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by Carrie Karasyov

The Right Address sears through the upper crust of New York’s glittering Park Avenue scene to dish the dirt on the ladies who lunch, the gents who club, and the desperate climbers who will stop at nothing to join the backstabbing, champagne-sipping, socialite-eat-socialite stratosphere. When Melanie Sartomsky, wily Floridian flight attendant, snares billionaire divorcée Arthur “the coffin king” Korn, she is catapulted into the crème de la crème of Park Avenue society, where hiring the wrong decorator is tantamount to social suicide, and where, if you’re anyone, your personal assistant has a personal assistant. But Melanie quickly discovers that in the world of the rich and idle, malicious gossip is as de rigeur as owning twenty pairs of Manolo Blahniks. And despite her frenzied plunge into the charity circuit and the right dinner reservations, her neighbors are Givenchy-clad vultures who see her as nothing more than a reinvented trailer trollop. To make matters worse, when a snide society-rag journalist rakes her over the coals, Melanie’s reputation is toast. Meanwhile, Melanie is not the only billionaire in the neighborhood coming unhinged. Kleptomania, adultery, plagiarism, and a grisly Harlem sex murder are just a few of the secrets swirling under the pedigreed patina of furs and emeralds on Park Avenue. Authors Jill Kargman and Carrie Karasyov know a thing or two about their subject matter. They met at the Upper East Side’s chic Spence School and claim that The Right Address is inspired by “the insane socialites we’ve eavesdropped on our entire lives.” Meow. So kick off your Jimmy Choos, crack open the Veuve Clicquot, and get ready for a rollicking, unforgettable tour of the richer-and-bitchier-than-thou set.
Download The Right Address epub
ISBN: 0767917219
ISBN13: 978-0767917216
Category: Literature
Subcategory: United States
Author: Carrie Karasyov
Language: English
Publisher: Broadway; 1st edition (April 27, 2004)
Pages: 304 pages
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Rating: 4.8
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This is exactly what it's supposed to be: a superficial, trashy sob-story of poor little rich people and their problems. If you're reading this for any kind of depth, get out of the pool. I have reread this book so many times, but only because it makes me grateful not to have so many petty and silly issues. If you go into reading this with the sense that this is just a silly book about silly people with too much money, you will enjoy the read.
This novel was very uneven. Sometimes I wanted to give it two stars, occasionally four. It was a pleasant read, with a couple of interesting twists, and some good humor. On the other hand, the characters had no depth, some of the humor was bad, and the author missed a couple of chances for a more interesting plot. Also, it contained my pet peeve: overdone imagery, such as "tickled the ivories". (This means play the piano.) Another pleasant but superficial novel about rich and idle ladies in New York.
I love this book and could not put it down! It made realize how vicious people can be with their choice of words! I will try to be a nicer person!
the monster
No one ever will mistake THE RIGHT ADDRESS for literature but, having said this, the novel's shallow theme does not mean that it fails to be an engaging read.

THE RIGHT ADDRESS will most interest those with a fascination about New York City and with high society--specifically, with what passed for high society in New York City during the 1980's.

In THE RIGHT ADDRESS, co-authors Karasyov and Kargman haven't missed a trick. They chronicle the comings and goings of the haute monde, offering a virtual laundry list of their collective pretensions and affectations, where to eat, what to wear, and the proper events at which to be seen. It's all here, though libel laws have required the authors to offer thinly disguised versions of some characters which are based on notorious real-life people. As far as this latter group, Karasyov and Kargman really have their number!

The two authors don't seem to have forgotten a single rumor or scurrilous report from that era; in fairness, in terms of this kind of popular fiction, these tawdry recollections do not make for bad reading.

In the end, the authors go for a morality tale.

All in all, THE RIGHT ADDRESS is an easy read and an intriguing one.
Shallow fluffy fun. If you're after depth look elsewhere. If you're after entertainment this is a good choice. Perfect beach book.
Hard to believe some women live this way, but probably pretty close on.
A light easy read. I enjoyed all the characters , laughed a little and at one point, couldn't put it down.
I wanted to like this as junk reading for mindless time after the kidlet goes to bed and I have the clarity of mind to do nothing but zone out with a tabloid or a trashy novel. I completely mistook this book for another that had been recommended to me and it is the absolute worst. Slow, poorly written, predictable...just plain bad. I wish I could return it. Or sell it. Unfortunately it's stuck on my Kindle...taunting me and mocking my stupidity every time I turn it on :) I suppose this is what happens when an Economist-reading, well-educated person impulse buys after two years of parenting on no sleep. Skip this book. Pick up something worthwhile.