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by Persia Woolley

This tale of Arthurian legend as seen through the eyes of Guinevere, portrays the wife of the future king as a spirited, passionate woman, schooled in the art of diplomacy and raised to be queen
Download Child of the Northern Spring epub
ISBN: 0671622005
ISBN13: 978-0671622008
Category: Literature
Subcategory: United States
Author: Persia Woolley
Language: English
Publisher: Poseidon Pr; First Edition edition (May 1, 1987)
Pages: 428 pages
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Rating: 4.8
Votes: 719
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You know, I'm on the fence about this historical novel. I understand that the author is trying to ground the myths with the likely history. But . . . I'm not sure we want to ground the myths. It's somehow sad to try to bring Merlin, Arthur, Guinevere, and Lancelot down to size. I like what she's done with Morgan le Fay. But, I'm skeptical about some historical ideas. For instance: stirrups. I thought it was Charlemagne who was the first European to get military advantage by adding stirrups to his cavalry's saddles.

This book is adequately well written, and somewhat compelling, but it isn't mesmerizing. It isn't magical. So, if you're in the camp who loved Mary Stewart's Crystal Cave you'll feel that this fell short. But, if you wish the stories would square with some reality, this book may be for you.
I really liked this book. It is well written and draws you into the period of time, the charaters, the life of a young woman who will be a queen. what little I know of Englands history (next to none) this book strikes me as something that might really have happened. the referances to the development of the "straps on the sid e of the horse that hold your feet in, and give you balance", the new jousting skills, and the clash or mixing of between the old religious beliefs and the new; all seem correct to era and story. Gwen could have been a horseback riding, spirited young woman. And Author probable was focused on his army and building a nation, rather than winning the love of his new bride. Its prossible. I mostly love hearing the womans side of the story. from Morgan Le Fay to Authors mother.
Merline the world builder, was it magic he had or just being in the right place and being extremely smart? the Magic is questionable, just as it is in real life... was that intervention of a God, magic, or luck? each person has to decide. the pace of the book is moderate, not slow, not fast; but it holds my interest.
I will definately get the next book.
I'm giving the e-book 5 stars not only because I have enjoyed the concept of introducing Gwen as a young girl, and thus making her seem more than tragic myth in the Arthur legend, and more like a person who could have lived during this time in history, but also because overall the writing is excellent.

Keeping track of all of the characters who will appear later, as she 'remembers' her childhood is a bit difficult at first, but having her remembering the past while riding (unwillingly) to meet her future husband brings the story to life, and gives a glimpse into what has made her the strong young woman she is.

The 'personality' of some in the legend have changed slightly from other books that were written in the past, but mostly for the better. They aren't just portrayed as GOOD or EVIL, the possible reasons for who they are (their backgrounds) are also suggested.

Whether it's any closer to the 'truth', who knows? But an enjoyable read, whether history has been 'adjusted' or not.
I am a sucker for history and I LOVE Mists of Avalon, which has me irrevocably in love with King Arthur and Gwen. So any story I can get about those guys usually goes over well with me. Now Child of the Northern Spring is no Mists of Avalon but it is a nice little focus on Gwen. All Arthur books differ on the details and this is no exception, Woolley writes about her ideas of Arthur, Gwen and thier kingdom. Child of the Northern Spring actually mostly tells of Gwen's childhood before she married Arthur. Something I had never read about before. So even for you serious Arthur readers who have your ideas and want to stick to them I think you will be pleased with Child of the Northern Spring. I know I certainly am off to buy the next book in the series. I already know what is going to happen to them but I can not wait to hear how Woolley thinks they got there!!
I found this book by pure chance, because its sequel was featured in the Holiday Specials section of the Kindle Books store. Having always enjoyed Arthurian books, I thought I'd give the series a chance, and I am immensely glad that I did.

Having read both the Mists of Avalon, and Mallory's Le Morte D'Arthur, I can safely say that this series is both the most realistic and the best written. I was enthralled. The characters are real enough to jump off the page, and the plot is believable and carefully, carefully researched. As a historian, perhaps I'm more naturally inclined to enjoy a book more rooted in history and the actual myths than fantasy, but regardless... this book, and hopefully the whole series, is an absolute gem and a pure joy to read. I couldn't put it down, I couldn't stop thinking about it when I did finally put it down, and I'm absolutely itching to start the second book!

Highly, highly recommended for all those who want a believable, realistic, and enthralling window into the Arthurian world!
Since I have been able to read, I have been reading King Arthur stories, which perhaps led me to became an English teacher and, later, a librarian. I always encouraged my students to read the many versions of the legends, especially those written by Mary Stuart. Mallory's and Tennyson's epic poems were a part of my curriculum. I really thought I had become saturated in these tales of knights and ladies who had leant so much to my imagination and dreams. Between Arthurian TV series, movies, and the many books I had read through the years (yes, I think I read everyone published), I eventually bid Arthur and his cohorts adieu. Then, my son bought me a Kindle for Christmas, and surfing the Amazon offerings, I discovered Persia Woolley!!!!! I can't find enough words to describe my delight in reading CHILD OF THE NORTHERN SPRING. Woolley is a first-rate tale-spinner, a prose-enchanter, and the most exciting novelist I have read in many years.