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by Relentless Aaron

When Mason and Adena Fickle find their new sex partner, Loween, dead in their bed just hours after the threesome's hot and raunchy escapade, they discover the woman was neither who nor what she'd said she was. The ménage à trois should have been nothing special. After all, the Fickles have already tried it all. But Loween's death brings an unexpected visitor and the streets to their doorstep, and soon things get out of hand.Can Mason and Adena regain control of their lives? Is it too late to call on love and commitment in this time of desperate answers and urgent decisions?In this spicy, sexy, and dangerous new tale, Relentless Aaron---one of the hottest forces in street fiction---will keep you guessing till the end.

Download Extra Marital Affairs epub
ISBN: 0312359357
ISBN13: 978-0312359355
Category: Literature
Subcategory: United States
Author: Relentless Aaron
Language: English
Publisher: St. Martin's Griffin; 1 edition (September 5, 2006)
Pages: 288 pages
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Rating: 4.8
Votes: 485
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Very to the point.
I read really good reviews on this book so I decided to purchase it. The many reviews lead me to believe that the book had an underlying message (which it didn't...or I missed it). The book wasn't completely bad but it was somewhat unrealistic. I understand Mason's decision about the uninvited guest but they had way too much control over him. The way he let them control him made him really seem like a punk in his own home. Adena was way too sexual and that caused a lot of their problems( R.Aaron does a good job here). Relentless Aaron also does a good job at making the reader question the couple's love for one another. Overall the book is just a little off and hard to get into. The characters seem very vague.
The story started off interesting enough to get me through a little more than half the book. Then the story slowed down and the ending seemed like the author kind of gave up. The ending seemed uncomplete, and not in a sequel-coming-soon type of way. It was an okay read, I mean I got through the book, but not worth buying it...
Street Literature, erotica and suspense have all been meshed

together to create EXTRA MARITAL AFFAIRS by Relentless Aaron. Adena

and Mason Fickle are a happily married couple who love each other

and love sex even more. They are willing to try just about anything

even randomly picking women to come home with them. All is going

well in their lives until one of the girls they bring home ends up

dead. Adena and Mason learn she has a past they never knew about

until it comes knocking at their front door. Soon Mason and Adena

find themselves caught up in a life they could never imagine. The

question is will they make it out with their lives in tact?

Relentless Aaron creates a novel with street life, erotic appeal,

and enough suspense that will surprise readers. He is creative and

will have the reader shaking their heads at some of the situations

the characters find themselves in. One downside is the number of

characters; it makes them hard to keep up with and does not allow

for a full development of each. However, what the novel lacks in

character development is increased in the plot of the novel. In the

end, EXTRA MARITAL AFFAIRS comes full circle and will leave you

wondering if one night is worth the risk.

Reviewed by Criss Coles

for The RAWSISTAZ Reviewers
Mason and Adena Fickle seem like an average everyday, hard-working couple. But this couple is far from your ordinary couple because they have a huge appetite for sex. They go through great lengths to be creative and to satisfy their needs. Adena spices things up when she brings home Loween to participate in a threesome. Mason and Adena's enjoyment comes to a screeching halt when Loween ends up dead after the festivities. The Fickles soon find themselves in a big mess when a stranger comes to their front door looking for Loween. Mason and Adena's marriage will be tested when this stranger introduces them to a seedy and dangerous world. They also find out that Loween was not who they thought she was.

Extra Marital Affairs is an intriguing novel by Relentless Aaron. Aaron created a story with some unique twists and turns. From the very first page, this novel reads like an erotic tale but there's so much more to this story. There's mystery, street grittiness, and even a little humor thrown in to make this a widely entertaining novel. I really loved the overall realness of the characters, drama and the unique plot. I also like how everything happened at a fever pitch especially after Loween's death. This novel is unlike anything I've read in recent memory. Readers will be shocked and glued to the pages as this story unfolds. This novel shows how one decision can turn your whole world upside down. Extra Marital Affairs is suspenseful, erotic, and exciting. With this novel, Relentless Aaron will certainly satisfy his legion of fans as well as earn new ones.
this was my first book reading by Relentess Aaron, and I must say it was hot!

On Mason's and Adena's first date, they have hot and steamy sex. They realize they need each other and have made a connection. Well they're married for five years and have the best sex life ever. They go to the extreme and beyond, doing some filthy stuff. Mason starts to feel like they need to tone it down, Adena doesn't. They end up havin a threesome and when they wake up, the girl is dead, and it turns out she's 17 and a prostitute. Loween isn't who she says she is and has some men that are after her, only when they find Mason, they find Loween's body, so they end up blackmailing Adena and Mason. They, Sid and Juggler and Ace run their whore house from Mason and Adena'a house.

This book is filled with drama, and of course sex.
This is my 1st read by Relentless Aaron, and won't be my last. This book is for the mature adult only, but there's also some warnings of nonstop drama, scandalous violence, suspence, and smut. Mason and Adena were 2 live freaks that wanted more and more freaky nights. They bring a 3rd party Loween into the bedroom who ends up dying between the sheets, everything start coming out of the closet from there on. You have to be ready to read this story by Relentless Aaron, because he's going to take u into areas of freaky erotica whether it's true or fantasy for u. Relentless Aaron congrats! and I welcome myself into your fan base for this read.