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by Madeline Baker

Fascinated with the lure of the Western frontier, Loralee takes a job as the new schoolteacher at Fort Apache, where she meets Shad Zuniga, a renegade Apache who wants nothing to do with the white world, especially its women. Original.
Download Love Forevermore (Leisure historical romance) epub
ISBN: 0843942673
ISBN13: 978-0843942675
Category: Literature
Subcategory: United States
Author: Madeline Baker
Language: English
Publisher: Leisure Books (June 1, 1997)
Pages: 432 pages
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Rating: 4.6
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I would have really liked this story if the heroine had been worth all the fuss. Here we have 2 central characters, Shad and Mike, who are both decent and honorable in their own way and both love Loralee. She, however, turns out to be a weak, wishy washy character. I agree with one of the other reviewers, that for a woman who acts unconventionally by falling in love with an Indian, she could at least have been upfront about her pregnancy with Shad and given him the opportunity to step up, rather than taking the decision out of his hands and making a mess of all 3 of their lives. All 3 end up suffering and I ended up feeling sorry for Mike, who I felt was most put upon. I found Loralee's actions to be extremely selfish and uncaring with no thought to the suffering she was causing Mike. If she had loved Shad that much, she should have had the strength and resolution to refuse Mike's offer of marriage no matter how desperate she was and attempt to sort things out with Shad. But having married Mike, she was not even strong enough to stay faithful to him. I found myself dissatisfied with the way the story ended with a lot of loose ends. I will not spoil the ending anymore. I just wish Loralee had been a strong, honorable woman worthy of the love of 2 men.
I like it
This book started out great. I was enjoying the story even though madeline baker love making descriptions are def lacking in depth or anything else. The story was about a women who loved to teach and was going to make an impact on the apache children. She taught shad how to read and you could tell the passion that the two characters had. Then was happened?It s like Madeline baker should have gone bACK AND REMEMBERED WHAT SHE WROTE. The characters were caught up in a world wind of drama and they ended up together,yes but with him a wanted man and they were going to move away so much for her teaching. Great story but dissappointing ending. An epiloque would have been nice.
Not crazy about the writing in this story. Over simplified dire situations. The heroine, Loralee, and Shad, the hero, didn't always react realistically to some circumstances. Especially at the tail end of the story. Loralee's response didn't seem relatable. Don't want to spoil it for someone who plans on reading the story. Not very realistic, at all.

Every time Loralee, a young white woman and Shad, an Indian, turned around, they were having sex. I have no problem with a couple being passionate, but their physical relationship seemed to trump the deeper emotions two people that love each other share. Almost became obnoxious. In the story, Loralee finds herself pregnant by Shad and marries a man out of desperation, because she believes that Shad doesn't love her. It surprised me because of the aggressive character she portrayed, that she didn't confront his feelings for her. However, her marriage doesn't seem to hinder she and Shad's sexual rendezvouses. It always amazes me in some of these stories how pregnancy is rarely thought about, much less discussed between the main characters! I would have liked to read about a much more honorable Loralee and Shad. Especially on Loralee's part. She could have stopped the adulteress actions. Can't have it both she soon finds out for herself!
The story takes place in 1902 when marriage for the two would have still been difficult because of the stigma, but possible.I realize the times were still filled with much ignorance, carried out by outward prejudice. However, she betrays the good intentions of another man who truly loved her. It almost cost her the two people she loved most in her life! It just seems that for a woman who had defied convention and propriety of her time, by daring to love an Indian and carrying on a secretive love affair with him, should have been strong enough to spit in the eye of gossip, and endure the judgemental attitudes that were sure to come by many - not all - had she been up front with Shad about the baby, and married him. The heroine, in my opinion, was a bit wish-washy. I get the turmoil that plagued her, but...

Just okay reading, for me.

Once in a while, I'll venture out of my comfy regency `zone' and stumble on a real `gem' of a book. This is the case with LOVE FOREVERMORE.

Our hero Shad is an Indian in love with Loralee, a white school teacher whose sweet demeanor attracts Shad and takes him on the road to an HEA that is fraught with many obstacles and much pain.

The author has done an outstanding job in portraying the prejudices of the time so realistically that it will take your breath away. When I read romance novels, this is what I like to see. Sacrifice rewarded by true love triumph.

Mini spoiler alert: Without giving much away, I do think that some readers might get turned off by the adultery in this story, and to them I say, please be patient and try to see this story from all angles and don't judge it so harshly. Ms. Baker handled the subject with care, and I'm so glad to have read it and recommend it highly.

Snake Rocking
In an era where it's forbidden for a white woman to love an Indian all seems hopeless for Shad and Loralee. Shad is a proud warrior that is drawn to Loralee's innocence and gentleness. Loralee is the sweet teacher who looks at the person, not their race. One chance meeting is all it takes for Shad and Loralee to become strongly attracted to each other. But with their attraction comes consequences. Because she's not sure where she stands with Shad, Loralee soon finds herself in a predictament that leaves her with not many choices. I felt no pity for Mike because he knew exactly what he was getting into by marrying Loralee. His hatred for Indians (Shad in particular) was a complete turn off! After Shad makes a drastic move to be alone with Loralee, everything changes for them. This is a great book! Normally I'm all about the hero but Loralee's strength and deep love for Shad is what made me fall in love with their story. I've several of Madeline Baker books and this is one that I've read many times and will continue to do so!