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by James Baldwin

A plea and a warning to citizens to examine the actual state of America after a century of emancipation
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ISBN: 0440325420
ISBN13: 978-0440325420
Category: Literature
Subcategory: United States
Author: James Baldwin
Language: English
Publisher: Laurel (November 1, 1985)
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Growing up as the daughter of white parents in the Deep South, while my parents did everything in their power to try and keep us from using racial slurs, there was so much racism imbedded in the area that it was nearly impossible to fight it. It ranged from the blatant to the subtle, and it stuck in ways that I will probably be discovering for the rest of my life. Baldwin touches upon the use of religion to control, and the belief that the white man is the marker to which the black man should aspire, and that is still very clear in the world... As black men and women are told that their natural hair should be tamed to make them more appropriate for the work place, that the vernacular of their homes and families is somehow uneducated, even as they are surrounded by people who code-switch from a redneck southern dialect or a tough talking New York slang at home, to proper grammar in the workplace. At the end of the day, no one should aspire to whiteness. Instead, all should aspire to be the best they can be of exactly who they are.

This book, brilliantly written, greatly rocked my way of thinking. James Baldwin's grasp of humanity is one of the most realistic I've ever seen. He sees it and tells it just as it is.
This is a book to read with a pen! My copy, brand new, and fresh from the mailbox now has underlining everywhere and notes filling the margins. The language is beautiful in this book and there is a lot of wisdom to gather. This is my first James Baldwin and I crave more!

The book consists of two letters, a short one written to a nephew and a longer one written to discuss his thoughts and feelings about race, religion, and life. This is the most beautiful description in the entire book. I cannot possibly think of a more exquisite way to word how James sees his brother and how we often see those we have watched grow up.

"Other people cannot see what I see whenever I look into your father’s face for behind your father’s face as it is today are all those other faces which were his. Let him laugh and I see a cellar your father does not remember and a house he does not remember and I hear in his present laughter his laughter as a child."

Baldwin starts his letter by informing his nephew on how black people can be destroyed if they believe what some white people think about them. He discusses a hidden message telling black people to settle for mediocrity rather than striving for excellence. Baldwin believes that black people need to know their history and where they came from so that there will be “no limit to where you can go.”

"…We, with love, shall force our brothers to see themselves as they are, to cease fleeing from reality and begin to change it."
Should be required reading for every American. Rarely have I read words of such clarity, elegance and insight in any subject. That Baldwin was able to write in this way about race is a gift to all who wish to heal our deep national wound. And we should all wish to heal it. Every word rings true.

Baldwin was that rare person who has a deep understanding of the frailty, nobility and beauty of the human soul. His compassion and humanity shines forth through every brilliant word in this powerful book. He wrote from a place few have been able to attain, sharing home truths without harsh cruelty, but with great clarity and authority. Sadly, what he wrote in 1963 in this book applies to this day: We have not yet learned what he was trying so hard to teach us and we have much left to do. Read this book, let its profound lessons guide you deep into self inquiry, so that you too might understand the nature of your soul, and perhaps become a better human being in the process.
I thought of myself as an articulate, deep thinking, and worldly individual, however, after reading how eloquently Mr. James Baldwin captured so perfectly the global (especially American) misconception and political Hippocrates we all face even today, regardless of "colour/color" I know, with great humility, what it feels like to walk amongst literary giants and to acknowledge what a fool I am!
I am a huge fan of James Baldwin, this is the third book that I have bought from him. This is by far one of the best books written by him. I am so happy that I chose to buy this book, I do not regret a thing. It truly is astonishing how not much has changed between the races in America since 1963. James Baldwin is such an amazing writer, this book is extremely well written. The use of words in this book are utilized in a way that make you feel as though you are within Baldwin's story. Overall, buy this book if you are interested in learning in the about the history and culture of black individuals during 60s. Also, buy this book if you are interested in reading a quality book with quality writing.
As someone who "grew up" around the world and in the presence of a rainbow of people and cultures and then became a teacher, this book broke my heart while making it whole. I wish in my wildest dreams that this book was mandatory reading for the world. It speaks to more than just for and to the black american community, it speaks to anyone and everyone who is ready to listen. Baldwin's insights and anecdotes provide a steady glow in the readers mind to be fanned with deep thinking and self reflection. He so perfectly captures my many of my own thoughts, feelings, and musings and elucidates them in ways I have never been able to. I wish I wish I wish I could have had the opportunity to meet this incredible man. The introductory letter from his uncle is proof that this beautifully gifting writing courses through the veins of the Baldwin family. I love this book (it is actually two shorter pieces quilted together and it's perfect).
Hawk Flying
Since I have lived through the time when Baldwin wrote this book up to this day , I must say he accurately described the past as well as what has come to be. We as a nation have not solved the problem but we do see the distraction of our moral fabric. In the sixties,we thought the race riots were the fire. Now we see the other end of the rainbow as destruction in our spirit. We black people have learned a lot about ourselves and about how power destroys. Our struggle is to keep our inner spirit.