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by Lisa Renee Jones

Beast Of Darkness by Lisa Renee Jones released on Jun 24, 2008 is available now for purchase.
Download Beast Of Darkness (Knights Of White) epub
ISBN: 0373617909
ISBN13: 978-0373617906
Category: Literature
Subcategory: United States
Author: Lisa Renee Jones
Language: English
Publisher: Harlequin Nocturne; Original edition (June 24, 2008)
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FB2 size: 1427 kb
Rating: 4.8
Votes: 204
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Great Series
The Silhouette Nocturne line isnt as thick as a lot of the other supernaturals I read but it is fun. A new take (to me) on paranormal romace with Angels and Demons I found I liked the characters. A bit reminiscent of Kenyons Dark Hunters and Feehans Carpathians, The Knights of White are a great read.
Very good and would recommend this series to fellow readers. Good storyline and kept your interest through the entire story. Looked forward to next book.
Sarah Meyers doesn't consider herself normal. After all, she hears the voices of spirits. A paranormal investigator, Sarah seeks to understand things that go bump in the night, perhaps to alleviate her nightmares and put her past to rest.

When a sheriff requests her assistance in Nowhere, Texas, Sarah and her team travel there, ready to make sense of recent activities. Black rain assails the town and evil permeates the air. It's not ghostly spirits that roam the area, but demons.

Although she's come to terms with being a medium, Sarah still considers herself an anomaly, not quite fitting in with mainstream society. Then she meets Max, a man who not only accepts her talents, but has some of his own. Sarah is cautiously hopeful of this incredibly sexy, deeply intense man who not only accepts her as she is, but seems to understand her as well. Soon, she feels she's known him forever and believes as Max does that she's his destined mate.

Max has been around for almost 400 years. Turned into a demon when Darkland Beasts killed his family, he's saved and recruited into the Knights of White. He now roams the world saving humanity from demons that wish them harm. When he meets Sarah, he knows almost instantly that she's his mate. But he's here in Nowhere to face a crucial test. A test that, if failed, will send him to hell. So while he'll risk his life to protect her, he vows to not get too close. Will his strength and her determination be enough to destroy the demons that threaten to take over the town, unleashing a demon of princely power? Will they be able to let go of their own pasts and find a future together in the light? They'd better decide because time is running out.

Beast of Darkness, third in The Knights of White series, is the first story I've read by Lisa Renee Jones. An absolutely riveting novel, I found myself on the edge of my seat, wondering what would happen next. Would he claim her? How will they stop the demons in time?

Sarah, while having inner vulnerability from her own past, is a strong, take charge kind of heroine without losing any of her femininity, an admirable trait in a sea of strong heroines who sometimes come across as almost abrasive. Max is a brooding, but deeply protective and compassionate hero. I enjoyed Max, who wants desperately to find his peace, to make amends for his own past. The couple's sexual chemistry is fabulously sizzling, without being over the top, giving the reader just enough to want to turn the page for more.

Fast-paced, sensual and know more you'll have to pick up a copy of Beast of Darkness, a story that all in all impresses much so that I'm off to find a copy of her first two books in this series and will keep my eye out for stories to come.

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Max, one of the Knights of White, is in need of forgiveness. Guilty of killing a human while protecting a fellow Knight's mate, he has been sent on a mission to Nowhere, Texas. Failure is not welcomed because final damnation is at stake, and since Max is one of the oldest Knights, he knows that the darkness growing inside could grab hold of him at any time. Arriving at his destination, Max comes face to face with destiny - his - and while his heart secretly rejoices in finding his mate, his common sense realizes just how dangerous it could be if the Darkland Beasts discover this.

Sarah has been blessed, or often times plagued, her entire life with hearing voices. It is because of this that she spends her time chasing spirits and spirit sightings. When word comes that she is needed in Nowhere, Texas because of strange happenings concerning the townspeople, Sarah doesn't hesitate to head that way. Upon arriving at the inn where she is going to stay, Sarah comes face to face with a man who easily captures her gaze. A man she knows will change her life. A man that calms her spirits and makes her heart sing. She doesn't know how important he will be in her life, or she in his, but she will soon realize that nothing will keep them apart.

Max and Sarah will utilize every tool they have, both mentally and physically, to fight the battle that has come to Nowhere, Texas. Darkland Beasts and Knights of White once again clash as the fight against good and evil continues. Max knows that in order to sooth his inner dark beast, he must be able to fight and defeat it without harming Sarah. Is he willing to take that risk? After all, she could be his downfall or his ultimate redemption.

Out of all three Knights of White releases I have read and reviewed, Max is my favorite hero so far. Given no choice in BEAST OF DESIRE but to protect Des' mate, Max killed a human which is prohibited. In killing that one human, Max sentences his soul to eternal damnation. He has only one last chance now to redeem himself. With that last chance, he finds Sarah. Sarah calms his dark beast just by being near him. Sarah's ability to hear and follow spirits helps Max on his mission and I just thought they made the perfect team.

The words compelling, magnetic, and addictive come to mind when I think of BEAST OF DARKNESS. The storyline is compelling, the characters are magnetic, and the entire series is addictive. Once again Lisa Renee Jones has just whetted my appetite with BEAST OF DARKNESS and I find myself on pins and needles waiting for more!
Lonesome Orange Kid
When something strange occurs in the neighborhood, everyone knows to call Sarah Meyers and her paranormal investigative team. Thus when unexplained happenings occur in Nowhere, Texas, Sarah and her squad arrives at the scene to study what is reported as supernatural phenomena.

In Nowhere, Sarah meets Knight of the White Max. He is on "trial" within his group for breaking a major taboo when he killed a human. No excuse for such a code violating act is acceptable for a Knight of the White; not even the fact that he saved a beast taming master, the mate of another Knight. However Max quickly realizes Sarah is his beast taming soulmate, but he refuses to claim her as his because he expects to fail the knight's test.

The newest Knights of the White romantic fantasy (see BEAST OF DESIRE and BEAST WITHIN) is a terrific thriller starring a courageous heroine and a brave soul who knows his future is so bleak he cannot proclaim her as his. The story line is fast-paced, but the paranormal subplot takes a back seat to the relationship between the fallen knight and his "ghostbusting" lifemate who rejects his denials.

Harriet Klausner