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by Joyce Bean,Jayne Ann Krentz

When Fallon Jones took over the family business, he moved Jones & Jones headquarters to Scargill Cove, a secluded coastal town in Northern California. The Cove suits him just fine, as a confirmed recluse . . . and as an investigator of the paranormal. The Cove is a hot spot, a convergence point for unusually strong currents of energy, which might explain why the town draws misfits and drifters like moths to a flame. Isabella Valdez is used to changing apartments, jobs, even names and Social Security numbers at the drop of a hat ― but this is too much. She’s been framed by some very dangerous men. They may be behind the disappearance of her grandmother. And now they’ve sent their thugs after Isabella. She would be dead if her gift of intuition hadn’t told her to run. So she’s fled to California ― and found employment with Fallon Jones. It’s been only a few days, but Fallon doesn’t remember life before his new assistant. Isabella’s already organized his pathologically chaotic office, and she doesn’t bat an eye at the psychic aspect of his job. She’s a kindred spirit, sanctuary from a world that considers his talents a form of madness. The surest sign that he’s falling for her? He doesn’t even mind her cheery personality. But after a routine case unearths an antique clock infused with dark energy, Fallon and Isabella are dragged into the secret history of Scargill Cove. Next thing they know, they’re fighting for their lives in an abandoned underground lab ― not exactly an ideal first date. Now their lives depend on the combined strength of their powers as they unravel a cutthroat conspiracy with roots in the Jones family business . . . and Isabella’s family tree.
Download In Too Deep (Arcane Society Series) epub
ISBN: 1423373960
ISBN13: 978-1423373964
Category: Literature
Subcategory: United States
Author: Joyce Bean,Jayne Ann Krentz
Language: English
Publisher: Brilliance Audio; Library edition (December 28, 2010)
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Rating: 4.9
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IN TOO DEEP is the story of Fallon Jones, a chaos theory talent who people say is a conspiracy theorist -- the difference being that the conspiracies that Fallon sees are real. He lives in a small quirky town because his talent makes him more reclusive and he likes the energy of the area. One day Isabella Valdez comes to town. Isabella has a strange effect on Fallon. She gives him a sense of peace and connection. She declares herself his assistant and comes to work at the psychic detective agency that Fallon runs. The two begin working together to solve mysteries that have obsessed Fallon for the entire Arcane Society series.

IN TOO DEEP is the tenth book in the Arcane Society series. This series deals with those who have paranormal talents. The books cover historicals (Amanda Quick), contemporaries (Jayne Ann Krentz) and futuristics (Jayne Castle). There is also an internal trilogy of books the Looking Glass Trilogy of which this is the first book in the trilogy. The Looking Glass Trilogy concerns mechanical inventions that can be used as paranormal weapons including a mirror.

I have loved the character of Fallon since he was introduced. He is surly and brilliant and antisocial. His talent separate him from others not only because he sees the world differently than other people but because people do not understand him and thus it is difficult for him to build good relationships. Isabella is a woman who have lived off the grid for her whole life because she has a family of conspiracy theorists who keep many secrets. Her life, however, is good preparation for a man such as Fallon. Next to her family, Fallon feels normal and thus the two make a good pair. Isabella is also social and she builds a connection with others for Fallon.

Fallon and Isabella are unusual characters but are a great pair. They balance one another and have a very engaging relationship. I also really like the townspeople of Scargill Cove who represent the west coast post hippie culture.

The action in this story of quick and compelling. Krentz writes in a straightforward clean manner with short chapters where the action of the story is always moving forward. There are multiple layers of plot that keep the reader guessing about the outcome. My only complaint is that there is a clear setup for another contemporary story that has not been written. That leaves the story somewhat unfinished with me. I keep hoping that Krentz will write a sequel and we will get to see more of Fallon and Isabella.
I'm re-reading it right now and am 88% through, according to my Kindle. The one thing I noticed that I didn't in previous readings is that Isabella was always reminding people that she was a bonafide J&J investigator. She came across a tiny bit (just a tiny bit) like a cross between an insecure teenager and a eager to please puppy, always looking for a pat on the head and who needed to be told she was a "good girl, good girl". Other than that minor quirk, Isabelle and Fallon had great chemistry as is always the case with all characters that Ms. Krentz writes, no matter which name she is writting under.
Short version: Good enough story to read to the end - good action, semi-complex characters, and enough plot twists to draw you through to the finale.

Long version:
I had a Jayne Ann Krentz weekend - going through three books and working on a fourth now (under her various pen names). As always, I find her an odd mix of "phoning in" a story and writing a story that pulls you in. Sometimes the story grips you and sometimes you go "my, aren't we trying to be clever." The first book I read Running Hot (Arcane Society, Book 5) made me want to see Fallon Jones story.

The three books of the "Looking Glass Trilogy" are written under her three pen names - First one is modern, second one is Victorian and third is set in her sci-fi/fantasy world.

Fallon Jones is a information networker psi (called a strategy specialist in Krentz's worlds). He hooks up with someone raised by conspiracy theorists. I find Isabella's secondary powers unbelievable in how quickly people cave the minute she starts telling them what their fog is saying. Everyone reacts too positively - too quickly to her. But it is a high ranking psi-power so I guess that is an excuse.

The story line scatters with different plots - but the information networker connects the dots eventually. Fallon's power come across as too much or too little. Very "deus ex machina" - the author has the powers work when she wants and doesn't when she needs to stretch things out some.

I liked the story well enough, but the psi powers in this story kept throwing me out of the story because they didn't gel right for me.