo Pratt intends to solve this murder as quick as possible. But when her prime suspect turns out to be one of the residents of Coca Beach, this case turns to be more complicated than she imagined.

Danita Carter flexed her creative muscle by bringing us a good suspense novel with Murder in the Hamptons. This story gives you a glimpse into how the other half lives. From the very beginning, you'll wonder who the victim was and who the murderer was. Carter did an excellent job with pacing the story and providing the reader with enough background on each of the characters. There are portions of this book that are done in flashbacks, but it doesn't interrupt the flow of the story. Readers will be shocked when the reason for the murder is revealed and who the victim was. Murder in the Hamptons is a satisfying page turner by Danita Carter.